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What Makes The Bouqs Co. Different After 10 Years

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Welcome to our party! November marks our 10th birthday! Yes, it’s been a full decade since The Bouqs arrived on the scene to disrupt the flower industry and show the world there is a better way than the traditional method of flower delivery that hadn’t changed in 100 years. In celebration of 10 years of blooming, we’d like to highlight what makes The Bouqs different than other online flower retailers and what we’ve accomplished in the last 10 years.

The Bouqs Mission After 10 Years

We believe kindness is always in season. We believe that the simple gesture of gifting flowers can transform your day, re-kindle an old connection, or spark a new one. And we believe in the power of community and our shared mission: To create a better way to deliver responsibly sourced, long-lasting flowers by connecting people to the freshest blooms and the partners who grow them.

Today you can just hop on your mobile device or laptop and explore drop-down menus, all while making sure you check all the boxes. Sadly, with this new way of doing things much has become lost in the consumer-to-supplier relationship. The industry has lost its personal touch and friendly atmosphere. The Bouqs strives to maintain that one-on-one familiarity with quality customer service. For 10 years at The Bouqs, we’ve connected you to our farm partners to ensure you get the freshest flower delivery experience.

The Bouqs Accomplishments After 10 Years

By choosing The Bouqs you have
💐 Helped prevent more than 5,000 tons of flower waste
💐 Helped provide jobs to 500 farm workers through our farm partners.

💐 Together we’ve delivered 12M smiles.
💐 You LOVE roses. Together, we’ve sent more than 3M dozen roses, which is enough to send to the population of Los Angeles
💐 Many of you became plant parents. We’ve delivered 2x the number of plants as there are species of plants in the Amazon

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for celebrating love in all its various shapes and sizes, especially Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. To date:
💐 1.5 million moms’ days have been made
💐 More than 1 million romantic relationships have been celebrated.

We’re on a mission to celebrate life’s moments. In the past decade, you’ve sent flowers to say
💐 “Happy Birthday!” to 775,000
💐 “Thanks a bunch!” to 140,000 people
💐 ”Just Because” (we love that!) to 260,000 people

What Makes The Bouqs Different?

Responsibly-Sourced, Eco-Friendly Flower Delivery

What does responsibly sourced and eco-friendly mean in relation to flower delivery?

We know where our flowers come from. We have personal relationships with our farmers. This means you can feel good knowing that your flower delivery supports farms committed to protecting the environment and their worker’s well-being.

Eco-Friendly Practices – What Does That Really Mean?

We source from locations where flowers will bloom best, mineral-rich places like volcanoes, tropical rain forests, and coastal climates. This means fewer resources wasted to grow our flowers. Think about the water requirements of trying to grow flowers in the desert. Or the energy requirements for growing flowers indoors in cold climates. A lot of water, energy and fertilizer would be spent trying to grow in unfavorable locations. And the flowers wouldn’t grow as large and beautifully as they could!

We work with farms that are verified by third-party sources including the Rainforest Alliance, Bloomcheck, and/or Florverde Sustainable Flowers. The box we ship your flowers in is also recyclable and upcyclable for fun DIY projects. Eco friendly practices include:

  • Recycling water
  • Minimizing waste in the supply chain with farm-direct delivery
  • Recycling plant waste through composting
  • Organic pest control
  • Recyclable and upcyclable packaging

Long-Lasting Fresh Flowers

Do you love sending and receiving the highest quality flowers? Fortunately, we’re flower nerds. We are always on the hunt to find the best blooms for you. Our flowers are cut to bloom directly from the farm, so they’re super fresh and last longer. We work with experienced and talent floral artisans to create modern bouquets, seasonally inspired. We handle our blooms with care, reducing the amount of hands that touch each bouquet which keeps them fresher and reduces the amount of damaged blooms.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the reason, farm-fresh flowers can be the spark that ignites a change: Sad to happy. Angry to forgiving. Friends to lovers. As our flowers blossom and thrive, they make the people they’re given to bloom right along with them.

Kindness in Action

Kindness is contagious. It has a special sort of energy that makes it impossible to keep to yourself. It makes us feel connected to the world around us, and it brings us closer to those we’re already closest with.

Putting kindness into action is part of our company culture. From ensuring the people who work at our farms are treated well, to handing out flowers to strangers to turn that frown upside down. Kindness is always in season.

Our core values provide our customers with the best flowers possible. As our customer, your happiness and satisfaction take precedence above anything else. If you should have an inquiry or a concern about one of our products, you won’t get lost in a dreaded phone queue waiting for a customer service representative or wait hours for an email back. Our team is ready to chat with you, seven days a week, from 6 am-5 pm PST. Whatever you need help with, we’re here for you.

On-Demand Flower Subscriptions

Here at The Bouqs, we understand you’re a busy person with a full schedule and an endless to-do list. So we’ve come up with an easy solution that eliminates all the hassle of trying to find time to fit it all in. With our flower subscription program, you can customize your delivery dates, and update them at any time! You can create bouquet profiles so you can re-deliver a favorite Bouq with just one click.

We include an option to create a profile of your recipients so you can resend on a custom schedule. To make things easier for you, we can send you reminders of upcoming birthdays to make sure you never miss an important occasion. No more trying to remember addresses or when your boss’ birthday is. To sweeten the deal, all subscription deliveries are free.

Modern, Seasonally-Inspired Bouquets

Our product stands out from all the rest with our unique, hand-crafted artisan Bouqs. We want to surround your senses with a delightful floral experience, so our artisan florists put a lot of effort into designing on-trend seasonal bouquets along with timeless classics. Depending on the Bouq and your zip code, you may even have the option of same-day delivery if you order before noon. Take a look at what same-day delivery options are available in your area here.

Flowers Cut To Order

We know how environmentally savvy our customers are. That’s why our flowers are cut from an eco-sustainable, farm-to-table supplier. These farmers are your neighbors and local business owners that work very hard at making our planet a much healthier place. Our flower arrangements are certified organic and free of the toxicity of pesticides and hazardous chemicals. We always make sure you are receiving only the best of the best blooms.

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