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The Best Flower Centerpieces for Every Season

red, yellow, orange flower centerpiece with a candle and candy apples

Whether you’re throwing a huge bash or hosting an intimate gathering, flower centerpieces really perk up party decor. Flowers add a certain brightness that can’t be replicated in other decorative touches. Even better, they work well in every type of gathering. In fact, with some clever additions, you can work the same arrangement into the decor of a variety of different celebrations.

But of course, no gathering – indoors or outdoors – is complete without some beautiful floral centerpieces to accompany all the seasonal cheer! Not only are flowers the perfect way to dress up your space for any get-together, but they also show that you put a lot of care into making sure your dining table is prepped for a seasonal theme.

So, if you’ve ever wished you had the magic touch when it comes to flower arranging, you’re in luck. You don’t have to be a florist to create impressive flower centerpieces that perfectly suit the occasion; you just have to know the tricks. Here are some ways you can take a pre-curated Bouq and turn it into spectacularly fitting flower centerpieces for every occasion.

Spring, summer, fall, winter – regardless of the season, we want you to have a blast when you host this event which is why we chose blooms appropriate for all kinds of flower centerpieces!

Fall Centerpieces

Ranunculus pack a lot of punch with their many, many layers. They come in a lot of colors that complement the fall season like different shades of oranges and reds. Plus, they’re great alternatives to roses which are a “yes” in our books!

Calla lilies are the classy, elegant blooms you need on any dining table. They maintain the overall balance of any dressed-up gathering while still giving off those sophisticated vibes. If you’re hosting something a bit more formal – like with family members – then Callas make the perfect fall centerpieces.

Alstroemeria have lovely, droopy petals that add more dimension to any Bouq. They can come in a wide variety of deep, rich shades which will complement any floral arrangement you want to display!

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

For Thanksgiving, you’ll probably want to start out with a bundle of flowers that is in a variety of rustic hues. Think oranges, deep purples, warm yellows, cream, and rust tones. Beyond using a fall color scheme, here are other ways to add some Thanksgiving flair to your flower centerpieces:

  • You might want to incorporate some ornamental corn, miniature pumpkins, snippets of wheat, apples, or colorful fall leaves into your centerpiece.
  • To really up the ante, you may consider arranging everything in a hollowed-out pumpkin.
  • For more ideas, just read our blog post on DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces or some more ideas on Thanksgiving flower arrangements.


The cornucopia is definitely the most iconic of all the fall centerpieces. When you think of Thanksgiving, images of a family sitting around a table full of food and cornucopias probably come to mind already. The word cornucopia means horn of plenty, so if you use this as your DIY centerpiece, your Thanksgiving guests will know that they are about to have a plentiful feast!

  1. Wrap the wicker cornucopia frame with the burlap. Trim any extra burlap with your scissors, but make sure to leave enough to fold the burlap under the edges of the cornucopia.
  2. Hot glue the burlap to the cornucopia frame. Make sure to glue the burlap in several areas and press firmly so the burlap sticks. Fold the burlap edges under and glue them to the frame. This way you will create a clean hem.
  3. Pull together a 3/4 inch thick hank of raffia. Using string, tie a knot around one end of the hank and clip it to the table. Wind the string around the raffia at 2-inch intervals to make a yard-long rope.
  4. When you reach the other end of the raffia, tie a knot. You have one raffia rope! Repeat these two steps, you’ll need two raffia ropes. Once you have two raffia tops, use a short live jute string to tie them together to create one double-length rope.
  5. Make enough ropes to cover the wicker cornucopia. Once you have enough, tie the end of one of the raffia ropes to the top of the cornucopia with string. Wrap the raffia around the cornucopia and apply hot glue as you go. Once you have covered the cornucopia, tie a piece of string to the last raffia top and wrap it around the frame. Fill your cornucopia with gourds, wheat, and long-lasting fruit, and voila!

DIY Fresh Fruit Centerpieces

With fresh fruits or vegetables, you can choose your centerpiece depending on the vibe you want to create at your party. Do you need fall centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table? Grab some gourds! Fresh fruit and vegetable centerpieces are a good choice because they can be picked out especially to match your party.

Supplies Needed

  • Assorted large fruits or vegetables
  • Variety of flowers
  • Floral Foam
  • Votive holder
  • Scissors
  • Knife


  1. Once you have selected your fruits and or vegetables, take a knife and cut the top off of the fruit or vegetable.
  2. Carve out a hole the size and depth of the votive holder. Bonus points: you now have a yummy snack!
  3. Carve a piece of floral foam and put it in the votive holder. Fill the votive holder with water.
  4. Trim the flowers and place them one by one into the floral foam.

Winter Centrepieces

Garden roses offer a softer touch than generic roses because of their layered petals and rounded blooms, so they won’t distract from all the festivities happening during the season! Like many roses, they come in a variety of colors, but if you want to stick to the winter theme, we recommend white or bright red garden roses for the holidays.

White Asiatic lilies are also the perfect winter centerpiece because they bring an element of freshness and they’re symbolic of certain holiday histories. On their own, they’re a showstopper, but you can pair them with red blooms to get into the holiday spirit!

Centerpieces for Christmas and the Holiday Season

To create a festive holiday arrangement that will work for your party, start with a bouquet in colors that scream Christmas to you. For some, that may be the traditional red and green. Others may feel that icy white and blue truly represent the holiday season. Once you have your flowers, it’s time for the add-ins. Again here, you have to think of what represents Christmas to you. Here are some ideas:

  • Cinnamon sticks, cranberries, and dried orange slices add an extra level of fragrance.
  • Ornaments and bits of holly or mistletoe tucked here and there tie in with other holiday decor.
  • Pine cones and branches create a frosty winter look.


