Embrace the rich hues of fall with our newest farm-fresh collection. Seasonal Bouqs to warm your spirits and brighten every occasion!



It’s amazing how much can happen in a year. An April morning can be spent lounging by your bedroom window and watching the colorful petals of nature unfold again, but some time in June, you might find yourself with sunnier days and a tan just from staying indoors. Then October comes around, and you’re already shutting your window from the cool drafts and cozying up with fleece blankets and a piping cup of anything pumpkin spiced. Before you know it, you’re rushing back outside on a December afternoon to witness the first snowfall of the year – and the wonderful cycle repeats!

We know everyone has a favorite season, but for us at The Bouqs, we love them all! That’s why we want to make sure we can keep spreading that #BouqLove all year round with the freshest seasonal flowers out there! In love with the pastel pops of color that spring flowers has to offer? The rich, warm hues of fall flowers? The way festive winter flowers add that much-needed wow factor to every holiday party? Look no further! Our seasonal arrangements are carefully curated to freshen up any space – whether it’s for a get-together or decorative purposes.

Get in the spirit of any season with a farm-fresh Bouq, and browse our collection today!