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Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him & Her: A 2022 Guide

Stop! Put down that heart-shaped frying pan – your special person deserves a better Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you’ve just started going out with that cutie from down the street or you forget how long you and your partner have been together, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate your love.

Even if you fill your partner’s day with acts of kindness and sincere love notes, you may still want to get them a gift. But not just any gift, a great gift. And that’s why we’re here to help! We’ve gathered some of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her so you can find a gift they’ll love. We can also help you with retirement gifts and housewarming gifts.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

We get it, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for your guy isn’t always easy. Do you opt for something obviously romantic or get him something that’s on his wish list? The truth is you know him best. With that said, we understand you may still want some help. That’s why we’ve gathered some gift ideas that will make his Valentine’s Day a bit more special.

A Massage Gun

Massage gun with accessories

Whether he’s been hitting the gym or is stiff from sitting at a desk all day, your guy will appreciate a nice home massage. The problem is that your hands might not be strong enough to hit those deep knots. That’s where a massage gun comes in!

While you can use this device to help relieve some of his tension, he can also use it on himself. That means it’s a great gift whether you live together or only see each other a few times a month. Just be warned, you may find yourself asking for one of your own!

An Easy to Care for Houseplant

snake plant in a metallic pot

In case you haven’t heard, everyone loves houseplants. And, yes, that includes men. Whether your man is rocking the WFH life or making the commute to an office, his workspace could benefit from a living element or two.

Not only are houseplants soothing to look at, but they’ve also been shown to increase focus and productivity! That means they’ll help him stay on task when he’d rather be thinking about you.

If you’re thinking your guy doesn’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. Many houseplants are easy to care for and can survive a bit of neglect.

For total plant newbies, you can’t go wrong with a snake plant. These stunning serpents can handle a wide variety of light conditions, so they’ll fit right into a dim corner or bright desk. Just make sure he doesn’t love on this plant too much — overwatering is the fastest way to end up with an unhappy snake plant.

A Fast Phone Charger

Two fast phone charging stations

Imagine this scenario: you’re trying to contact your guy to ask him to pick up the take-out you ordered for the two of you. But all you’re getting is unread messages and a call that goes straight to voicemail. He gets home and apologizes, saying his phone was dead. Sound familiar?

If he’s always ending up with a dead phone, help him out with a wireless charger. Not only will he not have to worry about plugging in his device, but he’ll also benefit from speedy charging.

Instant Print Camera

Orange Instax instant camera

We all know the people who love to capture every moment. If your guy is like that, then let him have some fun with an instant print camera. Sure, he could snap some photos with his cell phone, but the nostalgia and instant gratification of a fresh print are hard to beat.

Pick your guy’s favorite color, then get ready to model! You know he’ll want to use his new toy to capture your special moments together. And if you want to go above and beyond, give him a way to display his new photos. A hardbound photo book or a string coupled with mini close pins are two options.

High-Quality Bluetooth Speaker

marshall bluetooth speaker

Whether your guy likes to listen to beats while working or can’t wait to dance the night away with you, he’ll love a nice Bluetooth speaker. While there are loads of speakers on the market, many of them provide subpar sound, which any music lover will frown upon.

This Marshall Emberton speaker is easy to travel with, yet it doesn’t sacrifice on sound quality. Not only will he be able to listen to tunes in the kitchen, but he can also carry it wherever he desires, whether that’s to your outdoor dates or his workouts in the park.

A Stylish Bouquet


bouquet in a vase with hydrangeas, spider pin cushion and pink roses

While some people think flowers are just for the ladies, don’t listen to them. Many men love a fresh flower arrangement, even if they won’t explicitly ask for one. A subdued bouquet will add a special touch to his space and remind him how much you love him.

One of our favorite Valentine’s Day bouquets for men is the Eve Bouq. The limited-edition flower arrangement is made up of subdued colors that will fit right with any color room and interior design style. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring! Light pink roses blend with hydrangeas, eucalyptus, and other fun textures.

If your guy likes something a bit brighter, you’ll have him under your spell with the Love Potion Bouq. The alluring combination of hot pink roses, blue sea holly, and dark red ranunculus will please any man who isn’t afraid of color.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Choosing gifts for the special lady in your life can come with a lot of pressure. While any gift will let her know you care, these ideas will keep your love blooming long after Valentine’s Day is over.

