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All About Poinsettias: December’s Birth Flower

December Birth Flower

When you think of December, what comes to your mind? Maybe it’s rows of houses decorated with twinkly lights, picking out the perfect Christmas tree, getting cozy under a warm blanket with a piping hot cup of cocoa, or spending quality time with loved ones. But do you know what the month of December would not be complete without? December’s birth flower!

What is December’s birth flower? Well, it’s probably a flower that you already associate with that time of year. The December birth flower is the Poinsettia. The Poinsettia is known for their brilliant red and green star-shaped foliage. The scientific name for the Poinsettia is the Euphorbia pulcherrima, which translates to mean “very beautiful.” Do you have any friends born in December who deserve a “very beautiful” birthday flower delivery? The Poinsettia might be the flower for them.


History of the Poinsettia

People have been fawning over the December birth flower for centuries. The Aztecs used the sap from the red leaves to make red dye and even to help control fevers. The flower was so popular that emperors would have the flower caravanned into the capital where they were not native.

The flowers were native to Mexico, but they eventually made their way to the United States and beyond thanks to botanist Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, the namesake of the December birth flower. When on a trip as an ambassador to the United States in Mexico he spotted a shrub on the side of the road that caught his eye. This was no ordinary shrub, though. Its leaves grew in a beautiful scarlet. He brought them home to grow them and gave them to his friends as gifts, and the rest is well…history!

The Poinsettia and its Ties to Christmas

When you think about the poinsettia, you probably think about Christmastime. Where did this holiday tradition start? Well, the legend goes that a young girl in Mexico was on her way to church to celebrate Christmas Eve and the baby Jesus. She was sad that she was too poor to bring a gift to baby Jesus when she saw some weeds on the side of the road. She figured that Jesus would be happy with any gift, large or small, so she scooped them up.

She placed what she thought were weeds down at the church and the weeds sprouted into beautiful red star-shaped flowers. Whether you’re religious or not, the heartwarming story is a good reminder that during the holidays, even a seemingly simple gift can be the most beautiful.

Poinsettia Care

Did you know that Poinsettias in nature can grow up to 12 feet tall? With the proper tender loving care, the Poinsettia doesn’t just have to be a Christmastime flower, meaning you can send a birthday flower delivery that will make your friends happy for longer than the month of December.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your Poinsettia happy during the holidays and beyond:

  • Remember, the Poinsettia is natural to a tropical climate. Make sure your Poinsettia gets a good amount of sunlight and stays between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.
  • Keep your Poinsettia hydrated and humid. Give the plant a good watering, but don’t drown it. Make sure it gets drainage by placing gravel at the bottom of the pot. If you live in a dry climate, a humidifier or a spray bottle will help give your Poinsettia the water it needs to stay happy and healthy.
  • Is your Poinsettia losing leaves? The leaf killing culprit could be a few things. Make sure it’s not by a cold or drafty window, make sure the room isn’t too hot, and be sure it isn’t thirsty.

Famous Birthdays in December

Do you have any friends who were born in December who need a birthday flower delivery? Here are a few celebrities who share their birth month, too!

  • Zoe Kravitz, December 1
  • Sarah Silverman, December 1
  • Britney Spears, December 2
  • Jake Gyllenhaal, December 19
  • Nicki Minaj, December 8
  • Taylor Swift, December 13
  • Kristen Ritter, Decemebr 16
  • Brad Pitt, December 18

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December is a special birth month shared by many talented and brilliant people just like yourself. Who else do you know that shares your birth month? Why not show them they are loved and adored with a surprise birthday flower delivery? Visit us over at The Bouqs Co to find that special gift. There is no need to stand in a line at a shop when you have the convenience of online birthday flower delivery at your fingertips.

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