Spray roses are the perfect, dainty flowers for spring. Don’t be fooled by their size – their multiple blooms per stem make up for their smaller qualities. Spray roses also come in a variety of colors that complement the spring season. Their foliage also creates an appealing backdrop for other petals to shine!

Hydrangeas are the much-needed bunches we need for spring because they pair well with other flower types without overpowering them; they come in assortments of blue, purple or pink – perfect for the season!

Tulips are those bulbous blooms that can command attention on their own, without the help of any other flower. Pop them in a vase and let them speak for themselves!

Tea Party

A tea party can be just for the sake of having a tea party, or it can be a wonderful theme for a wedding shower, baby shower, or birthday party. Tea party flower centerpieces are actually quite easy to create; here are some creative ideas for your tea party flowers:

  • Gather some pretty teacups. You can borrow them from friends and family if you don’t have enough or browse the local second-hand stores. Single blooms and small bundles can be arranged in each to create elegant centerpieces.
  • Alternately, borrow an interesting variety of teapots and arrange bundles of flowers in them.

Wedding Shower

For wedding shower arrangements, practically anything light, bright, and happy goes. It’s also good to keep in mind that wedding shower centerpieces don’t have to be elaborate. In fact, you can really stretch your floral budget here. Try spray painting empty bottles of varying shapes and sizes in some sort of gilded paint color. Then, simply add single blooms or small clusters to each.


People often think that they have to shell out a ton of cash for wedding flower centerpieces, but the truth is that you can save a bundle if you don’t mind doing a little repurposing. The bridesmaid bouquets can easily become wedding flower centerpieces at the reception. Have stunning vases, charming mason jars, or whatever else suits your style waiting at the reception space. After the ceremony, simply arrange the bouquets in the awaiting vessels.

Glow Jar Centerpieces

This DIY centerpiece captures a whole solar system in one jar! Maybe you have a party or a wedding that keeps bumping late into the night. You’ll need a DIY wedding centerpiece to help you and your guests light up the night with a good time. Glow jars are easy to make and will brighten up your table.

Supplies Needed

  • Mason jars
  • Two glow sticks per jar
  • Scissors
  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses


  1. Put on those rubber gloves and safety goggles! The chemicals inside a glow stick can be an irritant on your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. The safety glasses will be sure these chemicals steer clear of your eyes, as they will burn them. Safety first!
  2. Grab two glow sticks and a mason jar. Stick the ends of the glow sticks into the jar and cut the ends off with your scissors. Make sure everything falls into the jar, some glow sticks contain a glass vile that breaks when you activate the glow stick. If that’s the case, you’ll throw the glow stick contents away but it’s best to keep them in the jar and not on the ground.
  3. Shake all of the glowing liquids into the jar until the glow stick is completely empty.
  4. Get a trash can and dump everything from the jar into the trash can. Swirl the liquids around the jar so they glow all over! That’s it, these glowing DIY centerpieces are ready to light up your night. Tip: they will glow for about an hour in warm temperatures.


Marigolds can easily replicate any summer sunset because they commonly come in the colors yellow and orange. They’re full-looking flowers that can add some flair to any seasonal centerpiece, and we’re all for it!

Sunflowers are basically the summer staple. In fact, they’re so vibrant and grand that just a couple of them bunched together can be the perfect summer centerpiece. Any guest at your patio barbecue can feel some cheery wishes coming their way just by having these sunny blooms on display.

Peonies just love to soak in the summer sun! They live out a long, elegant lifespan so you may even have them blooming all summer long. Their colors vary from white, pink, red, coral, maroon, and even the sunniest yellow!

Baby Shower

When you’re creating a baby shower flower centerpiece, think fresh and new. Choose light, bright flowers, and keep the centerpieces as clean as possible. Here are some other ideas for your baby shower flower centerpieces:

  • Work fun items like a rubber duckie, small stuffed animal, or tiny baby shoes into your baby shower flower centerpiece.
  • You may even choose to arrange the blooms in glass baby bottles, old tea tins, or baby food jars.

Garden Party

Garden parties are casual and free, so your flower centerpieces can be just as easygoing. The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating for a garden party, but here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Mason jars wrapped in lace and ribbon make lovely containers for nonchalantly arranged buds.
  • Garden party vases don’t have to be fancy. In fact, paper bags create a sweet provincial look. Tuck a jar inside the bag, arrange your blooms, and cinch the top of the bag with a pretty ribbon.
  • Tin cans also make wonderful garden party vases, too. They can be painted, tied with twine, or drilled to create any number of looks for your flower centerpieces.

Vintage Tea Tin Centerpieces

These are an easy way to spice up your afternoon tea party or bridal shower. Vintage tea tins are found at thrift shops or online, and once you’ve found those, the DIY centerpieces are basically already ready to add character to any table. Just add flowers and voila!


  • Vintage tea tins
  • Fresh flowers
  • Scissors

Fill the tea tins with water. Trim your flowers and arrange them in the tea tins. It’s really that easy!

Seasonal Centerpieces for All Occasions

No matter what season we’re a part of, The Bouqs is here with you every step of the way to make sure you can participate in some seasonal love. We don’t just offer beautiful blooms year-round, but we have arrangements fit for any time of the year. We can also help you out with more DIY ideas such as learning how to dry flowers.

Don’t miss out on any of our seasonal bouquet collections and the chance to wow your dinner guests! Look into our holiday flower arrangements that work great when creating centerpieces for the holidays. Also, check out our holiday wreaths and mini Christmas trees.

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