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January’s Birth Flower: What You Need to Know

January Birth Flower

Everyone loves flowers, and we have another reason for you to get your hands on more beautiful Bouqs this year. It’s your birthday! Happy Birthday, January girl! Have you met the January birth flower yet? Why don’t we explore this enchanting and powerful flower a little more?


History and Traits of the Carnation

The carnation is the official January birth month flower. It’s also known as Dianthus Caryophyllus, which translates into “Flower of Love.” Just like you, these ruffled beauties add a bit of distinction to any room they appear in. Another trait that you share with the January birth flower is vitality. The carnation continues to endure over the centuries and in its environment, plus it’s deep-seated in history. In Christianity, it is believed that the very first carnation bloomed at the feet of Mary when her tears fell for Jesus, while the Greeks saw this lovely plant as a “Flower of God.”

Just like the vibrant personalities known to be found in the January girl (or guy!), carnations appear in such captivating hues that are certain to please even the most discerning eyes. Here’s what some of the colors mean:

  • Light Red – This delicate shade brings about warm  feelings of admiration and gratitude
  • Deep Red– Ah, the color of Romance! These luxurious flowers symbolize deep love and affection.
  • White– These flowers give quite the lovely vibe of purity and luck.
  • Pink– Give these pretty blooms to tell someone you’re grateful for them.

When to Gift a Carnation Bouq (Other Than Birthdays!)

Now that you know more about the carnation, when should you gift these beautiful blooms? They don’t have to be just for birthdays. Let us not forget our mothers! The carnation is the official Mother’s Day Flower. Fortunately, we at The Bouqs Co have put together an alluring collection of carnations for your mom’s special day. If you don’t live near Mom, don’t worry, we have you covered with flower delivery so you can surprise you favorite lady with the pretty frills of our carnation Bouqs.

Some TLC For your Carnation Bouq

Once you lay your eyes on your gorgeous carnation Bouq, you’ll want to keep them blooming prettily around your sitting room for as long as possible. Here are some great tips to follow when it comes to caring for your January birth flower:

  • Pick a spot that receives ample sunlight.
  • Place your carnations in distilled water, at room temperature.
  • Replace the vase with clean water at least every other day.
  • Be sure to keep these flowers away from heat or drafts, or else they won’t be able to breathe.
  • On day three (or if you see the vase water becoming cloudy) recut your stems and change the water.
  • Don’t forget to watch out for any dead leaves or blooms. You can go ahead and cut those away to keep your Bouq looking fresh.

Famous January Birthdays

If you were lucky to be born in January, you get to share a January birth month flower with some pretty awesome celebs. Heads up, January people are a lot more likely to be famous or royalty! Check out these powerful women with the January birth month:

  • Betty White, January 17
  • Kate Middleton, January 9
  • Kate Moss, January 16
  • Dolly Parton, January 19
  • Alicia Keys, January 15
  • Ellen DeGeneres, January 26

Birthday Flower Delivery at The Bouqs Co.

January is certainly a special birth month shared by many talented and brilliant people just like yourself. Who else do you know that shares your birth month? Why not show them they are loved and adored with a surprise birthday flower delivery? Visit us over at The Bouqs Co to find that special gift. There is no need to stand in a line at a shop when you have the convenience of online birthday flower delivery at your fingertips.

We’re also on Instagram, so give us a shout-out using our hashtag #theBouqsco. We can’t wait to see those birthday Bouqs in their new home!

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