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What to Write for Flower Card Messages

Cover of All You Need is Love Notes book from The Bouqs founder John Tabis

Flowers can send hundreds—if not thousands—of different messages. They can remind the bereaved they’re not alone, add explosions of color to already bright occasions like graduations, and let our loved ones know we’re thinking of them as they navigate the nerves and excitement that come with starting a new job. And they can do all this even if we can’t be there to wrap our loved one in a hug.

However, even if someone knows why they’re receiving flowers, chances are good they can’t help but reach for that little card that’s tucked inside the bouquet. The little piece of paper that lets them know who is thinking of them.

What to Write on Flower Cards

And while flower cards can be as simple as the recipient’s name, they can also say so much more. Perhaps the note includes an inside joke that sparks a smile as bright as the sunflowers the card accompanies. Or maybe it is scrawled with a heartfelt sentiment that’s as tender as the arrangement’s rose petals.

If you’re not sure what message to include with your flowers, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with suggestions for flower card messages.

Flower Card Message Examples

As you might expect, we’ve helped a fair number of people send flower arrangements over the years. And that means we’ve been part of helping individuals send hundreds and hundreds of messages to those they love. These messages range from silly to serious, light to emotional, poetic to cut and dry. And while each message was as unique as the bouquet it accompanied, they all had something in common—they came from the sender’s heart and made the recipient smile.

We thought it was time to share some of these messages with the world—because we know the world can always use more reminders of the care and kindness that exists between individuals. That’s why we’ve created a book filled with real notes from real people. By reading this book, we hope to give you a peek into the honest interactions that occur between humans and help you see the beauty in the seemingly simple act of sending flowers.

We also hope this book will provide you with inspiration for messages to include on your own flower cards. Whether you’re sending a bouquet of roses to your partner on your anniversary, congratulating your brother on his new home with the help of hydrangeas, or shipping blooms to your long-distance BFF just because, you can find a note that speaks to you.

What we have here below is just a sample of the message we’ve included in our Love Notes Book. Purchase the Love Notes book and you won’t have a dry face reading all those endearing flower card messages.

We’ve sorted the messages by categories such as love, family, and thinking of you so you can easily find messages that fit the occasion you’re celebrating. However, we encourage you to read each note. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


I picked this bouquet just for you because it
is aptly named “Paris,” also known as “La
Ville-Lumière” or “The City of Light.” And you
are the light that illuminates my world.

You are a wonderful and caring person, mom,
and wife. I love you for just being you!

I never anticipated to fall so hard for you,
and now that I am here I cannot imagine
life any other way. Te amo, when you’re
grumpy, when you’re sleepy, when you’re sad,
when you’re hungry, and especially when you’re
mad lol.

Being in love is a lost art. The special
moments lying in bed, laughing purely and
with love. The gentle caress of a finger or
a knowing nod. This is how I love you.

I sat down today to copy down all the reasons
I love you. It took hours and I ran out of

Anyone can get you flowers, but
only from me will you receive Volcano Roses from
Ecuador because you engulf my heart in molten
lava and set it on fire. I hope you remember
that and also remember that true love has no
monetary value attached to it. I ask only for
your time, your company, your heart, and a place
to rest my weary head when I visit because
that’s all I can give in return.

This morning, I woke to the sunlight streaming
through the window and I had an unstoppable
feeling of joy. My heart knew at that moment
that I love you. And that I will love you, always.
Forgive my inability to express this feeling in
this short note—I am no author, and never will
be. But what I do know is that I love you
and want to spend every waking (and sleeping)
moment with you, till death do us part.

Thinking of You

Because a good bouquet lasts longer than
boys do. So proud of you and all you have
accomplished!! You go, girl!!! Hint: These
flowers look best beside a tray of brownies.

You’re just my favorite. That’s all.

These are for my ladies???!! I’m not
always good at sending things on time for
any particular occasion so this one is just
because I love you ladies so much.

Nothing in life can hurt so bad that Grandma
can’t fix it. Thank you for mending my wounds,
healing my soul, and filling my heart with all
of your warmth, love, and goodness. I love you.
Happy Grandparents Day!

Beauty helps protect the spirit of mankind,
swaddle it and succor it, so that we might survive.
You are beautiful! You are kind, courageous,
and sincere. Keep on sharing from your deep
well of wisdom, compassion, and charity. You
help others to give and live more beautifully.

thanks for being the strength I’ve
always needed and for showing me the way
to just be me.

Because I love to make you smile . . . and
because I’m not allowed to order you pizza.

Even a year later, and I know I will for
many more years, whether it be as a lover,
as a friend, or anything you want from me.
I know that there will always be love for
you in my heart.


Hapi muders day to da bestest mommy ever.
Yous deserves lots of pets an treats. To help
celebrate Lilo promised no to chews on yous
Ya and stich promised not to shed and be dumb!
Stichie not dumb mommy. Stichie love you mommie!
We all love you and hope you have much belly
rub an good walks. But no baths.

I am a lucky dad to have a wonderful
daughter like you!! Happy Birthday and the best
to you forever!! I hope your day is fantastic
and I look forward to seeing you soon. Always
be careful and listen to your old Dad.

Hi Mom,
Your birthday continues. You will receive flowers
every month for the rest of the year. Hopefully
these flowers will brighten your day and make
you smile that beautiful smile.

To my favorite parents,
For this milestone date, I hope you know
how much love and joy you have brought to
your children, grandchildren, extended families,
friends, and loved ones through your ongoing
partnership and union. Happy GOLDEN
anniversary! Congratulations!

I figured you could use a special little
TGIF “just because I love you & you’re the
best mom ever” present. I saw these and it
made me think of being at home in the desert
with you and Choodles. I chose the one with
3 succulents, one for each of the Three
Musketeers 🙂

Dearest Mom,
With this bright bunch we send all our love
and hopes that they’ll bring cheer to your day
and this sad week. We thought they looked like
something Dad might have picked out for you
at the farmer’s market, so it’s fitting that
they arrive on his birthday

My brother,
I love how you gave Gramma Daisy her flowers
while she was living. Yes, you gave her those
beautiful flowers every month so she could love
and appreciate them. You also facilitated a
space, as you do, for Gramma Daisy to continue
what she loved, bringing joy to others. So she
could share her flowers too. I love you, and
want to love you in this way too.

Kindness and The Bouqs Go Hand in Hand

By the time you’re finished reading these messages, you’ll be ready to write your own. It doesn’t matter if it’s dripping with sappy romance, filled with sarcastic banter, or sharing feelings you’ve held secret for years. What matters is that you’ve thought of someone else, and taken a moment to show them you care whether you’re sending flowers just because or sending for special occasions like Valentine’s Day flowers.

Who knew the seemingly simple act of sending flowers could send such a powerful message?

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