Seven Flowers to Brighten Your Home This Summer

Summer Flowers

It’s safe to say we can all agree: summer rocks (and so do summer flowers)! Who doesn’t enjoy lounging around the beach or pool sipping on an ice-cold marg?

We’ll admit, though, that sometimes the sweltering heat is a bit too much to handle, and going outside becomes a sweaty struggle you really don’t feel like dealing with. Or maybe you just want to have a lazy day with your Netflix account and a giant tub of ice cream (hey, we’re not judging!)

Well, thanks to gorgeous summer flowers, you can easily bring those bright and exciting midsummer vibes right into your comfortable, AC-filled home. Uh… Yes, please!

So, which flowers bloom in the summer? We’ll walk you through it. Here are our seven favorite seasonal flowers that only bloom during the hot summer months.



Marigolds and their luscious, goldish-orange blooms have seen a resurgence in popularity recently, thanks to their magical presence in Pixar’s recent hit Coco (boy, that movie gave us all the feels). And we’ll be the first to admit, marigolds looked stunning in it. But, that said, we’d take marigolds in the flesh rather than their animated counterpart any day of the week!

So if you’re going for a classy yet understated summer flower, then you could do a lot worse than some fresh marigolds! Plus they’ll add a nice touch of Mexican culture to your home.


Although hydrangeas bloom from early spring all the way until autumn and are considered one of summer’s classic flowers, they—surprisingly—like a lot of shade during sunny days.

Even more surprisingly, hydrangeas can alter their color depending on their acidity and iron levels. So if you have a garden with hydrangeas, why not experiment with your soil and create some stunning color combinations?


Dahlias are perhaps the most versatile summer flower, considering they come in nearly every size, shape, and color.

Want a miniature dahlia that’s only a few inches tall? No problem! What about an incredible blue dahlia with a bloom the size of a dinner plate? Sure thing! Or how about a two-toned bloom that’s super spiky and looks like it’s from an alien world? Again, dahlias can make it happen!


If there’s one flower synonymous with the hot summer months, it’s sunflowers. I mean, “sun” is right there in the name! Also, we’re just going to go ahead and give a shout-out to sunflower fields for being perhaps the most Instagram-worthy shot a girl can get.

Fun fact: sunflowers are composite flowers, meaning that each “sunflower” is actually made up of thousands of tiny flowers in its huge central eye.


Another seasonal flower almost always associated with summer is the daisy—the epitome of cheerfulness! On a cute scale from 1-10, we’re giving daisies an 11!

But daisies also pack a whole lot of cool to go with that cute punch. The name “daisy” comes from the Old English word dægeseage, meaning “day’s eye”. They get this strange name from the fact that they close their petals over their central eye during the nighttime hours before opening them back up in the early morning.

Morning Glories

Morning glories are named for their extremely short lifespan, blooming in the morning only to die in the evening. For that reason, these majestic blue and purple flowers symbolize restricted love and have long been used in folktales as a way to encourage people to cherish the sometimes fleeting moments of affection between two people.


Most of the previously mentioned flowers made the list because—let’s be real—they’re freaking gorgeous and pack all the necessary summertime feels you’d ever need. But lavender, on the other hand, has it all: the delicious summer look, vibes, and scent!

So if you want a flower with a next-level smell and way above-average looks (exactly how we prefer our men!), then lavender is the right summer flower for you.


Now that you know which flowers bloom in the summer, feel free to pick up a fresh Bouq of whichever sunny seasonal flower is your favorite.

We can guarantee it’ll brighten up your home and get rid of any summertime sadness you might be having!

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