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Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas

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While anniversaries are a time for celebration, they can also bring on a bit of pressure. How do you find a way to properly celebrate all that’s occurred during the time you’ve spent with your spouse? Before you work yourself up too much, take a deep breath, and relax. Remember, you know this person!

Even if you’ve made reservations at their favorite restaurant and written a heart-felt note, you may need a little help picking out an anniversary gift. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled some of great gifts to help you celebrate, whether you’re spending your first or twenty-fifth year together. You can always fall back on a traditional or modern gift theme for that anniversary as well.

First Anniversary Gifts: Paper

Custom Photo Book

Playing off of the traditional gift of paper, a custom photo book captures your story in a beautiful package. Even if you already have a wedding photo album you can create a new book filled with photos from your travels, milestones, and little life moments.

Wax Seal Stamp Kit

When you and your partner want to make your outgoing letters look extra special, a stamped wax seal with your initials will do the trick. You can choose from numerous styles as well as multiple wax colors.

Couple’s Portrait

If you’re looking for something a bit quirky, you can’t go wrong with a custom couple’s illustration. Just provide a beloved photo of the two of you, and the artist will turn it into a one-of-a-kind work of art you can display in your home. Plus, it fits the first year anniversary theme of paper.

Custom Bracelet

small bracelet with customizable writing

Help your partner remember the magic of your wedding day with this bracelet. Gold is a traditional choice for your first anniversary, but you can also opt for silver or rose gold. Custom engraving allows you to display the latitude and longitude of your wedding ceremony, your initials, or the date of your wedding. Whatever you choose, your partner will be reminded of your love.

Second Anniversary Gifts: Cotton

A New Set of Sheets

By now, you’ve come to cherish those cozy mornings in bed. A new set of sheets will make those times even more enjoyable and provided a nice refresh. This gift also fits the traditional second-anniversary theme of fiber and symbolizes how your lives have become intertwined.

A Couple’s Spa Day

While gifts for your loved one are great, sometimes the best gift is time together! A day at a spa will help you relax and reflect on the past couple of years. Add in a plush bathrobe for a little something extra.

A Potted Plant

potted plant in a terracotta pot

We all know that relationships are always changing and growing. To show your partner you’ll be there for them no matter what they go through, give them a new houseplant. Not only will plant gifts remind your partner of your support, but they also add a boost of life to any space.

Third Anniversary Gifts: Leather

Faux Leather Bag

At this point in your relationship, you have taken some beatings and may be a little worn. That’s why leather is the classic year three gift. But just because you’ve seen a lot of what life has to offer, you’re still standing strong together and taking on new adventures! This vegan leather toiletry bag is an ode to resiliency as well as future travels.

Glass Shadow Box

While the traditional third-year gift is leather, the modern take is glass. This shadow box will provide your loved one with a way to display keepsakes like beach vacation seashells, flowers from past anniversaries, and ticket stubs.

Fourth Anniversary Gifts: Flowers

A Flower Subscription

mixed flowers in a mason jar vase, subscription exclusive bouquet

While flowers make great gifts for any anniversary, they’re the traditional gift for year number four. So why not extend this floral gift beyond one bouquet? When you give your partner a flower subscription box, they’ll regularly receive stunning, farm-fresh bouquets.

Gratitude Journal

While there’s no doubt you appreciate your partner, sometimes you don’t always let them know how you feel. And vice versa. That’s where a gratitude journal comes in. It provides a space for each of you to write what you appreciate about each other, allowing you to continue to fall more in love with each other.

Fifth Anniversary Gifts: Wood

State Serving Board

Since wood is the traditional fifth-anniversary gift, a rustic serving board is a fitting gift. But don’t think this is just any ol’ piece of wood! By choosing a cutting board with an outline of your state, you’ll give a gift that’s practical and sentimental. You’ll even be able to choose between wood options including curly maple, walnut, and cherry.

Spoon Earrings

antique silverware turned into spoon earrings

Flatware is a modern gift for your fifth year together, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose a new set of knives, spoons, and forks. These earrings utilize the handles of antique silverware to create stunning designs. And since there are so many different styles of spoons, you can choose from a wide variety of earrings.

