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Fall Colors: Our Favorite Yellow Flowers

Fall Yellow Flowers

Yellow makes everything look cute. Let’s face it: It’s an adorable color. And when you throw it in with one of the greatest things on earth — a beautiful Bouq — it gets bumped up a notch to all-out irresistible! Yellow flowers are bright, eye-catching, and best of all, totally perfect for fall.

So if you want to harness those fall vibes and decorate your home the way it should be, adorned with an adorable fall-time Bouq, check out the flowers below. They’ll make your home look ravishing! We promise!



No flower screams sweet autumn vibes like sunflowers do. The contrast of their bright yellow petals with their dark brown circular head is just perfect for bringing fall-ness into your abode. And that head, by the way, is actually made up of dozens and dozens of little florets, which are like mini-flowers themselves. Pretty awesome!

Sunflowers’ huge, solitary blooms are impossible not to notice – which is why we’re pretty obsessed with them over here at The Bouqs Co.! And since they come in a lot of different sizes, not just the gargantuan towering ones you sometimes see poking their heads up over your neighbors’ fences, they’re ideal in a gorgeous yellow fall-time Bouq!

Gerbera Daisies

It’s not hard to see why Gerbera daisies are some of the most popular choices for fall Bouqs—especially yellow ones! Gerbera daisies have gorgeous, characteristic blooms that go well with just about any other flower.

Just like sunflowers, their centers are actually made up of tiny florets. If you take a really close look, you can see each one is an adorable little mini bloom.

And one of the coolest things about Gerbera daisies is their freakishly long lifespan. They last up to two whole weeks on average if properly taken care of! That makes them a must-have for any fall fangirl who wants her flowers to last as long as possible.


As seasonal flowers go, lilies might not come to mind for fall, but their sheer variety makes them a surprisingly great choice. In fact, lilies come in a whole bunch of different colors – but the most striking and filled with fall cuteness are definitely yellow lilies. Irresistible on literally any occasion, lilies enter a whole new level of lovely when they’re yellow.

Symbolic for healing, health, and well-being, lilies are some of the best seasonal flowers to have in your home if you want to create a warm, chill vibe. They’re loaded with low-key fall charm, and just all around eye-catching and gorgeous as heck!


In case you haven’t noticed, yellow roses are their own kind of amazing. They can strut their stuff in almost any setting, and autumn is definitely no exception. In fact, varieties like canary yellow roses are some of the popular choices in fall Bouqs and floral arrangements.

Their sweet smell is the result of crossbreeding that dates all the way back to the 1700s in the Middle East. At that time, yellow roses didn’t smell all that great. But thanks to a few centuries of worldwide love for these undeniably beautiful yellow flowers, they now smell amazing!

And unlike their red counterparts, yellow roses aren’t exactly joined at the hip with romantic symbolism. They can fit right in with any occasion, and that definitely includes fall decorations, or even as a host/ess gift for a holiday party (Thanksgiving centerpiece, anyone?). So if what you’re going for is something warm, and filled with fall adorableness, yellow roses all the way. They have our vote hands down!


There you have it! Four yellow flowers with loads of autumn charm. There are a lot of fall-time seasonal flowers out there, but these are sure to keep heads turning and compliments flowing.

And if you’d like a good mix that fits the fall feel perfect, check out one of our autumn Bouqs. We guarantee you’ll dig it!

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