Best Winter Plants for a Holiday-Themed Garden

Plants That Grow During Winter

It’s that time of year where the months are getting colder, fleece blankets are being brought out from the highest shelf in the closet, and every chimney in the neighborhood is puffing away. Winter is an exciting time for all of us because of all the festivities that occur. Our homes are prepped for all the holiday cheer, but for those with outdoor gardens, you might notice that some of your greens can look pretty drab for the season.

Let’s face it – it’s hard to maintain your garden’s green shine during the winter. Temperatures can drop pretty low, and the sun doesn’t greet us as frequently as it used to.

So what’s the trick to keeping your garden healthy and flourishing for the cold season? Simply plant your favorite winter plants and surprise your neighbors with all the lively foliage coming from your outdoor space. These are just a few of our favorites to spruce up your home even in the winter:


Winter Heath

Also called “December Red,” the winter heath is a shrub that displays some of the vibrant urn-shaped blooms you’ll find during the season. The flowers on the foliage begin their life cycle as the color pink before gradually transitioning into a deep purple – gorgeous, we know!

And the best part? These shrubs require very little care. Just give them enough sun and house them in well-drained soil, and your winter heath will be adding that much-needed pop of color to your garden in no time!

Japanese Skimmia

This good-looking shrub actually comes from Japan and China, which is probably why you’ve seen nothing like it before! During the winter season, the Japanese Skimmia produces berry-like flowers if both a male and female plant are present. These berries are usually a vibrant red shade, just like the infamous Christmas holly berries!

Caring for the Japanese Skimmia isn’t too difficult either. As long as you keep this plant under a good amount of shade and leave it quenched with a moderate amount of water, you’ll have this colorful shrub accompanying you all season long!

Witch Hazel

The name “Witch Hazel” might strike you as something familiar, and that’s because you’ve probably used a product with witch hazel extracts! Perfumes, facial cleansers, teas – the witch hazel has proven to be versatile in many ways, including giving our gardens that much-needed pop of color in the winter. In fact, the witch hazel requires a winter chill to attain their unique blooms. These plants produce vivid, fragrant flowers that grow like small, spidery flames during the cold months.

Witch hazels thrive best in full sun and regular watering, so be mindful about your climate before you prepare your garden!

Camellia Japonica

Why choose between roses and peonies, when you can have the best of both worlds? The camellia japonica is a beautiful flowering shrub that produces wonderful blooms with qualities of both roses and peonies! Camellias are so beautiful that Alabama has deemed it their official state flower, but they’re also quite hardy. In fact, they can even withstand temperatures as low as -15 degrees Fahrenheit to assure a flourishing garden even in the peak of winter!

To keep your camellia japonica bright and lively during the colder seasons, grow them in lightly shaded areas and water them regularly.

Box Leaf Azara

If you love the scent of vanilla and chocolate, then you’ll love this wonderfully fragrant tree in your garden! The box leaf azara produces rounded leaves and some delicious-smelling, yellow flowers in the shape of pom-poms – talk about some holiday cheer! But the best part is: they’re not just this festive in the winter. During summer, you’ll find that your box leaf grows orange or crimson berries amongst the foliage.

You know the drill: give your box leaf plant plenty of water and house them in rapid-draining soils to ensure a happy addition to your winter garden.

But of course, winter isn’t the only time you can appreciate any flowering beauty. Check out all the plants and flowers we have to offer all-year-round! Whether you’re looking for the perfect centerpiece for you next seasonal dinner party or you just want to keep your home looking fresh every season, The Bouqs has you covered with the best farm-fresh addition to any space!

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