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Best Thank You Gifts People Will Use and Enjoy

bright flower bouquet perfect for thank you gifts

Gratitude. It may sound like a simple concept, but a heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way. While a handwritten card lets others know you appreciate their thoughtful gift or kind gesture, sometimes someone in your life goes the extra mile.

Maybe your co-worker canceled their dinner plans to help you complete a project or your friend acted as your co-pilot during your search for a new apartment. To show your appreciation for these unnecessary yet welcome acts of kindness, pick out a thank you gift.

If you don’t know what type of thank you gift is appropriate for your employee, client, or neighbor, we get it. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of thank you gifts they’ll actually use and enjoy. By giving someone one of these thoughtful gifts, you’ll make their day a bit better and remind them how much you appreciate their actions.

Thank You Gifts for Employees

Thank your employee for their hard work and good attitude with one of these thoughtful gifts for employees. And remember, employees deserve your thanks at times other than the holidays!

Artisan-Crafted Bouquets

pink, orange, white and red flower bouquet

No matter if your employee is working from home or the company office, you can’t go wrong with thank you flowers. In case you didn’t know, The Bouqs Co. sources our flowers from sustainable farms. That means your employee will receive stunning fresh flowers and the Earth will receive a little bit of love!

Caramels for Their Sweet Tooth

These farmstead caramels do double duty. They satisfy your employee’s sugar cravings and let them know you think they’re the G.O.A.T. Plus, the packaging is adorned with the farm’s charming goats. How sweet is that?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your employees spend a majority of their days staring at screens, these blue light-blocking glasses will give their eyes a break. They may help with eye fatigue and headaches, which will lead to happier employees and a healthier workplace.

Coaster Set

coasters from cracked glass that looks like geodes

These handmade cracked glass coasters feature designs that resemble breathtaking geodes. They’ll protect your employee’s desk from coffee rings and also keep their cocktails cozy.

Thank You Gifts for Colleagues

While we’re often happy to have colleagues that simply keep the peace, sometimes one of our co-workers takes the time to bring us an iced coffee on an especially hectic day or pick up extra work so we can take a little getaway. If you’re lucky enough to have a colleague like that, thank them with one of these gifts.

Electric Kettle

If your co-worker loves a hot beverage but hates running to the microwave or kitchen, they’ll love this electric kettle. With boiling water (or 160ºF water) available at the touch of a button, they’ll be able to enjoy tea, hot chocolate – and yes, ramen – any time they’d like.

Picnic Blanket

Pull out the blanket and get ready for some time in the sun! This blanket has a water-resistant side that’s perfect for sitting against wet grass and a cozy side for optimal picnic enjoyment. Your colleague will find it’s a must-have for their weekends in the park, and they’ll appreciate you realizing they have a life outside of work.

New Houseplant

If your co-worker’s desk is filled with houseplants and they’re always telling you about their weekends spent repotting and watering, brighten their day with a new plant. With options including prayer-plants, peace lilies, ferns, and orchids, you can find plant gifts for everyone in your office.

Thank You Gifts for Clients

Picking out thank you gifts for clients can be a bit tricky. You want to maintain your professional relationship yet avoid coming off as cold. These gifts do just that.

Vacuum Insulated Mug

With the ability to keep beverages hot or cold for hours, this insulated mug will keep your client happy as they plow through their workday or enjoy their free time.

A Sampling of Nice Soaps

If Covid hasn’t taught us the difference between cheap drugstore soap and soap we actually want to use, what has it taught us? These moisturizing hand soaps will help get their digits clean without turning their skin into sandpaper. And it sure doesn’t hurt that the vanilla and lily blossom scent is sublime.

Thank You Gifts for Family

When your mom makes you a batch of her famous soup to ease your sickness or your sibling offers to babysit so you can have a night out, thank them with one of these gifts.

Flower Subscription

When a member of your fam’ loans you a car for a few months or helps you through a rough breakup, you may feel a single bouquet doesn’t properly illustrate your gratitude. If that’s the case, give them a flower subscription box! They’ll receive a new bouquet every few weeks or months, depending on what option you choose.

Instant Printer

This printer easily syncs with smartphones, allowing your family to print high-quality photos in a matter of minutes. We think this is an especially great gift for someone who can’t have enough family photos throughout their home.

