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20 Romantic Fall Date Ideas

Fall Date Ideas

You might see fall as a season of change, comfort, or just overall beauty, but it’s also the perfect time of year to celebrate with someone you love!

As the weather cools down from what was once summer, you will definitely want to cozy up with a significant other and explore everything the autumn season has to offer. Whether you and your sweetheart are more of an adventurous couple or you both embrace being a pair of homebodies, The Bouqs Co. has some cute fall date ideas for everyone! Read on to find out how you can spend the upcoming months with that special someone.


1. Go for a hayride

One of fall’s many traditions is going on a hayride through a pumpkin patch, and you can do exactly that when you and your partner are on the hunt for your next jack-o-lantern!

2. Visit a sunflower field

Did you know that sunflowers bloom the brightest towards the end of summer and even during the first portion of fall? Going to see flowers with that special someone is always a romantic gesture.

3. Scary movie marathon

Fall is definitely the season to binge-watch all your favorite scary movies. With Halloween coming up, you can snuggle up with your significant other and start the fright fest in your very own home!

4. Bake seasonal treats

Pumpkin pie, caramel apples, and all the spiced goods in the world – the options are endless! Baking is always fun when you have someone you love in the kitchen with you.

5. Indulge in all the fall-themed drinks

Café dates may not come as a surprise to you, but with all the seasonal excitement settling in, it’s always nice to take part in some of the fun! Take your special person to a place that offers a variety of spiced lattes and ciders to get into the autumn spirit!

6. Apple picking

Apples are definitely in season during the autumn months, which gives you and your partner the perfect opportunity to bring home some fresh picks. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

7. Take a scenic drive

If you both happen to live in the city, then you probably don’t get to experience the full beauty that fall really has to offer. Take a scenic drive along some nearby forestry to see all the wonderful colors really come to life.

8. Decorate for Halloween

Let’s face it – Halloween is definitely one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and we know you and your significant other are looking forward to it too! Decorate your home with fake cobwebs and ghastly setups to start getting into the Halloween spirit.

9. Bonfire in the woods

There’s just always something so magical and nostalgic about having a bonfire in the woods. Something as simple as cozying up with your favorite person in front of a warm fire and maybe bringing along a picnic can make a romantic date!

10. Tailgate a college football game

School is back in session, and that means football season makes its much-anticipated return! Whether you’re a returning student or your college days are over, you and your partner can still be a part of the excitement by tailgating with all the other super fans from a local college.

11. Visit a haunted house

If you and your sweetheart are a pair of thrill-seekers, then luckily, fall is the time for you both to visit all the haunted houses out there. If you’re still a bit new as a couple, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to get close – especially during all the jump scares!

12. Go to a botanical garden

Not all of us are blessed with our city or hometown being surrounded by nature, but if your area happens to have a local botanical garden, then you and your loved one can still experience the fall beauty at a smaller scale!

13. Horseback riding

Who doesn’t want to get swept away on horseback? If you and your partner have a soft spot for classic love tales, then horseback riding could help you bring some of those fantasies to life!

14. Browse through a secondhand bookstore

There’s always something mysterious and kind of magical about secondhand bookstores, and this would be the perfect excuse to just sit around and read in a change of space.

15. Go to the farmer’s market

Running errands doesn’t always have to be a chore, especially not at a local farmer’s market. This is a great activity for those couples out there who are thinking of being a bit more eco-conscious and shopping locally.

16. Take a latte art class

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to create some of your own wonderful latte art? See if a local coffee shop offers a class and get brewin’!

17. A romantic boat ride

Renting a little rowboat just for the two of you and drifting through a picturesque scene, surrounded by beautiful, warm hues – sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

18. Go costume shopping

It’s always fun to coordinate as a couple, especially with Halloween costumes. Think of your favorite pair and browse the stores to see if you can really bring those #CoupleGoals to life!

19. Sign up for a cooking class

We all know you’re about to be part of some massive dinner parties for the fall season, and if you and your partner want to contribute or even feel like hosting a gathering of your own, then it might be nice to brush up those cooking skills! Take a cooking class to learn some new recipes and master a few techniques in the kitchen.

20. Geocaching

If you both loved treasure hunting as kids, then this is the next best thing for all our adventurous couples out there! Not only do you get to hike around in the great outdoors, but you just might find some gems along the way.


Summer lovin’ doesn’t stop at the hottest season of the year; falling in love in the months of fall can be the most romantic time yet!

Speaking of romance, what pairs better with love than gifting flowers? Not only do we have some seasonal blooms to match all the vibrant, warm hues you’ll see outside, but you can also convey your sincerity with our very own farm-fresh floral bouquets! Send along some #BouqLove today.

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