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Best Get Well Soon Gifts

When someone in your life falls sick or becomes injured, you want to do everything you can to let them know you’re there for them. Phone calls and handwritten cards are good places to start, but a carefully-chosen get well gift can really make their day.

Before you pick up a fruit basket or paperback, think about what the person’s going through. Will they have the energy to read a book? Are they looking to take a break from the TV after watching two days of Netflix post knee surgery? Do they have anyone at home to make them a meal?

By answering questions such as these, you’ll be able to choose a gift that will ease their recovery process. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best get well gifts for your niece, neighbor, best friend, and anyone else you care about.

Get Well Flowers and Plants

It’s no accident that a fresh bouquet or potted plant is one of the most popular get-well gifts. These natural elements add a touch of beauty and life to spaces, lifting your loved one’s spirits. Since The Bouqs Co. sources all our flowers from sustainable farms, you can rest assured these flowers are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.

Tulip Bouquet

orange, pink, yellow flower bouquet

Bold and beautiful, this fancy tulip bouquet will brighten up any room. Since the tulips are farm-fresh and cut to last, your recipient will be able to enjoy the blooms for about a week. As a bonus, tulips are allergy-friendly and fragrance-free, which makes them a great choice for hospitals and other crowded areas.

Hoya Hearts

two heart-shaped hoya succulents in grey pots

These cute little hoyas will let someone know you love them, no matter what they’re going through. Since succulents don’t require much care, they’re ideal plant gifts for when you loved one is feeling under the weather. And since they’ll live for months, they’re a great gift for someone who is dealing with a long-term illness.

Flower Subscription

If someone you love is recovering from a big surgery or going through an illness like cancer, they will appreciate your support for more than a few days. A flower subscription box will provide your loved one with a regular dose of farm-fresh blooms. You can choose from delivery frequencies that range from weekly to bi-monthly.

Get Well Gifts for Kids

When a little one in your life is sick or injured, you want to do everything you can to bring a smile to their face. These gifts will help keep kids occupied and remind them they’re in your thoughts.

Paint By Sticker Book

paint by sticker image with a geometric designed clownfish

This fun book combines two favorites: stickers and paint by number. By attaching stickers to a labeled outline, kids will be able to create a dozen colorful masterpieces. And since placing a sticker is easier than holding a paintbrush or crayon, this book will help boost the moods of kids without much energy.

DIY Dinosaur Pillowcase

If a little one is going to be spending lots of time in bed, you might as well make it fun! This kit comes with all they’ll need to color their own dinosaur-themed pillowcase. When they want to give their prehistoric friends a fresh look, just stick the pillowcase in the wash and you’ll have a new canvas!

I Spy Book

There’s no arguing with a classic! This I Spy book will keep young eyes busy when there’s not much else to do. With pages of visual treasure hunts, they’ll be able to pass the day exploring different worlds.

Stuffed Alpaca

three white stuffed alpacas on red background

While your favorite kiddo may already have a teddy bear and stuffed dog, what about an alpaca? This stuffed animal is supremely soft since it’s made from real alpaca fur. Any kid will love hugging this soft friend when they’re feeling scared or worried.

Get Well Gifts for Family

Looking to cheer up your sick sister or support your dad as he recovers from surgery? Then pick out one of these get-well gifts, and send a smile their way.

Slipper Socks

You know those no-slip hospital socks? Think of these slipper socks as the new and improved addition. They’ll keep their feet warm and cozy while lounging around the house, yet they’ll prevent slipping when it’s time to get up for some soup or tea.

Herbal Heating Pack

Whether your dad is looking to ice his sore knee or your sister wants some heat for that aching back, they’ll love these herbal heating pads. Since they’re filled with flax as well as herbs including lavender, peppermint, and chamomile, you can heat these pads in the microwave or pop them in the freezer. And with a variety of fabric options, there’s an option for everyone.

Felting Kit

penguin, bear and hummingbird made from a felting kit

After a day spent cooped up at home, your family member may be interested in learning a new skill. This needle felting kit comes with all they’ll need to create a few adorable felt hedgehogs. As a bonus, your family member will have a few new friends to keep them company as they recover.

