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All About Violets: February’s Birth Flower

February's Birth Flower

When you think about the month of February, images of Valentines Day might dance through your head. You might picture pink and red hearts, sweet chocolate treats, and tender love notes tucked away in bouquets of flowers. But did you know that February has its own special birth flower?

That’s right, each month has its own birth flower, just like each month has its own birthstone. February’s birth flower is very on theme for the month of love since it fits into an old love poem. The poem goes, “Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you.” We know what you’re thinking, and no roses aren’t February’s birth flower. February’s birth month flower is actually the violet!


Violet Fun Facts

Based on the violet’s name, you would think that there might be only one type of violet. The violet kind, duh! However, violets are very old flowers and have been cultivated since about 500 B.C. So there are actually about 400 to 500 different species of violets! They come in many colors, violet, cream, blue, white, or even a unique combination of two colors.

Violet Meaning and Symbolism

Violets are good gifts for the loyal loved one who always has your back because  February’s birth month flower symbolizes watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness. What about in dreamland? That’s right, if you have dreams about violets, that’s good news for your future, as dreams about violets represent a good fortune coming your way.

According to Greek mythology, violets came from one of Zeus’ misdeeds. Zeus fell in love with the nymph Io, and he had to hide her from his wife, Hera. To hide her, he transformed the nymph into a cow. When Io wept over the grass she was eating, Zeus turned her tears into violets so she could have something sweet to eat.

Violets in Ancient Rome

The ancient Romans found violets to be quite useful for parties. They would make sweet wines out of violets. At the same time, they would adorn their tables with violets at parties to prevent people from getting too drunk off their sweet wines. If that still managed to happen, the day after the festivities, they would wear wreaths made of violets on their heads to cure their hangovers. Violets certainly were the must-have item for parties in ancient Rome!

Roman author, naturalist, and natural philosopher Pliny often documented the medicinal properties he found in violets. Turns out, they weren’t just for parties. He would prescribe violets for spleen disorders and gout. While violets are edible and still used in certain medicines like a laxative, they shouldn’t be eaten in large doses.

Caring for Your Violets

While violets can be a bit fussy, with the proper care, their heart-shaped leaves can bloom year round. Here are a few tips for caring for your violets:

  • Violets need 10-14 hours of bright but indirect sunlight each day and about eight hours to rest in the dark. Just like you, violets need to rest in the shade sometimes!
  • Make sure not to overwater your violet. They need just enough water so the soil is evenly damp all over, but not over saturated. Make sure to use room temperature water, too. Your violet won’t like cold showers.
  • Violets won’t do well with too little or too much fertilizer. Just like Goldilocks, they like things juuuuust right.

Celebrities Born in February

Were you or a loved one born in February? These celebrities share your birth month and your birth flower:

  • Lauren Conrad, February 1
  • Shakira, February 2
  • Chris Rock, February 7
  • Ashton Kutcher, February 7
  • Tom Hiddleston, February 9
  • Jennifer Aniston, February 11
  • Elizabeth Olsen, February 16

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