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The Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Best Flowers For Hanging Baskets

Have you ever noticed that some flowers in your garden tend to have more dirt than sunshine on their petals? These low growing blooms could be perfect to transfer to a hanging basket. The best flowers for hanging baskets are those that grow in a way where their beauty is best admired from eye level. Transferring your favorite blooms from garden to basket might sound easy as pie, but there are crucial steps you must take with maintaining them that differ from flower to flower.


Full Sun Flowers

Million Bells

Million bells are a gorgeous and vibrant species of flowers that are beautiful when admired up close. They will thrive in full sun as well as suspended in a hanging basket. When choosing the basket, make sure it is one that will drain well. Million bells love organically rich soil that remains damp but drains efficiently. The soil should be kept moist but not soggy, especially when in full sun during the sweltering summer days. Fertilizer is necessary when maintaining million bells in gardens, but they require more upkeep and added fertilizer when placed in a hanging basket. These beautiful blooms will attract bees as well as any eyes laid upon them.


Lobelia have a deep rich navy-blue color that will not wilt or wither away. More and more lobelia thrive when grown in a hanging basket. They love sunlight and will grow rapidly when placed in full sun. They require little maintenance but will grow the best with moist, rich soil. The hanging basket will need to drain well for the lobelia. When planting, place the seeds lightly on top of the soil and water them frequently. The seeds will germinate in the soil and grow hundreds of beautiful lobelia for your home. 

Lotus Vine

These funky-looking flowers will be the talk of your neighborhood. Lotus Vine will grow beautiful and vibrant in the full sun and will attract wildlife to its gorgeous petals. Bees and hummingbirds love sucking the pollen from these interesting flowers and allow you to watch them up close and at eye level. These plants flourish in the sun and should be planted in well-drained damp soil. The soil should always be watered because lotus vine will dry up in the heat and will wilt when they are parched. The roots will drown if they remain in water, so a well-drained hanging basket is crucial for these flowers.

Partial Shade Flowers


Fuchsias are beautiful flowers that will draw the eye of anyone in your garden. They love growing and hanging in baskets, as long as they get some shade. The best lighting conditions for these colorful blooms is light sun in the morning and then resting in the afternoon shade. These are some of the best flowers for hanging baskets because they need nutrient-rich compost in a well-drained container and are so gorgeous to view up close.


One of the biggest mistakes gardeners make when growing begonias is keeping them in full sun their whole lives. These unique flowers start off in full sun as seedlings but need to be transferred to a partial shade spot as they mature. The soil must stay moist and drained when in a hanging basket. Deadheading blooms is the best way to keep the flowers fresh and prevent any unnecessary wilting.


These classic flowers are perfect colorful balls of blooms that are perfect for hanging baskets. Hydrangeas need to soak up the morning sun while retreating to the shade for the afternoon. When planting, make sure they are in nutrient-rich soil. If you can’t find good soil, plant them with fertilizer. The soil should remain moist for them to thrive.


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