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The Best Places to Buy Fresh Flowers

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With the warm air breezing by and the buds beginning to bloom, you may be wondering how (and where) to buy fresh flowers that will bring some spring spirit into your home. There are plenty of vendors who may brag about their floral arrangements and crisply cut stems, but they may not be fresh as you think and will start to droop and lose petals within days of transferring them into your favorite vase. To avoid such a sad situation, we’re here to tell you where to buy fresh flowers locally.


Wholesale Flower Markets

While the idea of a large flower shop might seem intimidating while browsing through the selection, they do have the best variety when you are not sure what you’re searching for. The largest wholesale flower market in the county is located in downtown Los Angeles, and it is called Holland Flower Market. The benefit of buying flowers from these large markets is they have the resources to gather beautiful flowers from all over the globe. For example, at Holland Flower Market, they get fresh flowers shipped to their store daily from Holland, Ecuador, France, Thailand, New Zealand, and Mexico. Large markets like this will allow you to mix and match among many beautiful and fresh varietals of flowers.


Buy Fresh Cut Flowers at Local Farmers Markets

Taking a trip down to your local farmers’ market is a quaint activity that can lead to very interesting finds. Flowers usually make an appearance and are typically always beautifully fresh. The charm that comes with buying fresh-cut flowers at farmers’ markets is the service you’re also doing by giving back to your local community. These flowers are most likely cut straight from the roots just that day and will have a very strong fresh floral scent, given the type of flower.

Flowers from farmers’ markets typically are not bought with the intention of being transferred to a vase and enjoyed for weeks to come. Instead, they are a nice gesture to a loved one or a beautiful accessory while enjoying a day browsing the market. Because they come from local gardeners, only a few types of fresh flowers will be available for purchase.


Your Local Grocery Store

If you’re looking for a quick fresh flower fix, taking a trip down to your local grocery store may be a surprisingly delightful option. These flowers may not be at their premium freshness, but they make for a great colorful bouquet when you’re crunched for time. Trader Joe’s is known to have a great spring selection of blooming flowers that won’t break your wallet. Keep in mind that these flowers will not be guaranteed as fresh as those bought from other vendors and you can expect premature drooping while other buds are just blooming.


We Saved The Best for Bouqs

For any occasion or time of year, you may be wondering the best place to buy fresh flowers. Bouqs’ cut flowers ship nationally and still remain fresh. Better yet, each Bouq is beautifully arranged to fit any occasion or celebration. From succulent Bouqs to spring tulip Bouqs, each one is uniquely handcrafted to bring out its optimal beauty.

Bouqs.com has an easy-to-use menu that makes finding your loved one’s favorite flowers easy, with the option to conveniently order customized Bouqs to ship within one to two days. Each flower is cut fresh to bloom beautifully while it holds its place in your home. To enjoy fresh cut flowers every day, sign up for our subscription and receive vibrant Bouqs delivered to your home once a week, twice a month, or monthly. The freshest flowers will leave any room full of color, life, and sweet floral fragrances. Place your order and buy fresh-cut flowers today; we’ve done the hard work for you.

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