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How to Style Holiday Tables

orange yellow fall centerpiece at dinner table with pumpkin pie

Styling holiday tables can be a challenge when there are so many options to choose from. Do you incorporate fresh flowers or opt for fragrant greenery? Should you put down a runner or a tablecloth? Should you have different decorations for different tables?

The good news is that there isn’t one correct way to style a holiday table. However, picking a single theme and sticking to it will help you develop a well-put-together table. We’re going to give you some basic styling tips as well as cover different theme options. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to style a table you and your guests will love.

Tips for Styling Holiday Tables

Fall and winter provide all kinds of opportunities to share special meals with loved ones. Whether you’re setting a table for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, or inviting family over for Christmas, Hanukkah, or using a seasonal floral centerpiece for spring or summer holidays, making a few special touches will make your time together extra special.

Before you pick a table theme, consider these basic styling tips.

Runner vs. Single Focal Point

The two main options for table decorations are a runner or a single focal point.

While there’s no hard rule, runners typically work better for large, long tables than for small or round tables. When you use a runner on a large table, you help tie all of your company together.

Single focal points like large holiday bouquets work great on small tables where runners don’t make sense. If you do use a big decoration like a bouquet or pumpkin, make sure everyone at the table can still see each other.

Think About the Company

Before you design your tablescape, think about the people that will be attending the holiday. Is it a formal Christmas dinner with adults, a modern Friendsgiving, or a casual meal with lots of kids?

Your goal for the table should be to match the type of event you’re planning as well as the company. While your friends might appreciate quirky decorations, relatives might prefer something that speaks to family traditions.

If you’re having lots of people over, don’t be afraid to create more than one table. That way you can break out those glass pumpkins for the adult table while opting for tough gourds for the kids’ table.

Add in Fresh Elements

When days turn darker and temperatures drop, things can feel a little dull. One of the best ways to add some life and warmth to your table is with fresh elements like flowers and greens.

When you order a bouquet or garland from The Bouqs Co., you’ll receive farm-fresh items that have been carefully packaged. If you’d like to add in a natural element that will last for months, check out our selection of dried arrangements.

Choose a Theme

Once you’ve thought about the tips mentioned above, it’s time to pick a theme. This will help you create a table that feels cohesive. With that said, you can mix and match elements from a few themes for a modern feel.


There’s something comforting about traditional colors and decorations. To create a homey feel, pick one of these tried and true ideas.

A Classic Cornucopia

Cornucopia arrangement with delicious foods

Is there anything that symbolizes a fruitful harvest quite like the cornucopia? We don’t think so. Add one of these decorations to your table to remind yourself of all you have to be grateful for. A wicker cornucopia is classic, but you can also find ceramic or glass ones.

If you’d like to mix things up a bit, include multiple cornucopias along the length of a table runner.

Red and Green

Table setting for celebration Christmas and New Year Holidays. Festive table at home with rustic details

Winter brings an abundance of green pine and red berries, so it’s no surprise this color combination is a holiday classic. We suggest keeping things minimal with some fresh greenery, pinecones, and red berries and flowers.

If you want to add some fresh blooms to your festive tablescape, check out our Christmas flower delivery. You’ll be able to choose from all types of red and green bouquets.

Rustic Chic

Who says rustic has to feel outdated and dull? Check out these decorating ideas that combine natural elements with touches of glitz and glam.

Mix and Match Greenery

Holiday table setting with Linen napkins and rose gold cutlery. Close up

The table is perfect for any holiday celebration, whether that’s Sunday brunch with the gals or a dinner party with your coworkers. Since it doesn’t scream any particular holiday, you reuse it throughout the festive season.

To get started, lay green elements like eucalyptus, olive branches, and pine along the length of your table. Add some in some simple glass vases filled with white or cream holiday flowers and tea lights or candles. Finish the table off with some natural stoneware and metallic silverware.