Restaurant Gift Card

Whether your family member is sick or injured, they probably don’t feel like cooking. A gift card to a local restaurant that delivers will remove the pressure of mealtimes and allow them to relax. While anyone will appreciate this gift, parents with young children will find it extra helpful.

White Noise Machine

You know that feeling when you’re soooo tired yet you can’t fall asleep? Yeah, it’s the worst. A white noise machine will help your family member get some much-needed sleep, so they can be on their way to feeling better.

Tea Kit

Nothing soothes a sore throat like a cup of hot tea. This tea kit comes with three varieties of green tea and six varieties of herbal tea, so your recipient can create their dream cup. The kit also comes with biodegradable tea bags that they can use to steep their custom blends

A New Soup Bowl

artisanal soup bowl in turqoise and taupe

After slurping up your eighth bowl of soup, even the most comforting food can become a little boring. Bring some pizzazz to their daily meals with a new bowl. Both beautiful and microwave safe, this gift will brighten their day.

Get Well Gifts for Friends

If you find out one of your friends is fighting the flu or going through a tough mental patch, make their life a bit easier with one of these gifts.

Coloring Book

In case you haven’t heard, coloring isn’t just for kids. While snuggling in bed or curling up on the couch is nice for a few days, it gets old after a while. Help your friend expand the confines of their home with this coloring book. Each page features a scene filled with whimsical plants and animals.


If you can’t make it over to your friend’s house to drop off some homemade soup, do the next best thing: send some easy-to-prepare meals right to their door! These soups are made from wholesome ingredients and don’t require any refrigeration. You can choose from delectable flavors including red pepper meatball and broccoli cheddar.

Shower Steamers

lavender geranium flower streamers

Sitting around for an extended period of time can make anyone feel a little grungy. Help your friend feel refreshed with these shower steamers. All they have to do is add them to their shower, and their bathroom will be transformed into a home spa.

Power Bank

While getting up to plug in your phone may sound like a simple task, it can be difficult if you’re stuck in bed. A portable power bank will allow your friend to keep their devices powered up, so they can continue watching their favorite videos and chatting with their loved ones. This is an especially thoughtful gift if your friend is spending time in a hospital.


No matter what your friend is going through, TV will get old after a few days. While books can be nice, it’s often hard to focus on a storyline when your head is woozy or you’re dealing with pain. Cue magazines. They don’t require much focus, yet they provide a nice break from screens.

Eye Mask

If your friend is trying to get some sleep during the day or catch some z’s in a bright hospital room, send them an eye mask. This one is made from mulberry silk, which gives it a soft and luxurious feel.

Cozy Robe

To help your friend embrace their lazy side, give them a super soft robe. Not only will it keep them cozy, but it will also help them feel a little bit more luxurious.

Get Well Gifts for Co-Workers

When one of your co-workers is out of the office, you undoubtedly recognize their absence. To let them know you’re thinking of them, send them one of these gifts.

New Water Bottle

When you’re feeling under the weather, it’s important to stay hydrated. However, it’s easy to spill your water or juice all over yourself! An insulated water bottle keeps drinks cold all day and utilizes an autoseal feature to prevent unwanted spills.

Fleece Blanket

Many fleece blankets feature two different sides: soft fleece and thick, cozy sherpa. It’s big enough that your co-worker can tuck in their feet and snuggle it up under their chin for ultimate coziness. Pick out their favorite color for extra points.


Whether your co-worker is fighting a cold or just cooped up in a dry home, chapped lips are likely. Send them a pack of beeswax lip balm to give them some relief.

Tray Table

tray table sized for breakfast in bed with a plate of snacks, coffee and a holder for smart phone and tablet

If your colleague will be spending a lot of time in bed or on the couch, a tray table will make their days easier. Whether they’re enjoying breakfast or trying to take some notes, they’ll appreciate having a sturdy surface. We like this table because it has a slot to hold a phone or tablet as well as space for plates and notepads.

Wish Them Well

Let’s face it, nobody likes being sick. When a friend or family member is feeling under the weather, take a moment to brighten their day with some gorgeous flowers or another get well soon gift. Not only will they enjoy the gift, but they’ll smile knowing that you thought of them.

Of course, you can also send gifts when your loved ones are feeling great! If you’re looking for more ideas, check out these thank you gift ideas and some of the best retirement gifts.

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