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Three Adorable Flower-Themed Birthdays for Kids

Flower Themed Birthdays

Planning a kids’ birthday party can seem like another chore to check off the list, but it doesn’t have to be with a little creativity. Still, when your kids are at a certain age, birthday parties all become the same thing: pizza, a bouncy house, and lots of sugary cake. You’ve even ordered birthday flower delivery. But, what if you want to step up your kids’ birthday party this year? Try a new theme: a flower birthday party.

What is a flower birthday party? It’s simple: a birthday party with lots of beautiful flowers! Once you’ve decided to plan your kids’ birthday party around everyone’s favorite petaled plants, all you have to do is pick a theme to narrow down your decor. You can even try a surprise birthday party! Good thing we’ve thought up a few flower birthday party themes for you:

Alice in Wonderland Party

Through the looking glass we go! Alice in Wonderland is always a fun birthday party theme, and this party can work for both young kids and old alike.

If you have a preteen, you can set up a garden-style tea party. Throw up some DIY giant paper flowers, and you and your guests will be walking amongst the flowers on your golden afternoon, just like in the movie! A fun activity for the younger kids to do is to paint the roses red, or any color for that matter!

If you make flowers ahead of time out of white cardstock paper, you can have the kiddos and the adults alike paint the flowers however they want. The food at this flower birthday party can be tea-party-themed – regular tea for the adults and juice in teacups for the young ones (or caffeine-free for the kids who like tea, or else your kids will be bouncing off the giant flowers before you know it!). Finger sandwiches and cookies are essential for a tea party, and of course, so are lots and lots of flowers.

Flowers and Butterflies Party

When there are lots of flowers around, butterflies probably are not far behind! The two go hand in hand and make an adorable birthday party theme for a kid’s birthday party. There are plenty of fun things you can do to bring the butterflies to your flower birthday party, short of actually releasing a bunch of butterflies as your kid enters (and yes, this is a thing you can actually hire someone to do, if you really want to go above and beyond!).

The birthday kid can wear some butterfly wings of their own, for example, and steal the spotlight at their party! Homemade paper butterfly wings can be hung from the trees or the walls to match the bundles of flowers everywhere. If the birthday boy or girl wants their friends to be butterflies like they are, have someone come to paint their faces to look like little butterflies fluttering around your garden! Balloon artists can bake butterflies for all the kids to take home with them to remember their wonderful flower and butterfly-filled day by!

Rainbows, Flowers, and Unicorns, Oh My!

What little kid doesn’t love rainbows and unicorns? All that is missing from this equation is tons and tons of colorful flowers. Guests can wear rainbow unicorn flower crowns, sip on unicorn hot chocolate, knock the treats and candy out of this unicorn piñata, and snack on unicorn bars (don’t worry, they aren’t made from real unicorns!). Of course, we realize that is a lot of sugar, so you can also make a unicorn poop veggie dip too!

Really the unicorn party ideas are endless, but one theme stays true to them all: you need lots and lots of colorful flower decorations, to represent the lovely floral meadow every unicorn was born to frolic in. Still unsure where to start with a flower birthday party for your kid? The easiest way to start is with all sorts of flowers and go from there! Check out what the folks at The Bouqs are whipping up right now and start getting ideas. You can match the cake and the decoration colors to the flowers – and as long as you have fun games for the kiddos, they will be happy with just about any birthday party themes. And even if you’ve forgotten an important birthday, we can help out there too!

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