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Gifts to Make Up for a Forgotten Birthday

Forgotten Birthday

You jolt awake at 6 AM and your brain kicks in. You ask yourself ‘What am I forgetting’ and then you get the startling realization that yesterday was your besties birthday…and you didn’t even send her a text. Panic starts to rise in your chest and you feel just awful. How could you ever forget her birthday of all the things? Of course, you’re a busy girl and it can become difficult to keep up with even the most familiar things in your life. It happens to everyone, really. Luckily, she is likely to forgive you, because she is your BFF for a reason! A forgotten birthday can be solved remarkably easily. Don’t you worry, we’ve got your back. You absolutely can recover quite gracefully from this tricky situation.


Forgiveness is Golden

First things first, you will need the perfect apology. The key component here is to make it meaningful and be honest. This means absolutely no excuses. Making up a sob story is likely to cause her to think you’re just being dramatic and it won’t really register as a real apology. Express that you recognize your mistake and that you are really concerned about her feelings. If you forgot because you were up late the night before working on a project and overslept which upset the balance of your entire day and you spent the day in a fog of sleepiness…well that’s honest and makes you sound human, like all of us. Just make sure you elaborate on how much she means to you and that you could never actually forget her, ever. You are now well on your way to forgiveness.

Make it Up to Her

Now it’s time to make it up to her. No, this is not the time for a belated birthday card. You need to show her you really care, in a big way. What kind of person is she? Does she have a specific taste? Do you have special traditions or memories that you could incorporate into a gift? Take a moment to really think about what she means to you while you figure out your plan. You can buy yourself this time by simply telling her “I am going to make this up to you, I need to get going now to get started on the perfect surprise.” Be sure to take into consideration the length of time you have known each other. The longer you have been besties will determine just how big you should go.

Spread it Out

You want to show your bestie that you truly meant it when you said you were sorry. A wonderful way to do that is to your spread your apology message out over several days. Websites like Piczzle allow you to upload photos and turn them into puzzle pieces. Choose a favorite photo of the two of you and make the puzzle. On the back of each piece write a message about how much she means to you. Then, every day give or mail her a few pieces at a time! When she has the completed puzzle she will have something she can cherish forever. Here is a how-to on how to frame a puzzle once it is completed.

Show Her How You Care About Her

One of the most special gifts you could ever give is a care package. A care package allows you to incorporate a lot of different gifts all in one package. Each piece of the care package should appeal to her tastes and represent your friendship. It should quite literally be love in a box.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Socks- Warm, fuzzy, funky or just plain old socks, everyone loves new socks! Happy Socks has some really cute options.
  • Gift Cards- A couple of 15-20$ gift cards to her favorite shops. A little retail therapy can fix anything!
  • Snacks- Bonus points if they’re healthy! Choose things that are easy to prepare and won’t melt into a mess.
  • Personalize It- The best touch to any gift is to make it personal. Do you share a favorite movie? Include a DVD! Add some of your pictures together and a couple of stuffed animals and you’re set!

Try a Throwback Touch

Remember the days when you would download a bunch of your favorite music off the internet? You would burn CDs all day long and had cool playlists like Summer Mixes and Break Up Songs. It is still just as easy to do this again! Just grab some blank CDs, grab some music that you two love, from when you were kids until now. Include some of her personal favorites for an excellent touch. Then grab those sharpies and doodle all over the CDs with personal messages of love and admiration.

Another fun throwback involves a bunch of magazines, some glue, glitter, and a ton of imagination. That’s right, you can make her a collage. Put together a masterpiece of what makes you think of her. If she’s a glam girl, grab those old Vogue’s sitting in your closet and make a collage for the fashionista. If she’s into food and wine, put some recipes and pictures of food you know she’d love.

Give the Gift of Time

Time is something we all seem to have a shortage of. Does your bestie have a child? Offer your services as a babysitter after you gift her with a voucher to her favorite spa. Is she struggling with a class that you are proficient in? Dedicate time to tutor her. Whatever it is she may need, make yourself available for a significant amount of time.

Perhaps your bestie isn’t exactly savvy with computers. Grab your can of dust-off, order a pizza, and click that disk cleanup button. Tell her you feel badly about missing her important birthday celebration and you’d like to clean up her most important tech. 

Set Her With Up Some Relaxation

We love our best friends. So much that we would do almost anything for them. Why not set up a romantic night for one, just for her? Tell her to block out a few hours and that you need to come over. Stop by a store and grab a fluffy robe in her favorite color and some slippers. When you arrive, have her put them on, pour her a drink, and have her relax while you make her a bubble bath with some candles. We love these bath bombs for an organic and nature-friendly treat.

That’s it, tell her to go enjoy herself. While she’s in the bath, do her dishes, dust her TV, and straighten up a bit for her. Order some takeout, and put on some movies, and hang out for a girl’s night. She will be thankful for the brief break from life and for the quality time with you.

Say Sorry With Birthday Flowers

Flowers can say just about anything you can think of. “I am sorry” is definitely one of them. Here at The Bouqs Co., we adore our best friends too! Our flowers are free from pesticides so your gift will truly be a pure and lovely statement. Is she more of a tulip girl or maybe she prefers carnations? Whatever she likes, we have some beautiful options for you to choose from. All of our farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming. Each flower is cut to order so you are getting the very best of what we have to offer.

How about hooking your best girl up with a subscription for the ultimate apology? Give her a reason to smile that gorgeous smile all the time! Right now you can save 20% and we hook it up with free delivery! Our service is worry-free and you customize the dates and schedule, so you can be sure she gets something amazing every time, on time.

If you ever forget your best friend’s birthday, try to remember that not all is lost. In the history of birthdays, most people have forgotten someone’s birthday. You just need to put your heart into the apology and really make her feel special. Remind her that she is your soulmate in this crazy world. Thank her for putting up with your ridiculousness and for always being around.

Give her the gift of love and memories. Or get some tips on great birthday gifts to have delivered. Lastly, NEVER forget her birthday again! Remember, with The Bouqs Co., you can send flowers online to anywhere in the country. If you want to make sure you don’t forget a birthday, you can schedule a birthday flower delivery months in advance so you never forget a birthday.

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