Bottle of Wine

If you know your family member likes sipping on a glass of vino in the evening, give them a nice bottle of wine. If you don’t know which bottle to choose, pick one of this list of customer favorites (don’t worry, there’s something for every price range). Oh, and wine also makes it onto the list of best housewarming gifts.

Thank You Gifts for Friends

When your BFF helps you plan your wedding or your new pal uses their lunch break to help you jump your car, these gifts will let them know how much you appreciate their friendship.

Bath Bombs

Help them melt away the stress of their day with these bath bombs. Pick out their favorite color, scent, and extras (glitter, anyone?) for the ultimate thank you gift.

Gemstone Drop Earrings

green gemstone earrings on gold chains

If your pal helped you out and you’re looking to thank them, these stunning earrings will do the trick! Simple yet elegant, they’ll fit with casual t-shirts and nighttime ware. For an extra special gift, pick out a pair that features their birthstone.

Hand Pruners

If a plant-loving friend recently helped you out, give them a gift that will help them care for their most prized possessions: their plants. Felco produces the best hand pruners on the market, so they’re a great thank you gift for the pal who only wants the best for their plant babes.

Milk Frother

If your friend loves lattes and cappuccinos but doesn’t love how they affect their wallet, help them out with this handheld milk frother. While it won’t replace a professional barista, it will do the trick when the coffee shop seems too far away.

Sugar Cubes

Help your friend liven up their seltzer water or champagne with these fruity sugar cubes. With bright colors and fruit oils, these cubes will turn any drink into a party.

Thank You Gifts for Teachers

Whether you’re looking to thank your child’s teacher or one of your own instructors, these gifts will let any educator know you appreciate their support.

Tea Samples

Whether they’re downing a mug of caffeinated tea to face the day or sipping on an herbal blend to help them drift off the sleep, teachers will appreciate this selection of teas. Choose a few different samples to create a gift they’ll love.

Personalized Pencils

Even if you’re not a teacher, pens and pencils are hard to keep track of. Personalized pencils will prevent students from running off with the teacher’s writing devices…or at least make it easier for teachers to track down their missing pencils.

Bento Style Lunch Container

Whether they enjoy taking salads or leftovers for lunch, any teacher will love this bento-style container. The numerous compartments allow for separate storage of fruits, snacks, salad dressings, and whatever else they like to enjoy.

Inexpensive Thank You Gifts

When you’re thanking someone you don’t know very well or are tight on cash, an inexpensive gift fits the bill. The following gifts are $20 or under, yet they definitely don’t seem cheap!

Swedish Dishcloths

While dishcloths may sound like a bit of a lame gift, hear us out. These are made from a combination of wood pulp and cotton, which makes them washable, long-lasting, and super absorbent. And since they come in so many cute patterns, they almost make cleaning fun!

Terrazzo Tray

white tray with colored flecks

This cute tray showcases a simple let stunning terrazzo style. Its small size is perfect for holding rings, keys, earrings, or any other item that’s easily misplaced. Or, it makes a great saucer for a potted plant.

A Seed Studded Card

To take a step above a traditional thank you card, send one of these wildflower cards. They’re made from recycled junk mail and include wildflower seeds. After the recipient reads your note, they can plant the card and watch flowers bloom.

Unusual Thank You Gifts

For that person that’s a little bit out there or the friend that has almost everything imaginable, consider these unique thank you gifts.

Moon Lamp

spherical lamp that looks like the moon on a wood stand

As we continue to spend a large amount of time at home, statement lighting has become all the rage. This realistic moon lamp will show your appreciation is out of this world! Not only is the lamp filled with detailed craters and valleys, but it also can change between 16 different colors.

Mushroom Grow Kit

If you know someone that’s not afraid to get a little bit funky and learn something new, thank them with this mushroom grow kit. With the right environment and a little bit of care, they’ll be able to enjoy edible mushrooms like red oysters and lion’s mane.

Vintage Glassware

24 vintage wine and spirit glasses in various colors and shapes

Whether their beverage of choice is sparkling water or a gin and tonic, these vintage glasses make drinking a bit more fun. Since you can choose from a variety of colors and forms, you’ll be able to find a gift that’s as special as they are.

Pick Out a Thank You Gift They’ll Love

When someone makes your life a little bit easier, you want to let them know you appreciate their kindness! Pairing one of these gifts with a hand-written note is a thoughtful way to express your gratitude.

If you need help finding gifts for other occasions, check out the best retirement gifts and best gifts for employees.

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