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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him & Her: A 2021 Guide

Red, purple and pink bouquet with two glasses of wine.

This year, we’ve been reminded of all the types of love that help us dance through life: the love when your BFF texts you an inside joke on a tough day, the love of your partner cooking up a special meal on a weekday, and the love of your dad explaining how to put together your new bookshelf.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how we’ll show the special people in our life a lil’ extra love. From the best Valentine’s Day flowers to custom gift ideas that speak right to their heart, we’ll help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for all the Valentines in your life.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Got a guy you’re crazy about? Let him know with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

The Guy Who’s Subtly Sentimental

In your guy’s mind, your love keeps him going. But maybe he’s a little shy and doesn’t want to display a mushy card or a dozen roses on his desk. No problem! The following ideas remind your guy you adore him, without him feeling like he’s in a scene out of a cheesy rom-com.

Every time your guy looks at this pair of heart-shaped hoyas, he’ll smile. And since these hearts are succulents, they’ll love him even if he forgets to water them.

For another subtle reminder of your affection, level up his drinking game with some map glasses (opens in new window). Pick the location where you met or had your first kiss to remind him of the special bond you two have together.

The Guy Who’s Always on the Go

If you know a guy who has a thousand things on his daily to-do-list, make his days easier with some carefully chosen items.

Send your sweet-toothed beau out of the house with a sweet kiss, or a pack of kisses with this gorgeous Bouq coupled with Sugar Lips candy.

Is he frantically searching for his wallet again? Make this stress something of the past with the help of a tiny Bluetooth-enabled tracker (opens in new window) that allows him to keep tabs on his keys, wallet, and any other important items. Trust us, he’ll thank you.

Another thing that will keep him humming along? A wireless charger (opens in new window) for his cellphone. You don’t have to think about whether he has an iPhone or Android, because this product works with both.

The Man Devoted to Cooking

Spice rubs for meat.

Time to spice it up! If your guy’s face lights up when he’s at the stove or standing over his grill, speak to his passions (and palette) with top-notch spices or a unique seasoning blend. A spice set (opens in new window) for grill lovers will bring some fire to his meals.

While you may not think of knives when you think of romance, hear us out. Nothing can ruin time in the kitchen like a dull knife. Keep his chopping and dicing sharp with a high-quality (yet affordable) chef’s knife (opens in new window).

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

There’s no doubt she’s one of a kind. This Valentine’s Day, find a gift that’s just as special as her.

The Lady Who Cherishes Comfort

Sometimes all you want to do is curl up and spend some time relaxing…especially after working hard all day. Make this easy for your lady with gifts that pamper her.

Start with a sweet Valentine’s bouquet featuring anemones, lilies, and roses. The soft colors will help her relax and the interesting textures will keep her inspired. Speaking of soft, it’s time to get cozy. Micro-fleece slippers (opens in new window) will make hanging around the house feel like a special event — trust us on this.

Wine infused fruit sauce over ice cream.

Rather than sending a box of chocolates or jewelry, send something unique and indulgent. Can you say wine-infused dessert sauce (opens in new window)? Scooped on top of ice cream or a slice of cake, this treat will make her feel like the queen she is.

The Adventurous Traveler

This has been a tough year for those who enjoy wandering. Make her feel loved with gifts that speak to her adventurous spirit.

When she’s stuck at home instead of on a trip, send her some inspiration with a tropical bouquet bursting with the bright colors of faraway lands. She’ll love gazing at this Instagram worthy Bouq of mini pineapples and pink ginger as she dreams of future travels.

To keep her powered when she heads out on the road, give her a portable charger (opens in new window). With her gadgets full of battery, she can send photos and updates to those she loves — including you of course.

Black portable phone charger.

Even if she adores exploring new places, when she’s away from home she’ll appreciate a reminder of what’s awaiting her return. A simple locket ring (opens in new window) will fit in wherever she’s traveling and allow her to carry a photo of her loved ones.

The Gal Who Appreciates Quality Time

To help you two spend time together, opt for a hands-on gift that both of you can enjoy. Our suggestion? A puzzle. Listen, a classic jigsaw puzzle is for everyone, no matter their age. Especially when it’s paired with a bouquet of white and pink lilies.

Another fun gift idea is the chance to learn something new together. Pick an activity that both of you want to learn, and you’re sure to end up with laughs and a new skill or two.

Stay in the comfort of your own home and cook up a creative dish with the help of online cooking classes (opens in new window). Pro tip: shop for ingredients ahead of time so you’re ready to get cooking.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Friends

No matter if we’re happily single or taken, we couldn’t survive without the love of our friends. Time to let them know we appreciate them.

Your New but Invaluable Friend

If you’re lucky, you’ve left this year with a new friend you can call on for a laugh or a bit of advice. Even if you’re still learning your friend’s quirks and talents, you know your new pal will stick around.

To show them you appreciate them both in the present and future, choose a bouquet that will wow them now and keep them company later. Our succulent bouquets fit the bill with farm-fresh flowers and plantable succulents. Plus, succulents are easy to care for, so they’re perfect even if you’re unsure if your new friend has a green thumb.

