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Christmas Flowers and Plants

Christmas flowers and plants are a surefire way to add some festive cheer to your home or bring some joy to a loved one’s day. When the weather outside is frightful, a fresh bouquet or potted plant brings warmth and life into winter homes. The only decision you’ll have to make is what you’d like to order!

We’ve gathered up a list of flowers and plants that are perfect for dressing up your mantle and adding a splash of color to your porch. There are classics like poinsettias and mistletoe as well as a few modern options. And since Santa hasn’t delivered everyone a green thumb, we’re including some care tips to get the most of these winter wonders.

Indoor Christmas Plants

While you’re free to trim any of your houseplants and call them “Christmas plants,” some plants are must-haves during the Christmas season. While these plants for Christmas don’t have any flowers, their greenery adds a cozy feel to any home.

Norfolk Pine

close up of norfolk pines

If tramping through a tree farm doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, don’t think you have to settle for an artificial tree. While they aren’t real pine trees, Norfolk pines add the Christmas greenery and forest scent we all know and love — no saw required.

While these trees can grow up to 200 feet tall outdoors you don’t have to worry about them busting through your ceiling; they max out at six to eight feet indoors. Try tucking one into your living room or bedroom and decorating it with ornaments and lights. Once the holiday season is over, you can remove the decorations and enjoy the tree’s feathery branches all year long.

Mini Cypress

small mini Cypress Christmas tree

Don’t have room for a towering Christmas tree? Can’t decide between all the types of Christmas trees? That’s where the mini cypress comes in. These tabletop trees look equally at home in a little elf cottage or tucked into a tiny apartment.

Just like with any Christmas tree, you’ll need to make sure these lil’ trees stay well watered. Check the soil each day and water when the top inch is dry. With that said, make sure to allow the soil to dry out between waterings; these guys don’t like sitting in wet soil.


Broom from green mistletoe on wood desk. Nature background. Christmas plant

No matter your relationship status, mistletoe adds a bit of fun to Christmas. To keep things classic, hang a sprig or two above a door and get ready for cheek pecks and romantic kisses. If you’d like to mix things up, make a mistletoe wreath or scatter some pieces across your table.

While using mistletoe to play matchmaker may seem innocent enough, the plant itself has some villainous traits. Mistletoe plants attach onto trees or shrubs and then proceed to rob the host plant of water and nutrients.

Pine Wreath and Garland

Hipster girl in white sweater holding rural christmas wreath with fir branches, berries, pine cones and herbs on white wall in room. Christmas rustic wreath.

If there’s one natural element that’s required at Christmas, it’s fresh-cut pine. Whether you grab some branches from a tree yard or order a premade wreath, you’ll enjoy the woodsy scent and cozy feel. And with all sorts of wreath styles available, you can find something classic, modern, and everything in between.

While Christmas wreaths are popular options for front doors, you can also try hanging a wreath indoors on your wall or laying it flat as part of a table centerpiece. When it comes to garland, you have lots of options. Try spreading some out on a mantle or banister and draping some down your dining room table.

Indoor Christmas Flowers

While you’re stringing lights and baking cookies, take a moment to shop for Christmas flowers. When flowers arrive at your door, you’ll feel like Santa has delivered you your own special Christmas gift.


Beautiful red white hippeastrum, amaryllis flowers in the garden.A beautiful bouquet of flowers.

If you’re looking for a flower that will bloom long after Santa and his reindeer are gone, check out the amaryllis. These trumpet-shaped flowers last for five to seven weeks and come in festive colors such as red, white, and pink. Since amaryllis is a bulb flower, you can buy a potted bulb or purchase cut flowers for your Christmas dinner bouquet.

If you want your bulb to bloom by Christmas, you’ll need to plan ahead a few weeks. As long as you plant and water your bulb by the beginning of December, you’ll have show-stopping flowers right in time for the holiday.


Narcissus Paperwhite Ziva blooms in the garden in autumn

Relatives of the popular daffodil, paperwhites are stunning little white flowers with a strong fragrance. Like many other winter-blooming flowers, paperwhites emerge from dormant bulbs.

