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Best Retirement Gifts a Retiree Will Love

best retirement gifts and flowers

After years of clocking in, keeping track of deadlines, and wishing for more vacation days, the big moment has finally arrived! Yes, we’re talking about retirement! Whether your parent, friend, or co-worker is retiring, their departure from the workplace deserves to be celebrated. While sending flowers to someone’s office is a must, you may also want to give them an extra gift.

Whether you’re hosting a retirement celebration or pushing it back due to Covid, a thoughtful gift will help them enjoy their newfound free time. Don’t know what to give them? Well, that’s why you’re here! We’ve included gifts that help them pick up a new hobby, complete those trips they’ve put off, and simply relax. So pick out a winner to help them enter retirement in style.

For Partners

Whether your partner is joining you in retirement or has beat you to this big moment, their accomplishment is something to celebrate! Choose one of the gifts below to help them make the most of their increase in free time.

Wheeled Duffel Bag

Whether or not you’re still working, you probably know all about your partner’s dreams for retirement. To help them get ready for all the trips they have planned, give them a duffel bag complete with wheels. They’ll be able to sling it over their shoulder when walking from the house to the car and pull it when it’s time for a longer walk.


Since your partner will no longer be glued to their workspace, they’ll be able to spend more time at the beach, park, and wherever else they desire! A new pair of sunglasses will help keep their eyes safe and stylish. Since you know their tastes best, choose a pair that matches their personality.

Online Cooking Class

With newfound free time in the evenings, your partner will have more opportunities to explore their culinary interests. Rather than pick up some takeout on the way home from work, they’ll be able to spend time in the kitchen, creating delicious meals. If they’re interested in honing their skills or learning how to make a new dish, give them an online cooking class. You’ll be able to choose from classes such as dumpling shaping, classic French desserts, and freezer-friendly soups.

Sunny Bouquet

As with all big celebrations, flower arrangements make great gifts. To celebrate your loved one’s accomplishments and signify all the good days ahead, give them a sunflower bouquet filled with sunflowers, roses, and spider mums. And if this bouquet isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you can always explore other styles of retirement flowers.

New Pair of Sheets

Alarm clock? What alarm clock? With nowhere to be in the morning, don’t be surprised if your partner is spending a bit more time in bed. New cotton sheets will help them feel cozy and cool, thanks to the breathable percale weave.

Pickleball Set

Help your partner appease their competitive side and improve their health with a pickleball set. A bit of a mashup of tennis and ping-pong, this court sport is fun no matter your experience or skill level.

Garden Center Gift Card

If your partner has been telling you how they can’t wait to spend their retirement improving the garden, give them a gift card to a local nursery or garden center. This way they can design a garden of their dreams and pick out plants when the time is right.

Cordless Drill

While lots of people wish they could re-tile the bathroom and fix the porch steps, it’s hard to find the time to do so. Therefore, it’s no surprise some people aim to tackle those home renovation projects when retirement arrives. A cordless drill set will help their inner handyman shine.

For Co-Workers

When one of your co-workers retires, you’re probably a bit sad they won’t be lighting up the workplace with their exuberance for puns and knack for problem solving. Rather than mourn their leaving, help the new retiree celebrate their big day with one of the following gifts.

Wine Slushie Mix

If your coworker has been counting down the days until they can relax with a frozen drink at 2 PM, give them a head start. This wine slushy mix will let them transform a bottle of wine into a frozen drink that feels like a vacation. With flavors including pomegranate, peach mango, and lemon burst, you can choose their favorite.


Since they’ll no longer have to deal with all those pesky workplace problems, your co-worker will need an outlet for their caring nature. Cue plant gifts! While there are all kinds of houseplants out there, you can’t go wrong with a stunning orchid. These flowering plants add a touch of tropical beauty to any space, but they also require a bit of care.

Packing Cubes

Even if you don’t know your co-worker’s retirement plans, chances are high they’ll be spending some time away from home. Packing cubes will allow them to organize their suitcase which will help make traveling a breeze.

Cheese Board

If your co-worker was the one that always planning a party for events like First Tuesday of the Month and National Hot Chocolate Day, they’re probably going to keep entertaining. An exquisite marble and wood cheese board will help them serve their guests in style.

For Parents

After years of putting in the work to provide for their family – yes, that includes you – your parents deserve a retirement gift that celebrates all their sacrifice and hard work.

