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The Best Plants & Flowers for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Plants

Flowers and plants are the perfect decor for your home’s bathroom. Just think about it. For one, well-placed bathroom plants and flowers can add a much-needed touch of beauty and sophistication in a place that, let’s be honest, could use a little more beauty and sophistication.

Two, having a tasteful flower adorning your shower, toilet back, vanity, or shelves can also add a fresh scent to your bathroom—and that is most definitely a good thing.

And three, houseplants are superb at purifying your home’s air. By our count, that’s three huge pluses you shouldn’t ignore!

For many plants and flowers, though, the bathroom is not the ideal environment. For example, if you try tossing any old succulent next to your shower, chances are it’ll rot from the damp conditions. And plants like evergreens are known to develop mildew in high humidity. Pro tip: Good bathroom plants tend to thrive in environments with high humidity, and can withstand fluctuation in temperature and light.

Here’s our list of the seven best plants for the bathroom—or any other humid, dark area of your house, for that matter.

Aloe Vera

Remember when we said succulents don’t enjoy chilling in bathrooms, thanks to the steamy and wet environment? Well… Aloe vera plants are one exception to the rule. And what’s best, if you get a nasty sunburn, you won’t even have to make a trip to the drug store. Just squeeze some of the juice from the leaves and go about your day.


Maybe it’s obvious to point out, but we’re going to do it anyway: moss love, love, love damp environments without much sunlight. That’s why there are over 606 species of moss covering virtually the entire landscape of Iceland, an extremely cold country where it rains 213 days of the year and where—at some points of the year—the sun doesn’t come out for the entire day. That’s also why moss is one of the best plants for the bathroom!

In fact, there are tons of awesome DIY uses of moss in your bathroom that can transform it into a wonderland just as magical as Iceland itself.


Bamboo is such a good bathroom plant because it’s incredibly easy to care for and doesn’t require much light. In fact, it doesn’t even require soil or much water, for that matter. So just toss it in a container with pebbles and a bit of water and watch it grow.

But be warned: bamboo will grow quickly, so make sure to shape it or use a physical barrier to stop its growth.


So maybe you have good plants for the bathroom already but they’re all just so… green. Well, in that case, snag a fresh Bouq of orchids to add a little flair and color to your bathroom. Like many of the other plants on this list, orchids are some of the best plants for the bathroom because they thrive in humidity.

Just make sure you give your gorgeous orchids the proper care – their stunning beauty is quite fragile!


Ferns, in particular, are fabulous all-around houseplants. That holds true whether you place them in your kitchen, on your patio, or in your bathroom. As expected, they’ve got all the qualifications of good bathroom plants: they can handle the temperature fluctuation and they love humidity.


Gardenias are flowers native to the tropical regions of Africa and Asia. And as you can probably guess, they don’t mind a fair bit of heat or humidity.

Unlike most other tropical flowers, though, gardenias don’t flaunt showy and bright colors or an extremely strange appearance. They settle for a more sophisticated, perfectly put-together look showcased by their beautiful white blooms. Just note that tropical flowers require more care and attention, so follow our handy guide on how to best care for fresh tropical flowers.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, also dubbed mother-in-law’s tongue, is another great bathroom plant to add a touch of green to go with the tiled environment. Usually, snake plants rest in the corner of bathrooms in large pots. If you want their leaves to stay upright and not droop, tying them together with twine is the way to go. Just make sure there’s a lot of foot traffic in a bathroom with a snake plant, as they tend to need a fair bit of light.

It’s true – the bathroom probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of fresh, uplifting spaces. Luckily, these fantastic bathroom plants will help transform even the remotest corners of your home into tiny oases. And if you haven’t quite caught the houseplant bug, don’t worry – The Bouqs Co. has got you covered with gorgeous fresh-cut flowers for all your low-maintenance needs – happiness guaranteed!

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