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Unique Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Whether you’re just a two-hour drive away or living in completely different time zones, being physically separated from your significant other isn’t always easy. Sure, the late-night Skype calls and the cutest “I love you!” texts you receive throughout the day can make up for the distance, but there are times that you can’t help but really miss your partner. Maybe you’re having an especially bad day, or your friends are planning a couples’ game night this weekend. Regardless of the reason, long-distance relationships can get hard when you just want your special someone to be there to share those moments that matter.

Fortunately for those long-distance couples who want to just show their partners a little extra love despite the miles between them, we’re here to help! Sending your other half a thoughtful present is one of the best ways to help you both power through this long-distance relationship. Here’s our list of unique long-distance relationship gifts that won’t disappoint:


Love Letter 2.0

Sending a quick text to your partner throughout the day is the typical method of communication in a long-distance relationship, but sometimes it’s nice to spice things up from the usual routine. Maybe you’re more of a romantic. Handwritten letters and postcards are your thing, and you know your significant other is a fan of them too. But we get it, texts are simple and convenient – they just don’t always have the same “aww” factor as a personalized letter nowadays.

The Lovebox Messenger is the perfect device for those who want to upgrade their daily “good morning!” text. Simply send a short but sweet message to your lover using Messenger’s smartphone app. Once the note is sent, the chunky heart on the wooden box will start spinning, notifying your partner to read your words on the gadget’s display screen. Best of all, the recipient can respond by spinning the heart in return, sending a shower of hearts back to your smartphone screen. How cute is that?

The Perfect Soundtrack

Yes, that’s right. You’ve seen it in all the classic romance films – a custom mixtape! Well, we’re switching it up since a good number of people don’t own a cassette player nowadays, but if your partner is an avid music-lover, he/she probably owns a turntable for those old vintage vibes. And what better way to add to your other half’s record collection than to create a vinyl with the songs you choose? You can curate your very own custom mix of both of your favorite jams and gift your loved one the soundtrack of his/her dreams.

Freshening Up

Do you ever just walk past a restaurant or even a bakery that you and your significant other used to frequent and catch a faint waft of toasted baguettes by the display window? Then you remember the meals the two of you shared in this store, how you both always ordered the same bagel sandwiches and playfully bickered over the last piece in the complementary breadbasket. It’s almost extraordinary how smell can remind you of the little things – especially those moments you shared with someone you love.

If your long-distance partner is just as sentimental about scents as you are, you can show off your creative flair and make one for them! Perfumes and colognes are the best gifts for those who want to hold onto memories of romance. If you decide on a floral fragrance, your partner can always be reminded of last month’s visit to the botanical garden. Or maybe he/she is more of a woodsy person: then we definitely recommend muskier scents reminiscent of those romantic hiking trips you took together. Not only is a personalized fragrance a thoughtful present, but you might also just earn some extra brownie points from your significant other for knowing his/her preferences.

And Flowers, Of Course!

Sending flowers are one of the most classic ways of saying “I love you,” and our scheduler ensures that you’ll never miss a special moment in your long-distance partner’s life. Maybe you couldn’t be in town for an upcoming anniversary or holiday, or you just want to send your dearest a surprise Bouq “just because.” No matter the occasion, we offer the freshest blooms that anyone can find waiting on his/her doorstep. Couldn’t fly in for an upcoming Valentine’s Day? Show your partner your undying love with an arrangement of roses. Or maybe your loved one is just feeling down in the dumps lately; a radiant bouquet of sunflowers is sure to bring some joy back into her day! Not only will a Bouq brighten up any space, but it’ll be a farm-fresh reminder that you’re keeping your partner in your thoughts.

Let Us Help

We know how tough the distance can get at times, which is why here at The Bouqs, we want to help make up for the time you and your loved one spend apart. Sure, gifts are a nice bonus to any relationship – long-distance or not – but what’s important is conveying to your other half that you care regardless of the miles that separate you both. So let us be a part of your journey as a thriving couple and help get your message and feelings across in the freshest way possible!

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