While paperwhites do require a bit of forethought, they’re easy to grow at home. When your outdoor garden has faded, plant a few paperwhite bulbs in a pot filled with potting soil. As long as you provide a warm and cozy environment and keep the soil moist, the bulbs will produce flowers after four to six weeks — that means you should plant in mid-November for Christmas blooms.


Beautiful poinsettia, cup of hot cocoa and decorative deer on window sill. Traditional Christmas flower

If there’s one must-have Christmas plant, it’s the poinsettia. These classic Christmas plants brighten up homes and offices with shades of green, red, pink, and white. While many people think the colorful plant parts are flowers, they’re actually modified leaves known as bracts.

Despite being popular wintertime plants, poinsettias are native to tropical regions in Central America. That means they’re sensitive to cold temperatures — keep them away from cold drafts to keep them looking fresh.

Christmas Cactus

Decembrist or Schlumberger Buckley, epiphytic cactus plant family, flowering in winter. flower Schlumberger, flower Decembrist.

You don’t need to be in the desert to enjoy a Christmas cactus. These cacti have flattened stem segments that trail down out of pots. When the holidays arrive, the cacti adorn their greenery with a spattering of red, pink, or white flowers.

Although this plant is a true cactus, it’s a bit different than many other cacti. It’s native to tropical mountains, so it thrives with a bit more water and shade. To keep your Christmas cactus happy, place it in indirect light and water thoroughly one to two times a month.


Even if you don’t recognize this flowering plant’s name, you’ve likely seen it before. As winter arrives, garden centers fill up with heart-shaped leaves and delicate petals of cyclamen plants. Since these stunning winter flowers bloom for two to three months, you can count on them to decorate your home throughout the holiday season. Even after the flowers fade, you can enjoy the dark green leaves snaked with silver veins.

Flowers and Plants for the Christmas Garden

While many plants fall dormant or die as cold weather sets in, others shine during the Christmas season. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your yard or patio, check out these options.


Bright holly berries on a bush

Even if you’ve seen decorative sprigs of holly adorning packages and wreaths, you might not know much about these spiky plants. The word holly is used to refer to over 500 different species of plants, but European holly is the kind most often seen at Christmas time.

Since holly plants are perennials, planting holly in your garden adds Christmas cheer all year round. If you don’t want to commit to this long-lasting plant, you can also look for pre-cut holly to fill empty planters and add flair to wreaths.


Spring blossom flowers under the march snow. Pansy in spring snowy background.

Despite what you may have heard, pansies are some of the hardiest flowers out there. As snow falls and lawns glisten from frost, pansies burst out from the landscape with their cute, colored flowers. Even if they’ve frozen overnight, the plants will bounce back as temperatures warm. While these plants are cold-hardy, they will succumb if temperatures fall below 0ºF.

Pansies come in all sorts of colors, so you’ll have options for how you want to decorate. Place a few planters of red pansies on your porch or line your walkway with a string of multicolored flowers.

Other Holiday Plants and Flowers

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you don’t have to miss out on winter plants and flowers!

Plants and Flowers for Hanukkah

If you’re looking for plants and flowers for Hanukkah, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a selection of bouquets and potted plants that fit right in with your menorah and latkes.

You can order some yellow flowers to fit in with your lights or grab a charming houseplant as a gift. Or opt for a modern bouquet to bring as a hostess gift.

Plants and Flowers for Kwanzaa

If you’re celebrating Kwanzaa this year, you’ll have no trouble finding some bouquets and greenery to spruce up your space. Our selection of plants and flowers for Kwanzaa includes all sorts of red and green items to fit in with the classic color theme. Just add a black planter or ribbon and you’ll have a festive centerpiece for your friends and family to gather around.

Order Christmas Plants and Flowers

Now that you know some of the most popular Christmas plants and flowers, it’s time to pick out a few to add to your home. When your order from The Bouqs Co., you’ll receive sustainably grown, farm-fresh flowers and plants. And the word on the street is they’re gorgeous enough to make even the Grinch smile.

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