DIY Fall Wreaths

Fall Wreath Ideas: DIY and Premade

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Now that the days are getting shorter and cooler and we’re seeing other signs of fall, it’s the perfect time to try some new DIY fall wreath ideas. We’ve gathered some excellent suggestions for both indoor and outdoor wreaths along with some general tips and tricks for making DIY wreaths.

If you have loved ones who are too far away to come see your wreaths after you’ve made them, why not send flowers just because to show them they’re on your mind? As everybody starts to spend more time indoors, farm-fresh flowers will be a welcome surprise for anybody you care about.

Fall Wreath Ideas

Here are some of our favorite DIY fall wreath ideas, broken down into ones that would do the best outside versus ones that are best kept indoors.


  • Minimalist dried grass wreath. Wrap cotton piping and dried grasses around a wood wreath ring. Let the grasses overlap the plain wood and the cotton.
  • Painted pumpkin wreath. Using painted or artificial pumpkin decorations, you can create a fall-themed wreath in any color combination you want. Including at least some white pumpkins can brighten up any gourd-themed wreath.
  • Candy corn wreath. Glue this tasty treat to a foam wreath ring for a colorful indoor wreath. You can glue the candy so it has alternating rings “pointing” clockwise or counterclockwise, spiral the candy around the ring, or create any pattern you enjoy.
  • Dried or faux flower wreath. Glue individual blossoms or mini arrangements of fake or dried flowers around a wreath form.
  • Apple wreath. Line a foam wreath with strips of burlap fabric, then hot glue faux apples to the form.
  • Picture frame wreath. Who says wreaths must be round? Find a rustic picture frame you love and decorate it with any fall colors, items, or themes you like for a unique wreath.


  • Pecan wreath. Attach in-shell pecans to a foam wreath form with hot glue.
  • Olive branch wreath. Bundle together 5-6” lengths of fresh olive branches and attach them to a wire wreath form with all the branches going in the same direction.
  • Leaf wreath. Using artificial leaves (or preserved leaves you raked from your yard), you can create an impressive wreath in very little time by using lots of leaves and gluing them in any direction, making the wreath come alive with movement.
  • Feather and wheat wreath. Dark brown pheasant feathers (or any feathers you prefer) add an unexpected pop to a wreath made with stalks of wheat all swirling in the same direction.
  • Pine cone wreath. Use them plain, paint the tips with acrylic paint, use glitter, or include some of each and wrap floral wire around the base of each pine cone before attaching it to a wreath form.
  • Acorn wreath. Gather up these nuts and glue them to a bare grapevine wreath for the ultimate fall wreath.

Tips for Decorating With Fall Wreaths

Wreaths make a welcoming addition to front doors, but they don’t need to be relegated to the cold outdoors. Additionally, wreaths that aren’t exposed to the sun last longer than those that spend their time outside, so here are a few other places to consider decorating with fall wreaths.

Grab a Wall

Why not use a fall wreath as a piece of focal artwork on the wall? You can keep it simple with a single wreath or create a gallery wall with multiple wreaths. Trace the wreaths onto butcher block paper to decide the perfect placement of each without wearing out your arms holding each wreath in various places against the wall.

Pick a Window

Sometimes a large picture window is the perfect place to hang a wreath. Special tip: make it look like it’s floating by using fishing line to dangle the wreath from a tension bar placed at the top of the window. You can even wrap garland, greenery, or other accessories around the tension bar to make it part of your fall decorations.

Get Creative

Really, a wreath can go anywhere there’s room for one. Put a small one on your fridge or in the bathroom. Hang one in an otherwise boring hallway. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creative wreath placements.

Fall Wreath DIY

Are you new to making DIY wreaths? It’s easier than you might expect! Simply follow these steps, bring your imagination and creativity, and craft a wreath that’s uniquely yours.

Gather Your Materials

While every wreath will require slightly different materials, you’ll generally need some combination of:

  • Wreath form (or pre-made wreath you want to add to)
  • Scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Wire
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Ribbon (to hang your wreath)
  • Dried or fake flowers
  • Accessories

Trim and Arrange

If you’re using blooms from a dried Bouq in your wreath, create mini arrangements by grouping together small bunches of flowers and trimming about 3-4 inches off the stems. Cutting some stems longer than others will help provide dimension to each mini arrangement. Wrap green floral tape around the mini arrangements to hold them together before you place them on the wreath.

Alternatively, you can cut the entire stem off each bloom and glue the blossoms to the wreath individually.

Style Your Wreath

Now you can add the mini arrangements or flower blooms and your other accessories to the wreath using wire or hot glue. Keep in mind the symmetry of the overall wreath and try to create a balanced look, using one focal point with an attention-grabbing element. Get creative!

Hang and Enjoy!

Add ribbon or fishing line for easier hanging or hang the wreath directly on a nail or hook and spruce up the look of any door or interior wall with your newly made DIY wreath.

Send Fall Flower Arrangements

While you’re making your wreaths, consider who might enjoy surprise fall flower bouquets. Think beyond just birthdays and anniversaries. Some sun-loving souls struggle through fall and winter, and a farm-fresh “Just Because” Bouq could really put a smile on their face. Send some sunshine from The Bouqs Co. to your loved ones today!

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