Tenth Anniversary Gifts: Tin

Tintype Print

Aluminum and tin objects are traditional tenth-anniversary gifts, due to their steadfast nature. During the 19th century, artists used a combination of sheets of metal and dark lacquer to create stunning photos known as tintypes. While some people still create these photos, you can also turn a beloved digital photo into a tintype.

Diamond Earrings

Sometimes it’s hard to argue with the classics. Since the diamond is the tenth anniversary stone, give a pair of diamond earrings. This pair is made from conflict free diamonds, which makes them extra easy to love.

Twentieth Anniversary Gifts: China

China Vase

When it’s time to celebrate your twentieth anniversary, china is the traditional gift. Instead of purchasing a new set of plates or a serving bowl, give your partner a colorful china vase to hold all of their fresh flowers.

Emerald Glasses

Take inspiration from the twentieth anniversary stone, the emerald, and give these colorful champagne flutes. They’ll allow you to toast to two decades, as well as all the other big milestones that have yet to arrive.

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Gifts: Silver

Ice Cream Maker

While earrings and cufflinks are more traditional silver gifts, you don’t have to limit your imagination. This shiny silver ice cream maker will let you and your partner create all kinds of refreshing treats. Just add in some sprinkles and chocolate sauce and you’ve got a super sweet gift!

Personal Fire Pit

small, personal fire pit

Keep those romantic flames burning with this miniature indoor fire pit. It’s easy to light and can be used anywhere with proper ventilation. And since the flames are food safe, it works just as well for toasting marshmallows as it does for setting the ambience for a cozy night in.

Weekend Getaway

At this point in your relationship, you’ve given your partner hundreds of gifts. Rather than buying them another item, consider planning a special getaway for the two of you. This could be anything from a night away in a new city or a road trip to a nearby national park.

Thirtieth Anniversary Gifts: Pearls

White Roses

This bouquet of white roses takes inspiration from the thirtieth-anniversary traditional gift, the pearl. Your partner will enjoy the delicate layers of petals and appreciate that their flowers were sourced from sustainable farms.

Frying Pan

When you’ve been together for thirty years, you’ve been through a lot. And the same applies to your cookware! Help your spouse freshen up their time in the kitchen with a new carbon steel frying pan. Once it’s properly seasoned, this pan is essentially non-stick.

Anniversary Gifts for Your Parents

Watercolor Painting of Their Home

A lot happens in a home. Kisses, fights, apologies, first steps, and lots of laughter. Help your parents remember all these moments with a custom watercolor painting of their home. Even after they move, they’ll appreciate the reminder of all the special times they shared in this space.

Relaxation Gift Set

After years of caring for you and looking out for each other, there’s no doubt your parents could use a moment to relax! This box is filled with soaps, bath bombs, and bath salts so they can create a soothing night at home.

A Fresh Bouquet

stargazer lily bouquet

A farm-fresh bouquet is one of the best anniversary gifts, no matter what year they’re celebrating. The Bouqs Co. sources our gorgeous flowers from sustainable farms and then delivers them to your recipient’s door. With options including roses, tulips, lilies, and more, it’s easy to find an arrangement your parents will love.

Rocking Bench

What’s cuter than a rocking chair? A rocking bench! Your parents can place this bench on their porch or deck and rock their worries away. And if they happen to be retiring soon, we also think this is one of the best retirement gifts.

Anniversary Gifts for Your Friends

Paint By Shadow Kit

We all have those friends who are always up for trying something new. To appease their creative side, give them this paint by shadows kit. Using the shadows as a guide, both individuals will be able to create a one-of-a-kind colorful painting.

Bean Box

If your pals can’t get enough of sipping their morning coffee together and munching on chocolate after dinner, send this box their way. It comes with four types of coffee beans and four chocolate bars for them to enjoy.