Farm-Fresh Roses

red and white roses bouquet

There are roses, and then there are roses. If you thought all roses were the same, it’s time to look at these flowers with a fresh perspective! If you’re going to give your lady roses on Valentine’s Day, you better opt for the cream of the crop.

Our Queen of Hearts Bouq contains farm-fresh red and white roses. Since these flowers will arrive in bud form, she’ll be able to watch as the flowers bloom. And since these roses were grown on sustainable farms, you can both feel good about this gift.

A Virtual Pasta Making Class

Man making handmade ravioli

Does she love food, learning something new, and spending quality time together? Then you can’t go wrong with a pasta-making class! Tune in from the comfort of your own home and learn how to make ravioli, fettuccine, or another Italian favorite.

Not only will she enjoy learning something new, but the two of you will also be able to sit down to a delicious meal once the class is over. And if you’re lucky, she’ll break out these newfound kitchen skills in the future.

A Cozy Weighted Blanket

Flower themed blanket

If you find your partner is always snuggling up onto you on the couch and gravitating to all things plush and cozy, we’ve got some great gift ideas. While nothing will replace being in your arms, the two of you can’t always cuddle (sad, we know).

An extra soft blanket will help during the moments when she wants to feel safe and secure but you’re off doing other things. Add in a plush pillow and some cozy slippers and you’ve elevated her relaxation. Just don’t think this blanket will replace the cuddling she loves so much.

Flowers and Jewelry with a Modern Twist

Multicolored bouquet in yellow, pink, peach, orange with a Kendra Scott neckalace

If your partner is the type of woman who dreams about a fairytale relationship, she’ll probably love a classic gift. However, to keep things a bit interesting, you can take a spin on the classic flowers and jewelry gift. How? Give her our Love Wins pairing!

Made By Mary has hand-cut a half-inch gold-filled disc and stamped it with a cute lil’ rainbow. While we all know everything isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, this necklace will remind her that good things are always around the corner — and that you’ll be by her side when they arrive.

This necklace is paired with one of our favorite bouquets: the Buttercream Bouq! With peach and yellow roses plus carnations, alstroemeria, and snapdragons, this bouquet will brighten up her winter day and remind her of your love. Just add on a vase and you’ve got a Valentine’s Gift that belongs in the movies.

Some Date Night Ideas

date night idea cards with cookies, candle, heart-shaped crafts

Okay, this might be a gift that benefits you and your partner, but there’s nothing wrong with that. If your partner is often wanting to spend time together, but you’re running out of ideas, she’ll love some help.

This date night ideas box contains 35 cards filled with date night ideas. However, each idea is covered by a scratch-off coating. That means when you pick a card, you’ll never know what awaits. The cards do come with some helpful clues such as length of time and whether the activity is indoors or outdoors.

A Dried Bouquet

Dried bouquet in pink, bronze, dark purple and wheat colors

While fresh flowers are beautiful, they don’t last forever (unless you preserve them, that is). If your partner is something that has a hard time letting go of things – even when it’s past time to do so – we’ve got a solution. Dried flowers!

Our Wildberry Bouq is made from an assortment of dried flowers and grasses. Even though these stems are dried, they’re still full of color! Pink oats and light purple craspedia mingle with baby’s breath and aster, creating a bouquet that’s bursting with texture.

If you’re unfamiliar with the dried cousins of fresh bouquets, let us tell you a little bit about them. They keep their color and texture for at least a year and don’t require any water. That means you can stick them in a dry vase, nestle them into a narrow basket, or even hang them on your wall.

An Orchid

purple orchid in neutral gray pot

If your gal loves houseplants and flowers, you don’t have to settle for one or the other. A tropical orchid plant will provide her with stunning blooms and keep her company for years to come. Since these plants rebloom each year, she’ll always have something to look forward to.

Although orchids have a bit of a reputation for being difficult to care for, this isn’t necessarily true. As long as your gal provides her plant with half the love she shows you, she’ll end up with a plant that lives long into the future.

Choose a Valentine’s Day Gift They’ll Love

By giving your significant other a thoughtful gift, you’re sure to bring a smile to their face and make Cupid proud. If you opt for flowers, remember to choose farm-fresh flowers that show love to farmers and the environment! With flowers this nice, love will keep blooming all year long.

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