The Best Floral Centerpieces for Every Season

Seasonal Flower Centerpieces

As you’re mapping out plans for the year, you realize that there’s some room in your calendar for you to host a few dinner parties and patio barbecues here and there. Those are always exciting, especially when you want to kick off the start of every season with something festive.

But of course, no gathering – indoors or outdoors – is complete without some beautiful floral centerpieces to accompany all the seasonal cheer! Not only are flowers the perfect way to dress up your space for any get-together, they show that you put a lot of care into making sure your dining table is prepped for seasonal theme.

Spring, summer, fall, winter – regardless of the season, we want you to have a blast when you host this event which is why we chose blooms appropriate for all kinds of flower centerpieces!



Spray roses are the perfect, dainty flowers for spring. Don’t be fooled by their size – their multiple blooms per stem make up for their smaller qualities. Spray roses also come in a variety of colors that complement the spring season. Their foliage also creates an appealing backdrop for other petals to shine!

Hydrangeas are the much-needed bunches we need for spring because they pair well with other flower types without overpowering them; they come in assortments of blue, purple or pink – perfect for the season!

Tulips are those bulbous blooms that can command attention on their own, without the help of any other flower. Pop them in a vase and let them speak for themselves!


Marigolds can easily replicate any summer sunset because they commonly come in the colors yellow and orange. They’re full-looking flowers that can add some flare to any seasonal centerpiece, and we’re all for it!

Sunflowers are basically the summer staple. In fact, they’re so vibrant and grand that just couple of them bunched together can be the perfect summer centerpiece. Any guest at your patio barbecue can feel some cheery wishes coming their way just by having these sunny blooms on display.

Peonies just love to soak in the summer sun! They live out a long, elegant lifespan so you may even have them blooming all summer long. Their colors vary from white, pink, red, coral, maroon, and even the sunniest yellow!


Ranunculus pack a lot of punch with their many, many layers. They come in a lot of colors that complement the fall season like different shades of oranges and reds. Plus, they’re great alternatives to roses which is a “yes” in our books!

Calla lilies are the classy, elegant blooms you need on any dining table. They maintain the overall balance of any dressed-up gathering while still giving off those sophisticated vibes. If you’re hosting something a bit more formal – like with family members – then callas make the perfect fall centerpieces.

Alstroemeria have lovely, droopy petals that add more dimension to any Bouq. They can come in a wide variety of deep, rich shades which will complement any floral arrangement you want to display!


Garden roses offer a softer touch than generic roses because of their layered petals and rounded blooms, so they won’t distract from all the festivities happening during the season! Like many roses, they come in a variety of colors, but if you want to stick to the winter theme, we recommend white or bright red garden roses for the holidays.

White Asiatic lilies are also the perfect winter centerpiece because they bring an element of freshness and they’re symbolic of certain holiday histories. On their own, they’re a showstopper, but you can pair them with red blooms to get into the holiday spirit!


No matter what season we’re a part of, The Bouqs is here with you every step of the way to make sure you can participate in some seasonal love. We don’t just offer beautiful blooms year-round, but we have arrangements fit for any time of the year.

Don’t miss out on any of our seasonal collections and the chance to wow your dinner guests!

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