Pumpkins, Fruits, and Flowers

Fall table setting for Thanksgiving day party or family gathering dinner. Flat-lay of plates, silverware, floral and fruit decoration, candle and pumpkins over rustic wooden table background, top view

If you’re looking for a chic spin on classic pumpkin decor, check out this table. Rather than opt for one pumpkin or cornucopia as a centerpiece, spread all sorts of holiday goodies throughout the table. Mix small fruits like pomegranates and apples with larger winter squash and pumpkins.

To keep things interesting, add in some acorns or pinecones as well as a few vases filled with single stems. The long petals of spider mums add interesting texture.


If you’re looking for a clean and natural style, you’ll love these modern table designs.

Snow Kissed Eucalyptus

Aerial view of winter green garland on a wedding receptions head table with gold place setting and candelabra

While pine and fir are popular winter greens, they’re not the only option. Switch out classic garland for some eucalyptus and olive leaves. Mix in a few neutral flowers and you’ll have a stunning centerpiece.

Once you’ve got the garland set, add in some tall candlesticks and short tealights. Finish the table with some simple china and silverware.

Green and Gold

Table setting with pine golds and gold accentsfor Christmas dinner

Mix things up a little bit by swapping red for gold. Start by creating a centerpiece of pine mixed with gold ribbon and ornaments.

Add in some gold stars or snowflakes for a bit more shimmer. Finish with brown or gold placemats and simple white plates.


While these tables take a note from the past, they’re anything but dated. If you opt for a vintage style, make sure to utilize any family heirlooms.

Old Vases and Fresh Flowers

bouquet flower in vase - vintage effect filter

By mixing an elegant vintage vase with fresh flowers, you’ll create a stunning contrast. Since this arrangement will be bold, try mixing it with a simple table runner or placemats.

If you’d like your arrangement to last for more than a week or so, try out dried flowers and greens. They’ll last for months and add a nice vintage feel.

Candlesticks and China

Table setting with vintage porcelain tableware, mimosa flowers and candles.

You know that old china you have stashed away? Now is the time to break it out! If you don’t already have some old place settings, you can find some in thrift stores (don’t be afraid to mix and match).

Once you’ve set the table with your china, add in some tall candlesticks set in old candle holders. Finally, fill some simple vases with fresh flowers.

Delicate Dried Flowers

Minimalistic composition of dried flowers in cylindrical ceramic vase as home decoration.

While there’s no replacing fresh flowers, that doesn’t mean dried arrangements don’t deserve a place at your table. Dried flowers and grasses last for months and add a bit of a delicate and romantic touch — just be sure to gently handle them!

Just like fresh flowers, you can arrange dried flowers in various ways. Fill a large vase with a bouquet or find smaller vases and fill them with single stems. You can group these smaller vases or spread them down the length of the table.


If you want a fun and quirky table, check out these ideas. They’ll keep things light and spark lots of smiles.

Floral Topped Pumpkins

autumn floral bouquet in a pumpkin vase for Halloween. Table setting for wedding

Add a twist to pumpkins and flowers by combining the two. To start, you’ll need to carve out the top of the pumpkin so you can fit in a vase or foam block. Once that’s done, all that’s left to do is arrange your flowers.

Big, bright blooms like ranunculus and sunflowers keep the table fun while smaller blooms like goldenrod add a delicate touch. For extra pops of color, add placemats that match the flower colors.

Holiday Succulents

Metallic Holiday rustic table setting with succulents from above

If you’re looking to step away from flowers and greenery, try out succulents! These easy to care for plants add an unexpected pop of color and life. Try arranging individual succulents in small pots or combining multiple plants in a larger planter.

How you arrange the rest of the table is up to you. If you want a fresh feel, choose a crisp white tablecloth. For something different, add in gold to match the sand in the succulents’ planters.

Order Flowers and Style Your Table

Now that you have a better idea of how to style your holiday table, it’s time to order some flowers and get creative! Since flowers from The Bouqs Co. are responsibly-sourced from sustainable farms, you can rest assured you’ll receive long-lasting blooms.

When you’re ordering a winter bouquet or holiday wreath for yourself, don’t forget about your friends and family. If you won’t be seeing your loved ones this holiday season, send winter flowers to let them know you care.

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