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Hello Spring: March Birthdays and Daffodils

March Birth Flower

The daffodil is one of the most recognizable of all the spring blooms, with their perked petals surrounded by a colored trumpet. The March birth flower goes by many names–daffodil, daffadowndilly, and narcissus, to name a few. They are generally white or yellow but can be found in shades of orange and pink, the perfect accents to spring. When you’re looking to send flowers for a birthday in March, don’t sleep on including the daffodil.

Unlike its namesake, the vain youth from Greek culture, the narcissus isn’t a fussy plant in the least and will grow in the sun or shade. In bouquets, they prefer to be in cool water away from direct sunlight, so if you’re sending the March birth flower to a friend or loved one be sure to keep them out of the sun.

Daffodil Symbolism, Meanings, and History

Symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings, much like spring itself, the daffodil is native to meadows and woods across southern Europe and North Africa. The daffodil has been cultivated and planted since the earliest of times; it was introduced to the Far East prior to the tenth century. However, it didn’t take long for people to begin selling the bright bloom. In 16th-century Europe they became an important commercial crop planted primarily in the Netherlands.

Despite its long history, some Narcissus species have become extinct, while others are threatened by increasing urbanization and tourism. Long celebrated in popular culture, the daffodil is associated with a number of things, from good fortune to springtime. It is the national flower of Wales, and the symbol for cancer charities in many countries. Alternatively called the Lent Lily for its association with Lent and Easter, this flower has a long-stemming history inside both Western and Eastern cultures.

How to Care for Daffodils

Daffodils usually live 3-5 days inside a vase. With the proper care though, you can extend their lifespan and keep your bouquet sunny! If you are sending to a friend or loved one, think about delivering these handy tips along with your birthday gift:

  • When selecting daffodils for your bouquet, avoid choosing any petals that look discolored or crumbly, or are too see-through.
  • Before putting them into a vase, trim off the bottom half-inch of the stems.
  • Use cold water inside your vase.
  • Keep your daffodils in COOL spaces, avoiding heaters, direct sunlight, or overly stuffy rooms.

For the longest lifespan, keep your daffodils in a vase all their own as their stems have a compound that is toxic to other flowers. However, it’s worth noting that daffodils are basically begging to be paired with other flowers! So if you’re comfortable with a shorter lifespan, spring for a mixed bunch.

Famous Birthdays in March

If you were born in March, here are just a few of the talented and well-known people you share a birthday month with:

  • Justin Bieber, March 1
  • Jessica Biel, March 3
  • Eva Mendes, March 5
  • Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal, March 6
  • Bryan Cranston, March 7
  • James Van Der Beek, March 8
  • Olivia Wilde, March 10

March Birthday Flower Delivery

There’s nothing quite like getting flowers for your birthday, or even just because! To let someone in your life know you’re thinking about them, why not send a little sunshine in the form of daffodils? They go beautifully with purples and blues, alongside the whites, oranges, and yellows already in their palette.

Daffodils are a wonderful way to send light to someone after a long or cold winter. They symbolize rebirth, renewal, and better days ahead. What an easy way to say something significant while sending something beautiful. For more birth month flowers you can continue with April’s flower, the sweet pea. We also have some ideas on the best birthday gifts to have delivered.

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