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DIY ‘Spring Vibes’ Easter Basket

Easter DIY Flower Bouquet Basket

There’s nothing like an egg hunt to make it feel like Easter. Instead of admiring the changing colors and fresh spring vibes from inside your home, bring that freshness in with you by making this floral decorative Easter basket!

We used our tulip Bouq ‘Strength’ and some moss to transform this basket into a portable Easter party! Here’s how we made it:

DIY Easter Basket Decoration


  • A deep basket
  • Styrofoam blocks
  • Moss
  • Tulips
  • Ribbon


  1. Soak the styrofoam blocks in water so that the flower stems can be inserted easily.
  2. Fit the styrofoam blocks inside the basket, cutting them if necessarily to make sure they fit snuggly.
  3. Cover the styrofoam with moss.
  4. Trim the stems of your flowers down so that they are between 3-5”.
  5. Start inserting the flowers into the styrofoam blocks, pushing them down so that only the flower buds are peaking out. Repeat all around the top of the basket so that it is fully covered in flowers.
  6. Decorate the handle with ribbon.

We’re sure this basket will be a hit at any celebration, and you will definitely be the favorite with all the little peeps! Share what you’re up to this Easter by tagging your Bouqs with #Bouqlove.

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