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yellow and white flower arrangement in an office

While some people think managing employees can be a challenge, picking out gifts for great workers can be even more difficult! Rather than giving them yet another mug or lottery ticket, you want to pick something they’ll appreciate. The trouble is, you’re not sure exactly what that magical item is.

The truth is that there’s not one perfect employee gift – there are multiple items that your employees will love! We’ve compiled items at every price point that will make great gifts for the holidays, work anniversaries, and other special events. And if you’re looking for flowers as gifts for your business, we’ve got you covered.

Best Gifts for Remote Workers

While you may not see remote workers every day, that doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable to your team! Let them know they are appreciated – and make their days easier – with one of these gifts.

Improved Webcam


If your employees are still using their low-quality laptop webcam, give them an upgrade. This affordable option provides a high-definition display as well as crystal clear audio.

A Cozy Pair of Slippers


Slippers will keep their feet warm as they shuffle from the kitchen to their home workspace. Even if your remote employee doesn’t always work from home, they’ll appreciate having a cozy pair of slippers waiting for them at the end of a long day.

Continuous Supply of Flowers

$44 and up

To keep their home office looking fresh, you can’t go wrong with a flower subscription box. Just choose the bouquet size and delivery frequency, and your employee will receive a rotating selection of stunning flower arrangements.

Coffee Gift Pack


When your employees work at home rather than in the office, the company saves. Not only are you not providing these people with an office and desk, but you can also cut back on shared coffee and snacks. While this may be good for the company, your employee may be missing out on these workplace perks. Make their day with this trio pack of coffee.

Ergonomic Keyboard


Let’s face it, typing all day can put a serious strain on our wrists. Give your employees a break with a wireless ergonomic keyboard. This one comes with a plush palm rest, and the split design allows for a neutral wrist position.

Stunning Snake Plant


snake plant in a metallic pot

Do you want to give your employees a plant, but are afraid they don’t have a green thumb? That’s where the snake plant comes in. Many people say these plants thrive on neglect, and they can survive in a variety of light conditions. This snake plant arrives ready to enjoy in a brushed gold ceramic planter.

Stylish Desk Lamp


stylish desk lamp with thin brass legs

Functionality and style don’t have to be competing ideas. This desk lamp will give your employees the light they need to complete their work while also providing a touch of that sought-after mid-century modern vibe.

Standing Desk Converter


Whether they’re working from a designated desk or their dining room table, staying seated all day can get old. This highly-rated converter allows them to easily swap their chair for a standing position. Plus, it comes with a space for their keyboard as well as a dual-monitor setup.

Employee Gifts for the Holidays

The best holiday gifts for your employees are ones they will actually use! If you need some inspiration, check out these ideas.

Mug Warmer


While insulated mugs are nice, it’s hard to ditch your favorite ceramic mug. This mug warmer will keep your employee’s coffee or tea warm, and they’ll be able to keep using their mug of choice.

Wireless Phone Charger


There’s no need to ask if someone has an Android or iPhone with this wireless charger. Plus, it removes the need to plug in a phone. While it’s an inexpensive gift, it will surely make your employees’ days a bit easier.

Dry Erase Easel


Sticky notes and pieces of scrap paper can easily take over a desk. This dry erase easel allows workers to quickly jot down notes and then erase them once they’re done.

Cushioned Socks


It seems that with every load of laundry we wash, another sock goes missing. Help your employee out with a pair of new perfectly cushioned socks. All of the merino wool in these socks is sourced from United States’ ranches.

Shrub Set


shrub farm flavored vinegar

No, we’re not talking about the small bushes in front of your home. A shrub is also a type of sweetened, flavored vinegar that brings life to sparkling water and cocktails. This shrub gift trio will help your employee liven up their boring drink routine.

A Nice Bottle of Olive Oil


Olive oil from Wonder Valley is made from olives harvested in Lake County, CA. Its bright peppery flavor works equally well as a cooking oil and as a drizzle for tomatoes or cheese.

Wood Serving Board


Whether your employee loves to entertain or just treat themselves to a stylish evening, they’ll enjoy this stunning serving board. The beautiful wood provides an excellent backdrop for cheese, meats, and other goodies.

Restaurant Gift Card

Your Choice

If you don’t want to give them an item they may or may not use, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a local restaurant. They’ll be able to enjoy a night out with their friends or family, or they can opt for takeout. Pro tip: make sure the amount will fully cover one night out.

