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DIY Easter Basket Ideas

Easter basket with pastel flower decorations.

Three cheers for chocolate bunnies, three cheers for sugar-coated marshmallows, three cheers for spring! If you’re as big of an Easter fan as we are and you’re looking to kick your Easter décor up a notch, we’ve got three baskets that are sure to give your peeps basket envy!

There’s nothing like an egg hunt to make it feel like Easter. Instead of admiring the changing colors and fresh spring floral vibes from inside your home, bring that freshness in with you by making this decorative floral Easter basket! Looking for inspiration? Check out these gorgeous flower fields in full spring bloom.

DIY Floral Easter Basket for Eggs

Select your Bouq of choice. We used Flourish for this example.

What you will need:


  • Flowers
  • Basket with large handle
  • Easter eggs
  • Moss (optional)


  • Shears
  • Hot glue
  • Floral wire (optional


  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Take your flowers and separate the blossoms from the greenery. Trim the flowers down so that the stems are about 1” long.
  3. Use the hot glue gun to glue the flowers around the outside of the basket. Mix up the colors so it looks more fun! Add some flowers along the inner rim of the basket too. Tuck the stems between the wicker if its a wicker basket for extra security. (optional) take some floral wire and tie flowers around the handle.
  4. Finish placing the flowers around the basket. Fill the basket with goodies such as chocolate, eggs, or additional leftover flowers. (optional) Add some moss to complement the blooms.
  5. Place it near the door so that guests can take a treat as they come into your home. Or, place the basket at the center of your table as a centerpiece & enjoy!

Flowers, basket, scissors, Easter eggs for DIY Easter basket

DIY Easter Basket with Flowers

Do you feel it in the air? Easter celebrations are almost upon us! After months of being cooped up indoors, patiently waiting for temps to rise, the time is now to break out that crisp-white clothing and those open-toed shoes! But wait, we have something else your friends are going to want, aside from your new spring wedges.

We used our tulip Bouq ‘Strength’ and some moss to transform this basket into a portable Easter party!


  • A deep basket
  • Styrofoam blocks
  • Moss
  • Tulips
  • Ribbon


  1. Soak the styrofoam blocks in water so that the flower stems can be inserted easily.
  2. Fit the styrofoam blocks inside the basket, cutting them if necessary to make sure they fit snuggly.
  3. Cover the styrofoam with moss.
  4. Trim the stems of your flowers down so that they are between 3-5”.
  5. Start inserting the flowers into the styrofoam blocks, pushing them down so that only the flower buds are peaking out. Repeat all around the top of the basket so that it is fully covered in flowers.
  6. Decorate the handle with ribbon.

Celebrate Easter with Your DIY Easter Basket

It’s that time where friends and family come together to share a meal, kids hunt for colorful eggs and you bring your A-game for all things spring style related!

We consider Easter the first official celebration of spring and we’re here to help you take the beauty that’s sprouting up outdoors and bring it in.

Looking for help with your Easter flowers? Check out our Easter flower recommendations!

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