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Planting Fall Flowers for Autumn Colors

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Fall is a great time to begin growing your garden, and it’s also a time of year when we’re a little nostalgic for summer and desperate for those gorgeous colors to continue to bloom. Though you might feel compelled to buy plants in spring, drawn in by their availability, fall is actually perfect timing to get cool-weather vegetables and spring blooms into the ground. The worst of the summer heat is over, the ground is soft and warm, and the late fall rains will help promote deep root growth.

To achieve bright color in your fall garden, you will need to plant in spring. To help you keep your garden lush year-round, we’ve rounded up our favorite fall flowers. Plants to put into the ground in the fall, and also choices that will bloom beautifully for you during those early winter months. From spring bulbs and cool-weather edibles to fall colors flowers and trees, we’ll walk you through what to plant and when.


Planting for Fall Color

Fall perennials are always full of gorgeous, bright colors. Pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds that are impossible for the eye to ignore. Not only are they a gardener’s delight, but they also provide an essential food source for bees.

Hardy Mums are, despite their name, not all that hardy and need to be planted in spring so that their roots are deep into the ground by the winter. In warmer climates, you might be able to get away with planting them in late summer/early fall, but for those with sub-zero temperatures, perennial plants need a substantial amount of time to grow those “hardy” roots.

To ensure the brightest and fullest fall blooms, you’ll need to pinch back the fall plants periodically. “Pinching” just refers to removing the spent flowers from the bush so that they may repeat-bloom. Once pinched, the plant can put its energy into strengthening itself instead of producing seed.

Crocuses are some of the better-known autumn blooms. The jewel-toned petals are typically placed beneath trees and near shrubs for color contrast and much-needed protection against overly wet weather. The similarly hardy Sternbergia (related to the Amaryllis) produces a beautiful yellow bloom from September through early November. Plant the bulbs in a bright sunny spot so they can soak up the summer rays and get ready for their end of the year bloom. Finally, begonias are a bright flower that adds a low maintenance pop of color from mid-summer until November. These are the perfect candidates for a shady patio or window box.

Bulbs to Blooms

Chances are if you’ve been to your local nursery or home improvement store from September-October, you’ve seen these spring bulbs. Some fall-planting bulbs are the tulip and the daffodil. Try to select high-quality bulbs; a bulb should be firm and plump without any soft or mushy spots. Check to make sure there is no mold. The bigger the bulb is, generally the more they bloom compared to smaller bulbs of the same variety.

Even healthy bulbs won’t bloom if they’re planted in the wrong spot! Most need full sun (6+ hours a day of direct sunlight) and well-drained soil. They should be buried in a hole two to three times deep than the bulb is tall. So if your bulb is three inches, your hole should be six to nine inches deep. Place them the pointy side up, as the roots will grow out of the “flatter” side. Something to consider when planting is lawn design.  If you plant in groups, they will bloom in groups. They also bloom beautifully in containers, so if you live in a cold-weather environment, you can protect them year-round by keeping them inside!

Last Thoughts

Lawn and garden design takes some time. There is the planning, then the planting, then the growing, and finally after all of that the actual blooming. The process of watching your garden blossom into a pretty paradise is priceless, and it’s worth the time commitment. If you want to bring seasonal flowers into your home without the hassle, we’ve got you covered. At Bouqs, we bring you the best flowers of the season, cut-to-order and hand-delivered.

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