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Cool Flower Superstitions From Around the World

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Have you ever wondered about the meaning and symbolism behind a gift you sent? You might be surprised to know that there are a wealth of meanings and superstitions surrounding flowers. In cultures around the world, from Victorian England to traditional Japan, flowers formed a way to communicate with actions. In fact, it was said that in Victorian England there were two things in almost every home: a Bible and a dictionary of flower meanings and symbolism.

There’s a perfect flower for every occasion, and it’s up to you to pick the best one. If you’re trying to woo someone romantically, you might want to make sure the Bouq you choose symbolizes romance and is not a “Congratulation arrangement” or “Get Better Soon Bouquet.”

Getting clued in on popular flower superstitions is the best way to say exactly what you’re trying to say. Read on and you’ll find a few tips for leveraging flower symbolism to really make your floral gift stand out. If you’re looking for a unique seasonal bouquet for fall, we’ve got you covered.

The Power of Flower Symbolism

Flowers around the world have been used to communicate for hundreds of years.
Roses were held in such high regard in the 17th century that they were used as legal tender. In the 19th century, Victorian homes almost always had two books readily available: a Bible and a flower dictionary. Giving the wrong flower to a neighbor could have such dramatic impacts as breaking friendships and ruining reputations.

Because flowers were such a unique form of communication, with subtle nuances that formed an integral part of the culture, they also became a key focus in literature, art, and photography in the centuries that followed. Today, flowers around the world are used to celebrate, commemorate, comfort, and still communicate a variety of life events from birth to death and everything in between.

Flower Superstitions You’ve Probably Never Heard Before

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Some who follow flower superstitions have some serious numerology beliefs. According to many cultures, a bouquet with an even number of flowers symbolizes death — so while a dozen flowers would not be so great for a wedding, they’re a perfect choice for commemorating those who’ve crossed over to other side.

Witch, witch, she’s a witch!

If you’re looking for interesting flower superstitions, those about marigolds definitely fit the bill. Marigolds and anemones were once said to protect a person against witchcraft and bad luck. Marigolds are also known for their aphrodisiac properties and are often included in wedding bouquets for this reason.

Lucky Number 13

Poppies are one of the most beloved flowers around the world, both for their medicinal properties and for their vibrant color. Farmers have a special love for the flower because they were once thought to bring a good crop and to help people forget their worries. If you’re giving a bouquet of poppies, it should have just 13 stems, since any more or any less is apparently bad luck for the recipient.

Congratulations, it’s a girl!

According to some flower superstitions, a pregnant woman who eats the tubers of orchids will give birth to a baby girl. But if her husband eats the orchid tubers, the couple will be welcoming in a bouncing baby boy.

He loves me, he loves me…not

While many of us spent adolescent days plucking flower petals to determine if the object of our affection had reciprocal thoughts, some flower symbolism spins a darker take. Many believe that if you’re holding a rose and one of its petals falls off, someone you love will die in the near future.

Forget the holy water, plant a rose

The Romans were deep believers in flower symbolism. While they were changing the world and building their empire, they were also cultivating one of the most popular flowers around the world. Why? Because they believed roses could protect deceased loved ones from evil.

Forecast the Future with Dandelions

Did you know dandelions have been used to forecast the future? Dandelions have been associated with looking into the future in mystical traditions. Brewing dandelion roots in tea was said to enhance divination and prophetic dreaming abilities. And a few superstitions around dandelion petals are floating around out there. One belief says dandelions can predict how many children you will have. Blow a dandelion seed head into the wind in a single breath. How many seeds remain is how many children you’ll have. In another version, if you blow the seeds into the wind, the amount of seeds remaining is how many years you’ll have to wait to get married.

Roses are Not Just for Romance

Roses are most commonly associated with romance. But at times, they were also considered powerful flowers for good luck. Planting a roses bush next to the grave of a loved one can protect their soul from evil spirits. Throwing rose leaves into a fire can also bring good luck (like tossing a pinch of salt over your left shoulder).

Any Farmers Out There? Plant Some Poppies!

Poppies were traditionally planted in cornfields to help ensure a great crop. An added benefit is that flowers added a pop of color to cornfields and make some wonderful pictures.

Don’t Send that Bouquet Before a Performance

Performers of all sorts (from baseball players to theatre actors) have always operated with tons of superstitions. It shouldn’t be a surprise that flowers are included in many. It’s generally considered bad luck to gift a performer of any sort flowers before a performance. So save the bouquet.

Check that Flower Dictionary Before Sending to an Ailing Loved One

Did you know there are some heavy flower superstitions surrounding flowers and illness? The combination of red and white flowers was said to bring misfortune and even death(!) if they were sent to an ill person. So if you’re feeling even a little superstitious avoid that color combination! Also, if a flower arrangement was sent to the hospital when the recipient recovers they should not bring that bouquet home with them. Instead, gift them a fresh bouquet to welcome them home.

How About Some Good Luck

In Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of arranging the living and workspaces to create balanced and harmonious conditions, cymbidium orchids help bring good luck and prosperity into the lives of the people living or working there. Also in Feng Shui, any plant with round leaves attracts good fortune so keep that in mind when ordering plants for delivery. In Japan, gold chrysanthemums are a powerful symbol of good luck and prosperity. And, as the name suggests, lucky bamboo plants are said to bring wealth and good fortune into your life.

Looking for the perfect Bouq to communicate your message? Start with deciding what you want to say to the recipient and choose flowers that subtly share that message. Not sure what flowers fit the bill? Shop with The Bouqs by occasion to find the perfect flower arrangement delivery for your needs.

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