Love Story Maps

Give your friends a collection of maps that tells the story of their time together. By weaving together maps of their hometowns, where they met, the place they were married, and where they currently reside, you’ll help them dote on their past and dream of the future.

Give Gifts They’ll Love

No matter what anniversary you or your loved ones are celebrating, love is central to a happy day. By choosing an anniversary gift and sending your best wishes, you’ll help create a day to remember.

If you need some help picking out gifts for other occasions, check out these thank you gifts and our picks for best get well soon gifts.

List of Anniversary Themes: Traditional and Modern

1st Anniversary
Traditional: Paper
Modern: Clocks
Flower: Carnations
2nd Anniversary
Traditional: Cotton/Fiber
Modern: China/Porcelain
Flower: Cosmos
3rd Anniversary
Traditional: Leather
Modern: Crystal/Glass
Flower: Sunflowers
4th Anniversary
Traditional: Flowers/Fruit
Modern: Electrical Appliances
Flower: Hydrangea or Geranium
5th Anniversary
Traditional: Wood
Modern: Silverware
Flower: Daisy
6th Anniversary
Traditional: Iron/Candy
Modern: Wood
Flower: Calla Lilies
7th Anniversary
Traditional: Wool/Copper
Modern: Desk Sets
Flower: Freesia
8th Anniversary
Traditional: Bronze
Modern: Linen/Lace
Flower: Clematis
9th Anniversary
Traditional: Willow/Pottery
Modern: Leather
Flower: Poppies
10th Anniversary
Traditional: Tin/Aluminum
Modern: Diamonds
Flower: Daffodils
11th Anniversary
Traditional: Steel
Modern: Fashion Jewelry/Accessories
Flower: Morning Glory
12th Anniversary
Traditional: Silk/Linen
Modern: Pearls/Colored Gems
Flower: Peonies
13th Anniversary
Traditional: Lace
Modern: Furs/Textiles
Flower: Chrysanthemum/Hollyhock
14th Anniversary
Traditional: Ivory
Modern: Gold Jewelry
Flower: Dahlias
15th Anniversary
Traditional: Crystal/Glass
Modern: Watches
Flower: Rose
16th Anniversary
Traditional: Wax
Modern: Coffee/Tea
Flower: Statice
17th Anniversary
Traditional: Furniture
Modern: Wine/Spirits
Flower: Red Carnation
18th Anniversary
Traditional: Porcelain
Modern: Appliances
Flower: Deep Red Flowers
19th Anniversary
Traditional: Bronze/Chili
Modern: Jade
Flower: Chrysanthemum
20th Anniversary
Traditional: China
Modern: Platinum
Flower: Aster
21st Anniversary: Fire (theme)
22nd Anniversary: Water (theme)
23rd Anniversary: Air (theme)
24th Anniversary: Stone (theme)
25th Anniversary: Silver
Flower: Iris
26th Anniversary: Art
27th Anniversary: Music
28th Anniversary: Linens
29th Anniversary: Tools
30th Anniversary: Pearls
Flower: Lilies
31st Anniversary: Travel
32nd Anniversary: Bronze
33rd Anniversary:Iron
34th Anniversary: Food
35th Anniversary: Coral
36th Anniversary: Antiques
37th Anniversary: Books
38th Anniversary: Luck (theme)
39th Anniversary: Laughter (theme)
40th Anniversary: Ruby
Flower: Gladioli
41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Decor
42nd Anniversary: Clocks or Watches
43rd Anniversary: Entertainment (theme)
44rd Anniversary: Electronics (theme)
45th Anniversary: Sapphire
46th Anniversary: Games
47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants
48th Anniversary: Home Improvement (theme)
49th Anniversary: Copper
50th Anniversary: Gold
Flower: Yellow Roses or Violets
51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras
52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa (theme)
53rd Anniversary: Plastic
54th Anniversary: Glass
55th Anniversary: Emerald
56th Anniversary: Day (theme)
57th Anniversary: Night (theme)
58th Anniversary: Faith and Hope (theme)
59th Anniversary: Charity (theme)
60th Anniversary: Diamond

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