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A Guide to a Friendsgiving Party Ideas

Friendsgiving Ideas

If you’ve never heard of Friendsgiving, you’ve been missing out! The autumn and winter seasons bring a sense of togetherness in the cool air that makes us want to spend more time with the people we care about. And of course, one of the main events of the season is Thanksgiving, where we get to overload on our favorite foods while catching up with family from near and far. Well, Friendsgiving is like Thanksgiving’s younger sister that wants to join the fun! Friendsgiving is dedicated to celebrating with the friends who have become your family.

So, start a group chat and pick a day that works for everyone whether it’s before Thanksgiving, after, or somewhere in between. Friendsgiving will become your new favorite holiday that you never knew you needed.

Just like Thanksgiving, everyone can choose to celebrate how they’d like. But if you’re feeling a bit stumped about what you should bring to Friendsgiving, here are some Friendsgiving ideas that are sure to please your crowd!


Friendsgiving Recipes

What would the holidays be like without food? We know it can be a little intimidating cooking for a crowd, but the challenge can be fun! If you’re hosting, you’re probably shaking your head “no, no, no” at the thought of having to figure out how to cook a turkey. Instead, try making Cornish hens! With less cooking time and a mini-turkey look, Cornish hens will make the perfect feature for your food table.

Not hosting? You can still show off your cooking skills by bringing a side dish or dessert. Friendsgiving is a time for mingling, socializing, walking, and talking, so finger foods or personal portions are a great idea. Try mac and cheese bites or pumpkin pie cake pops to put a fun twist on classic dishes!

If you don’t want to get your hands too dirty cooking, opt to bring a fruit platter. Head to your local farmers’ market, stock up on some seasonal fruits, and get to chopping. You’ll be done in no time and will bring a lightness to all of the delicious holiday food.

Friendsgiving Fun

It wouldn’t be a hangout with your friends without some added fun and wackiness. Bring some group board games or scraps of paper for charades. For extra fun and laughs, blindfold the charades actor!

Want something a little more casual than group games? Raid your closet for anything fuzzy, bright, or silly and create a box of funky costumes! Hang a bright or dark sheet and you’ll have a tons of photobooth fun with your friends. There’s no need to have a professional camera. Put your phone in selfie mode and snap memories of your friend-filled holiday.

Set the Mood

Fun and games are great and all, but someone needs to remember the tables and seats. Depending on how large or small your Friendsgiving is (either are great as long as the people you love are there!) you might need more than one table. Grab that coffee table that pulls your living room together and temporarily relocate it to the host’s home. Since there never seems to be enough chairs (no matter how prepared you try to be), bring in a cozy touch by providing floor seating! Oversized pillows and couch cushions work perfect for this and will be a great set-up when you decide to shout out “blindfolded charades time!”

And what’s any dinner party without a centerpiece to match? Get into the festive mood with decorations that are as beautiful as the family of friends you’ve found. Seasonal flowers, scented pine cones, and a welcoming wreath to invite your guests into your humble abode will tie your Friendsgiving together. If you’re not hosting Friendsgiving, just be sure to give the host a heads up that you’re bringing the fall spirit!


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