You’re Always There for Your BFF

You know the friend we’re talking about. The one that cancels their dinner plans to coach you through a crisis and then laughs with you about it next week. To show your pal how much you appreciate them, send them the perfect reminder of your friendship.

Remember those handmade friendship bracelets from elementary school? Take a note from this classic friendship token with a classed-up version. A customizable Morse code bracelet (opens in new window) lets you and your BFF share a secret message with each other, no matter where you are. Get creative! An inside joke? Your favorite memory together? A motivational message? Whatever you choose, your friend will surely love it.

Your Friendly Neighbors

Show some neighborly love with a simple yet thoughtful gift. These gifts are perfect for people who have shown you sincere care this year, from your next-door neighbor to your favorite delivery driver.

Since we’re approaching spring, a great idea to brighten up someone’s day is a bouquet of sunflowers, roses, and spider mums. The cheerful sunflowers keep this arrangement feeling happy and bright, so you don’t need to worry about sending a mistakenly romantic message.

With handwashing becoming the cool thing to do, liven up this seemingly boring task with a bold and joyful soap. This honeycomb and wildflower soap bar (opens in new window) will equally delight the eyes and nose. Plus, it will get everyone excited about the warmer days of spring.

Soap with honeycomb and dried flowers.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family

There’s no love like that of your family, no matter how wild they are. Find a gift idea that shows your affection for them, quirks included.

The Mom Who Cares for Everyone Else

Moms are always putting others first, so give them something that lets them think of themselves for a change. What says she’s loved more than roses for Valentine’s Day? Not much. A bunch of farm-fresh blooms will let her know she is on the top of your list…and not an afterthought.

For those moments when Mom is running after everyone else, she’ll appreciate a warming mug (opens in new window) that keeps her coffee or tea toasty for hours. As an added bonus, include a tea or coffee subscription to make sure she always has her beverage of choice at hand.

Floral themed warming mug.

When she finally does get a moment to herself, help her make the most of it. Bath bombs are practically synonymous with self-care, but not everyone has the time or bathroom for a relaxing soak. A shower steamer (opens in new window) turns her home bathroom into an aromatic spa, even if only for 15 minutes. Practical and indulgent, what’s not to love?

The Dad Who Works Behind the Scenes

For the dad that is always making sure everything is running smoothly, give a gift that makes it easier to care for himself and those he loves. Whether he’s grilling for the fam outside or spending some alone time on the patio, shed some light with a battery-powered lantern. Despite the vintage look, this lantern (opens in new window) is easily rechargeable.

Vintage style red lantern.

When it’s time to unwind, make it easy for him with a cocktail shaker set (opens in new window). Whether his go-to is a mojito or a mocktail, this kit will make whipping up drinks a breeze. Plus, he’ll love dishing out beverages to the whole crew.

The Understanding Sibling

Nobody understands us, and our families, quite like our brothers and sisters. While this love is like no other, you might not be able to spend as much time with your sibs as you like.

To show your love when you’re apart, check out our selection of plants for Valentine’s Day. By sending your bro or sis a lil’ green pal, they’ll have a long-lasting reminder that you care for them.

If you and your sibling have moved away from your hometown, send them a reminder of home with a themed candle (opens in new window). With scents inspired by countries, states, and cities, your sib can have a bit of home no matter where they are.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Long-Distance Relationships

No matter if you’re a state or ocean away, a thoughtful gift box will help you feel a bit closer to your Valentine.

The Partner Who Could Use Some Relaxation

If your special someone has been feeling the stress of life and being apart, send them the ultimate relaxation package. Start with a modern spin on the classic duo of flowers and chocolate. Gorgeous irises and tulips will bring a smile to their face while decadent bonbons will let your sweetie know you care.

Next, give them a relaxing activity and a reminder of the good times together with a custom coloring book (opens in new window). We know that coloring soothes the soul, especially when you’re coloring the things you love.

The Loved One Who Misses Time Together

Nothing replaces sipping weekend coffee with your partner, but cute mugs make solo mornings a little better. Custom map mugs (opens in new window) are perfect for reminding your Valentine you’re always thinking of them, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. Don’t forget to include a bag of their favorite coffee or a box of tea to make this gift even sweeter.

Green rectangular lamp.

We’ve covered mornings, now it’s time for nights. To bring a bit of magic to the dark times alone, you can’t do much better than a pair of synchronized lights (opens in new window). Touch your light and your partner’s light will illuminate to let you know you’re thinking of them. Another trick? Custom colors. That means you know blue means “I love you,” and green signals “I miss you.”

The One Who’s Looking to Mix Things Up

If your partner hints that they’re bored of Zoom calls and endless texts, there’s no better time to mix it up than on Valentine’s Day. While you might not be able to hop on a plane and surprise them, you can enjoy time together with a fun gift.

By sending her the perfect Valentine’s Day gift bundle, you’ll let your partner know you care and provide a way for the two of you to bond. A bouquet of stunning roses will let your Valentine know you’re crazy about them, even from miles apart. And they’ll fall in love with you even more after the two of you play We’re Not Really Strangers, a game meant to deepen your relationship. And don’t worry, it’s easy to play over video chat!

Send the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

With gifts for everyone on your list, it’s time to spread some love this Valentine’s Day. #lovefirst, flowers second, and kindness always.

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