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Gorgeous Winter Flowers That Keep Blooming in the Cold

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There’s something magical about the holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate. Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, or Festivus, when winter hits it’s time to grab a comfy sweater, a cup of cocoa, and check out some twinkly lights. We get to spend time with loved ones eating good food and giving gifts. If you’re looking for something to start off this season right, try doing it with these festive and gorgeous winter flowers!

Flowers for the Holiday Season

Many people—even a lot of die-hard flower enthusiasts out there—falsely assume that having a colorful garden during the winter months is an impossible task. But we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! In fact, there are loads of beautiful winter flowers that are in bloom and in style during the chilliest months of the year. And this is especially true if you live in an area with mild winters like the coasts or the South (sorry North Dakotans, you might experience a bit of trouble with your flower beds!)

Winter Flower Facts

Let’s get scientific for a minute. Flowers produce solutes that can actually lower the freezing point in their cells. Some do it better than others, and this only works up until a certain point—around 20-degrees on average. If the temperature plunges any further, then the water flowing through your flower’s cells will most likely freeze and lead to imminent death.

But don’t worry too much, there are a few ways to help your flowers fight the cold. For example, you can cover your blooms at night with a tarp or you could sprinkle water on the soil around its base. Hey, why not do both!?

Gorgeous Winter Flowers

Poinsettias are a fan favorite holiday flower, but there are many more festive winter flower options. While Santa Claus checks over his naughty or nice list, you should check out this list of festive winter flowers and get the season started!

Winter Pansies

Winter pansies are one of the best winter flowers, they’re so good they have the word ‘winter’ in their name. Don’t let their slight stature fool you, because they can brave the cold as few other winter flowers can! These blooms can sometimes even last through a few sporadic hours of single-digit temperatures, however, their ideal temperature is somewhere between forty to sixty degrees, so keep that in mind when you’re picking out winter flowers.

If you happen to live in a place that only suffers from mild winters like the west coast, your pansies will easily make it through the winter—and will add a nice touch of color to your home or garden to boot!

Witch Hazel

You have probably seen witch hazel used as an ingredient in a few different things from skincare products to herbal teas. That’s because this winter bloom has anti-inflammatory properties. Witch hazel is a popular choice amongst flowers that bloom in the winter for many reasons, one big one being you don’t have to worry about pests. They stay pretty pest and insect-free naturally. Witch hazels yellow ribbon petals will bloom from early January to March and eventually turn orange in the fall.


Snapdragons come in such pretty pinks and colorful yellow, they look like they belong in spring. However, these flowers love the cold weather so they are a great option for winter flowers to add to your garden. If you are sure to trim the dead flowers off the plants regularly (a process also known as deadheading), these plants will have really long bloom periods. They can bloom from fall all the way into the cooler spring months.

Lenten Roses or Hellebores

This winter flower’s nickname is the Christmas rose, and doesn’t that just scream winter? The hellebore blooms come in varying colors from light pink to merlot purple, from dark red to almost black colors! If you live in a climate with a warmer winter, you can expect these flowers to bloom in January. However, if you live in colder climates you can expect to wait until sometime in February or March. If you see some dead leaves on this plant before they have bloomed- don’t worry. They can stay on the plant until the flowers bloom. They act as a sort of sweater during the cold temperatures!


If you need to add some bright, sunshiny color to your garden in the winter, the Calendula is your flower. When the cold weather rolls around each year, we have to say goodbye to those gorgeous and cheerful daisies populating our gardens. But… If you’re one of those people that spend the flower offseason longing for your delightful daisy bouquets, then luckily calendulas are here to make you feel a bit better. Their daisy-like appearance and rich colors are nothing short of charming.

This vibrant flower likes the sunshine in the cold winter. Be advised- if you live in a climate that gets a particularly hot summer, plant it somewhere where it also will get a bit of shade. They don’t fare well in the heat of the summer sun all day. If you dry these flowers, they can be used to make a cream, salve, or tincture for its anti-inflammatory properties.

English Daisies

These pretty white and yellow flowers scream spring, but they are a good option for flowers that bloom in the winter too! English daisies like mild temperatures and will likely bloom less in the heat of the summertime. The hardest thing when it comes to caring for English daisies is removing them if they grow to parts of your garden you did not want them. Unless you remove the daisies from the root, they’re likely to return. Other than that, these flowers are low maintenance and just need watering and the occasional deadheading.

Snowdrop Flower Bulbs

If you are looking for the best winter flowers for even the coldest of winters, you are looking for snowdrops. These flowers are so winter-friendly, they have the word snow in the name. Since these flowers like cold winters, they aren’t well suited for places like Southern California where the winter only gets down to a really chilly 60 degrees. They prefer to be planted in the shade because though they lay dormant in the winter, they are still there.

Winter Jasmine

This type of jasmine is one of the few winter flowers out there that not only bloom in cooler months but actually thrive in less than ideal temperatures… I mean, “winter” is right there in the name after all. And trust us, their bright yellow blossoms peeking out from a snow-covered landscape is a sight not to be missed. Plant some and see for yourself!

Holiday Flower and Plants

Your garden or home doesn’t have to be lifeless during the winter months. Here are some perfect flowers, plants, and trees for the holidays you can add to your home.


Do you want to add a little sparkle to your holiday season? Then you need some amaryllis flowers in your life! The word Amaryllis is Greek and literally means “to sparkle,” and boy do these flowers do just that! This bell-shaped flower grows as the holiday season continues, but you don’t have to say goodbye forever when the flowers lose their blooms. With some prep work during their off-season, they can produce more flowers for many holiday seasons to come.


It’s not the holiday season until you have hung the holly! While holly probably evokes images of Christmastime, it’s been a popular choice for festive winter flowers for longer than that! People hang garlands of holiday to celebrate the festival of Saturnalia. Saturnalia celebrates the god of agriculture, creation, time, and the transition from winter to spring. A warning about holly: it is a poisonous flower so be sure to keep it out of reach for any curious little kids and pets.


In nature, mistletoe is considered to be a parasite since it only grows out of other trees. So how did it become a holiday tradition to hang the mistletoe up for smooching under? We don’t have an exact answer but it’s likely to be a combination of two things. Mistletoe and holly look very similar, with red or white berries and green leaves and mistletoe has long been seen as a symbol willing partner who is ready to smooch and kiss to a very abundant year to come.

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