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Flower Fragrance & Why You Should Know It

Delicate Fragrant Peonies

What is the difference between flowers and a picture of flowers? There are actually several answers to this question, but the one we are looking for is fragrance (unless of course it’s a scratch ‘n sniff picture but you get the point).

In order to avoid any scent faux paus, being familiar with the aromas ahead of time is necessary. Here, we have outlined some of the main flowers we sell at The Bouqs Company along with notes on their scents. It is sometimes hard to describe flower fragrance without using the word “floral” over and over again, so do forgive us. The scent intensity is ranked on a scale of 0-5, with five being walking through the perfume section at a department store, and zero being, well, nothing.


White Lilies in Pink Glass Vase

Photo by @mindfulhealthnyc

Scent Intensity: 5

Oriental lilies, which can be spotted by their common pink and white coloring, are the only fragrant lilies Bouqs.com sells and are easily the most aromatic flower on our site. They have an intense perfume that is not recommended for dinner tables, pregnant women, or hospitals. However, they are wonderful for other living spaces and bathrooms, as the smell carries a decent distance.

Other lilies, like Calla lilies and Asiatic lilies do not have much scent. If you like the appearance of lilies, but are afraid that the scent might be too much, Asiatic lilies would be a wonderful alternative!


Red to Yellow Rose Bouquet

Scent Intensity: 3.5

Roses smell like…roses. Although the rose scent is one we are likely all familiar with, different roses have different degrees of aroma. Spray and tea roses are smaller and produce less scent. Our Volcano Collection roses will produce the strongest smell as they are the largest, fullest blooms.

Ever noticed that rose buds do not have much odor? Rose scent will actually increase as the flowers bloom. If your flowers do not arrive smelling as sweet as you thought, give it a day or too and you will start to get a whiff.

While roses do not produce an overwhelming scent, they might not be the best for pregnant women or anyone sensitive to smell.

Peonies & Ranunculus

Peonies & Ranunculus Bouquet

Scent Intensity: 0

These beauties do not have much scent. But they don’t need it with that bounty of petals. They are sort of like a really attractive person that has the personality of a cardboard box. These flowers are perfect for a dinner party, as the smell will not interfere with all the sensations that come with a meal.


Colorful Freesia Flowers

Scent Intensity: 3

These small blooms have a light sweet scent. Many people actually prefer the scent of freesia over roses, as it is delicate and fresh. These are wonderful for people who like a floral scent and are not keen on roses. They are sometimes an accent flower in different Bouqs, but are also sold in nice big bundles, so take your pic!

Sunflowers, Daisies & Carnations

Red Daisies & Carnations

Scent Intensity: 1

The scent with all three of these flower types is not the traditional lovely smell we often associate with flowers. These three flowers smell slightly sour (not sour-milk sour, but just sour). The scent is not overwhelming or even off-putting, it just isn’t the type of smell you are going to bury your face in. If looking for a nice subtle scent, these fun flowers will not be the optimum option.

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  • Lee July 30, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    Absolutely agree on peonies; they smell lovely, and the scent can be quite intense! I also have to disagree with the write-up on carnations. While the miniatures don’t have much of an aroma, fresh, full-size carnations offer a sweet and spicy scent; it’s a note found in many perfumes, and certainly not sour. They might be considered a bit “retro” but carnations are certainly not lacking a delightful fragrance.

  • Char July 28, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    I disagree with your assessment of the scent intensity of Peonies. I have many peony plants in my yard, and the fragrance when they’re in bloom, is amazing! I look forward to spring every year because I enjoy them so much. When I bring bouquets into the house, the scent permeates the entire house. They may not have the strongest fragrance of all flowers but they’re definitely not a zero. I absolutely love them!