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DIY Holiday & Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

This holiday season, we’re filling up your stockings with DIY to spark your creativity as you get your home holiday-ready. Besides being totally gorgeous, every wreath we sell is handcrafted and sourced from eco-friendly farms. Check out our collection of holiday wreaths then learn how to incorporate them into your seasonal décor, no matter your style.

Here at The Bouqs Co., we do our fair share of DIY crafting because, well… it’s just plain old fun! Today, we’re going to give you the lowdown on one of our favorite flower-related home creations: dried flower wreaths. The best thing about making DIY holiday wreaths? It’s super simple, quick, and requires very few materials.

So if Christmas, Thanksgiving, or some other holiday is fast approaching, why not get your craft game on and add some earthy vibes to your home by creating a dried flower wreath? We promise you it’ll be a blast! And it will only take around 15 minutes to finish if you follow our super straightforward guide!

With that said, here’s how to make a dried flower wreath that’ll blow your guests away and add a whole bunch of charm to your living space!

Materials You’ll Need

  • Dried flowers: Try buying dried flowers in colors that, one, give off the tone and feel you’re going for, and two, complement each of the other colors perfectly.
  • Wreath form: Purchase a wreath form online or from your local arts and crafts store. It’s best to buy a solid one rather than a wired alternative—you’ll be gluing the dried flowers onto the frame, and thin, spindly wires can make that a tough ordeal. (Or you can go the extra DIY mile and craft your own wreath form from the comfort of your home!)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Ribbon (if hanging your wreath)

How to Make a Dried Flower Wreath

Step One: Prepare Your Dried Flowers

So you’ve got a few bundles of dried flowers in unique, eye-catching color combinations (here are some useful tips on picking the perfect color palette). Now it’s time to get to work.
First, you’ll want to remove all the flower heads from their stems using sharp scissors. Just handle carefully, as dried flowers can crumble very easily.

Removing the entire stem isn’t always necessary, but the less stem that remains, the less likely the flower is to cause problems or get in the way of your other glued-on flower heads.

Step Two: Glue Your Dried Flowers to the Wreath Form

After you’ve finished prepping your flowers and have a solid design plan in mind, you should begin gluing your dried flowers to your wreath form. Continue gluing the flowers until the entire wreath form is covered.
As for the design, it’s totally up to you. You could go for more of a patterned look by gluing your bundles together in colored formations, or you could choose to do a more natural mix-and-match arrangement. Whatever you decide, just go for it! We’re sure it will look great in the end.

Step Three: Add Embellishments or Accessories

This part is optional, but it can add some much-needed functionality or flair to your project.
Once again, the decision of what to include is up to you. If you’re putting your wreath on a door, you’ll definitely want to add a hanging ribbon. Feel free to also use bows, ornaments, bells, or other holiday accessories – whatever floats your boat. It’s your dried flower wreath, after all!

Step Four: Care for Your Dried Flower Wreath

After placing the wreath in your desired location, you’ll want to know exactly how to give your new DIY creation the right care so it lasts as long as possible. Indoor wreaths that are protected from direct sunlight should last you two to three years, while outdoor wreaths have significantly shorter lifespans.

If you want to clean the dust and other gunk that builds up on your homemade wreath, it’s best to blow it all off using a cool hairdryer. In the offseason, make sure to store your DIY holiday wreath in a paper bag or garbage bag in a cool, dark place.

Tips for Decorating with Wreaths

For elegant floral holiday decorating ideas we’ve short-listed some of our most popular tips for incorporating wreaths into your holiday decor. Create a cozy inside atmosphere that still reflects the “seasonal enthusiasm” of your neighbor’s outdoor lighting. You’ll find holiday wreaths enliven any holiday home decor and add colorful warmth to your holiday celebration.

After you’ve hung lights from every available surface (as we do) and perfectly positioned your plastic Santa Claus, it’s time to give your interior some seasonal sprucing up. Curating a festive look you can confidently welcome guests into can take some serious online research (so many hours on Pinterest).

Tip #1: Window Shopping

Not only does this tip give you a seasonal sight you and your guests can enjoy, but people driving or walking will be saying “Holiday-um!” at this joyful idea.
To float your Bouqs wreath in your window, all you’ll need are a few props:

  • Your favorite wreath
  • A tension rod
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • A step ladder (for tall windows)

Step 1: Be sure to by the proper size tension rod for your window’s width. Install the tension rod at the top of the window. Bonus tip: Wrap the rod in one of our holiday garlands to hide the rod and add a little more life to the display.

Step 2: Wrap fishing line around the center of the rod and attach it to the top of your wreath. Once you settle on a hang height for your wreath, cut the extra line and discard.

Step 3: Use ribbon, strips of burlap, or your favorite material to cover the fishing line, or don’t cover it at all for a “floating” look.

Tip #2: Deck the Walls

If you love mixing and matching or simply can’t have enough green in your home, then this is the tip for you. Go full-on lush and create your very own “wreath wall.”

After choosing your wreaths (we get it, we can’t pick a favorite either!) hang them to create a farm-fresh gallery wall! Pro tip: Nail down your layout by cutting butcher paper and hanging it where each wreath will go.

Tip #3: Try a New Spot

The best part of DIY-ing is getting to experiment and do something new. Play with tradition by displaying a holiday wreath somewhere unexpected. You can spread the cheer throughout your home and add a touch of style to areas like the bathroom that tend to get neglected this time of year.

Fresh Flowers, Dried Wreaths, and More for the Holiday Season

See! Creating dried flower wreaths isn’t a complicated process. Just buy a few materials and take 15-30 minutes out of your day—it’s that simple! We hope you’ll enjoy making dried flower wreaths as much as we do! If you want to complement your wreath with the right winter flower arrangements, check out our tips for gorgeous holiday flowers. You can also look for our recommendations for plants for the winter and then order a mini Christmas tree or a festive flower arrangement for New Year’s Eve.

Pro-tip for the road: If you intend to display your fresh holiday wreath inside your home, use dried herbs such as sage, rosemary, tarragon, or bay leaves along with your dried flowers to give it a delicious scent and a bit more rustic charm.

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