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8 Signs that Fall is in Full Swing

Signs of Fall

The fall equinox is here, which means autumn is in full swing! As we slowly make that transition out of summer, you might notice some changes happening all around you, whether it’s with nature or just the overall feeling in the air. But of course, some of these signs can be more subtle than others, which is why it’s up to us at The Bouqs Co. to let you in on all the wonderful things fall has to offer in the upcoming months – be sure to keep an eye out for these 10 signs that fall is in full swing!

1. Harvest Moon Fall Harvest Moon

The harvest moon usually occurs right around the fall equinox, signaling the start of autumn! This particular full moon (that usually shows up around late September or early October) is special because of its bright orange glow, fitting for the season.

2. All the Seasonal Drinks Fall Seasonal Drinks

All the coffee shops across the nation absolutely love the fall season, which is why you will probably notice the abundance of pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider bevs, different variations of hot chai, and cranberry-infused goodness everywhere!

3. An Apple a Day . . . Fall Apple Picking

Did you know that fall is the best time to go apple picking? Prime apple picking season usually falls within the months of September and October, so get ready! You’re probably getting an influx of messages from your loved ones asking if you want to take a trip to the nearest orchard and bring home some fresh picks.

4. Planning Ahead for Halloween Fall Halloween Costume

Halloween just can’t come soon enough, and trust us, we are all just as excited as you are! Once fall creeps up on us, you are more than ready for all the fun holidays that follow, especially the one where you dress up in fun costumes. So you don’t be surprised if you see yourself browsing the web for some creative ideas!

5. Shorter Days Fall Sunset

This is probably one of the things a lot of us are sad to see happen during this time of year – “shorter” days. Daylight saving usually ends in November, meaning the sunrise and sunset will fall back an hour. So if you’re wondering why the sky is looking pretty dark at 4PM, this is why!

6. Switching Out Your Wardrobe Fall Outfits

With the weather getting much cooler, it might be time to retire the denim shorts and tank tops for a while. This means you will be bringing out some of the clothes that are more fit for the season, especially all the loose pants you’re going to need for some big feasts happening in the near future!

7. Winter Excitement Fall Christmas Decorating

That’s right – Christmas decorations in autumn are definitely a thing. Once we are all fully transitioned out of Thanksgiving, you best bet you’ll be seeing a lot of wintry cheer everywhere even though it’s still technically fall until December. But who can actually contain their excitement for the winter holidays?

8. A World of Color Fall in the City

This is definitely one of the more obvious ones, but we saved it for last because it still surprises us every year: all the fall colors you see around you! Whether you live in the city where trees are a bit more sparse, or you are always surrounded by beautiful forestry, this change is hard to miss. The green is replaced by beautiful, rich hues of orange, red and yellow, letting you know that fall has finally arrived and is ready to be admired by all!

Now that you are all caught up to speed with all the wonderful signs of autumn approaching, it’s time to really celebrate fall! Fall means back-to-school shopping and Rosh Hashanah. We know there’s a lot going on within the next few months, which means there are always things to prepare. Whether it’s a family gathering, a get-together with close friends, or just a day of self-care, The Bouqs Co. has your back! Our farm-fresh flowers fit for the fall season make the perfect centerpiece for any dinner table. Delivered straight from sustainable farms, you can trust us to brighten up any living space whenever you need flower delivery online!

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