Smokeless Fire Pit

In case you need a reminder, retirement is a time to relax! This fire pit will help your mom or dad enjoy a cozy glow without having to deal with any of that annoying smoke. Just imagine; they wake up, pour a mug of coffee, and then head out to read the newspaper by the warm blaze. Or after a day exploring their new hobbies, they invite some friends over cozy drinks around the fire. What’s better than that?

Paint by Numbers Kit

When they’re spending hours working and caring for their kids, parents often let their creative passions slip. Help them rediscover their inner artist with a paint-by-numbers kit. While painting inside the lines may sound simple, they’ll realize they still have the ability to create a masterpiece!

Flower Subscription

While the first-month post-retirement is full of excitement and awe, the next few months are spent developing new routines and settling into this new life. To keep your mom or dad’s life feeling like a party, give them a flower subscription box! They’ll regularly receive a new bouquet to liven up their home and remind them that you’re thinking of them.

Double-Sided Jigsaw Puzzle

Sure, 500 piece puzzles provided a nice relaxing escape after a day at work. But things have changed! Double-sided jigsaw puzzles amp up the difficulty level and take a bit more time. Plus, they’re two puzzles in one! A note of advice: this gift is best for those who actually enjoy puzzles.

A Trip Book

Even if they might not feel safe traveling right now, your parents probably want to leave their home at some point. If they need some help figuring out their ideal destinations, this book is a winner. It covers 100 drives in the US and Canada as well as 5,000 ideas of things to do along the way.

Masterclass Subscription

Just because a job is over, it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop learning! If your parent prides themselves on being a lifelong learner, they’ll love a subscription to Masterclass. With the ability to choose from classes in categories including music, wellness, and government, they’ll never become bored.

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

While a day at the spa is nice, you never know what turn Covid will take next. Help them get that spa-fresh feeling at home with the help of a jade roller and gua sha set. Not only will it provide a relaxing feel, but it may also help with those dreaded dark circles and wrinkles.

For Friends

When one of your friends retires, help them start the party off on the right foot with a note-worthy gift.

A Bottle of Champagne

When your friend clocks out for the last time, they need to pop some bubbly! While any bubbles will work for a quick moment of revelry, give them a bottle of the good stuff for them to enjoy later.

Embroidery Kit

Since your pal’s hands are no longer glued to the keyboard or wrapped up in paperwork, they’ll have time to explore new hobbies. An embroidery kit will keep their fingers busy and allow them to create some detailed works of art.

Maps to Help Them Explore

While smartphones and Google Maps have eliminated the need for a GPS, nothing replaces a good paper map. If your pal has been talking about hiking and exploring more in their retirement, look for maps of local National Parks, Wilderness Areas, and other places that are worth checking out.


Just because your friend is retired, it doesn’t mean they’ll be any less busy. With coffee dates, volunteer projects, and weekly trips to keep track of, retirement is bound to be full of fun! Help them keep their schedule organized with a colorful weekly planner.

Resistance Bands

While retirement is often synonymous with relaxation, you might have some insider info that your friend wants to stay active. Resistance bands are portable and take up little space, which makes them a great gift. Plus, they’ll help your friend keep up with their strength and flexibility well into retirement.


Even if your friend tells you they’re going to spend every moment of retirement exploring new hobbies and hitting the road, let’s be real. You know them well enough to realize they’ll be spending a fair share of time lounging around the house. These simple slippers will keep their feet cozy and warm when they’re watching TV or diving into a good book.

For Employees

When an employee retires, you’re not just wishing them well, you’re also thanking them for all their years of hard work! The following gifts help celebrate their achievements and welcome them into this new phase of life.

Book Subscription

If you know your former employer is a voracious reader, help them fill their free time with new books. A book subscription allows them to select from multiple top reads each month, so they’ll never be without a new page-turner. And if they find they’re not reading as much as they thought they would, they can always skip a month.


Whether they’re on the road or enjoying some cozy time at home, anyone will enjoy a fast-paced game of Bananagrams. This portable game is a bit like a faster-paced version of scrabble and can be played with anywhere from one to eight players.

A Nice Candle

Once retirement arrives, your former employee will mornings staring at spreadsheets for leisurely staring at magazines. Help them enjoy their free time at home with a fragrant soy candle.

Retirement Gifts They’ll Love

By planning ahead, you’ll have the perfect gift ready when retirement arrives! While we’ve given you a list of options, don’t forget to take note of the retiree’s preferences and personality when you choose a gift.

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