Rubber Tree


This type of ficus, also known as the burgundy rubber tree, provides a welcome freshness to any space. Each plant arrives ready to enjoy in a trendy ceramic container.



A lightweight Kindle will allow them to carry all of their books with them wherever they go. With adjustable brightness and a glare-free screen, they’ll be able to read no matter the time or conditions.

Snack Box Subscription


No matter where your employees are working, snacks are a must-have item. To make snacks even more fun, give your employee a snack box subscription. Each month they’ll receive a mix of sweet and savory items from a single country, as well as a guidebook and trivia questions. If you don’t want to send snacks the whole year, you can choose a shorter subscription for less money.

Employee Gifts for Work Anniversaries

Whether your employee has been with the company for one or twenty years, their work anniversary is worth celebrating. Generally, the more years an employee is with your company, the bigger the gift, but this isn’t a hard rule.

A Classic Notebook


When they’re jotting down meeting notes or planning their next vacation, your employee will appreciate a nice notebook. The thin design and sturdy pages will help encourage people to put their ideas on paper and get things done.

Tile Mate


If you have an employee who is always running late because they misplaced their keys or wallet, help them out with a Tile Mate. By connecting the Tile to their phone, they’ll be able to make the device ring or locate it on a map. Even people who seem to have everything in its place will appreciate being able to find misplaced items.

Messenger Bag


This time-tested Timbuk2 messenger bag will allow your employee to easily carry their laptop, papers, water bottle, and other work essentials. While anyone would appreciate this bag, it’s especially helpful when workers are switching between working at home and in the office. The warranty is no joke either, so you can be sure your employee will be able to enjoy this bag for years to come.

Instant Mini Camera


Help them capture all of their favorite moments and people with an instant print camera. As soon as they press the shutter the camera will begin printing out a one-of-a-kind snapshot.

Personal Espresso Machine


breville espresso machine

If your latte-loving employee is coming up on a big anniversary, consider giving them their own espresso machine. This machine delivers precise temperature and water pressure control, and that means premium espresso. It also comes with a hands-free steam wand that allows users to create cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and any other foamy drink they desire.

Best Gifts for Employee Life Events

Weddings, birthdays, new homes…there are so many events worth recognizing! When your employee has a big life milestone, give them a gift to help them celebrate.

State Parks Map


pack of state park maps for every state

If your employee has just moved to a new state – or is just someone who likes to explore the outdoors – give them a map of all their area state parks. This product isn’t available for every state, so check the available maps before you order.

Sleek Watering Can


No matter if your plant-loving employee is moving into a new home or getting married, they’ll love this copper watering can. The long spout makes it easy to water hanging plants as well as those sitting on high shelves.

A Bright Sunflower Bouquet


yellow sunflower bouquet

We all know moving is a pain. While your employee is unpacking their boxes and putting together furniture, their house can look a little bit of a mess. Help bring some brightness to their new home with one of the best housewarming gifts: a cheerful sunflower bouquet!

A Pen They Won’t Want to Put Down


If your employee doesn’t do much pen-to-paper note-taking, that may change when you give them this ballpoint pen. It smoothly writes from all angles, and the heavy design feels great in any hand.

Handcrafted Chocolates


If one of your team members is celebrating their birthday, give them something sweet to mark the occasion. This gift box from Fine & Raw Chocolate contains an assortment of truffles and a few chocolate bars. Not only are these treats delicious, but the cocoa beans are responsibly sourced from farms in Ghana and Ecuador.

Portable Massage Chair


If they’re dealing with a stressful event like the death of a loved one or a big move, help them relax with this massage chair insert. It features multiple massage options, heat, and a removable headrest. If one of your employees is about to age out of the office, this is also one of the best retirement gifts.

Why Flowers and Plants are the Perfect Employee Gifts

It’s no secret that a bouquet of lilies or a charming succulent can make workspaces feel more inviting. But did you know there are more benefits to plants than their aesthetic appeal?

Offices filled with greenery and other natural elements make workers happier and more productive. That means giving your employee a houseplant or bouquet won’t only benefit them, but it will also help out the company as a whole. Who could argue with that?

Potted plants can also help remove toxins from the air, allowing your employees to breathe easier. While the leaves themselves do some of the work, NASA research shows that roots and soil microbes complete the majority of this air filtration. To capitalize on this knowledge, you can look into specialized pots that allow for increased airflow through the soil and roots.

Whether you purchase a single bouquet or take advantage of one of our corporate gifting options, your employees will appreciate their gift and you’ll appreciate their improved performance. How’s that for an employee gift?

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