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7 Best Allergen-Free Plants for the Workplace

Best Office Plants

Nothing beats office drudgery like a potted plant or two. Indoor plants and flowers are proven to boost moods and health, which is always a good thing when you’re grinding away at your nine-to-five. Even if you absolutely love your job – and we hope you do! – it never hurts to have a few green things to brighten up the office.

It’s no surprise that we here at The Bouqs Co. believe everyone should be able to indulge in the joy of workplace flowers and plants… including all you allergy-sufferers! So if you’ve been feeling left out of the indoor plant craze, we’re here to bring you into the fold. The good news is there are tons of low-maintenance plants that also happen to be super allergy-friendly.

So without further ado, check out our picks for the best low-maintenance office plants that won’t have you sneezing or crying through the day!

Snake Plant

Have we mentioned how much we love the snake plant? This low-maintenance plant is an office must-have, not only because it’s easy on the allergies, but also because, according to a NASA study, it may actually help purify the air by removing airborne toxins. You couldn’t ask for more when it comes to low-maintenance office plants!

Plus, it’s such an eye-catcher with its “snakeskin”-esque green-and-yellow leaf patterns.


Succulents and cacti are truly made for the allergy-sufferer. Simply put, there’s just way less pollen to worry about than with other plants.

And if you’ve been paying attention to Instagram or Pinterest, you know that succulents look amazing in pretty much any room – office included! Big or small, succulents are some of the best low maintenance plants to boost your mood and have you feeling energized and creative during those weekday work sessions.

Swedish Ivy

Swedish Ivy is a low-pollen plant that’s popular with beginner plant owners, making it perfect for a busy workplace where gardening isn’t exactly the top priority. These leafy guys grow well indoors, as they only need moderate sunlight throughout the year and thrive at room temperature. Just make sure to keep the soil moist without overwatering.

Chinese Evergreen

Plant-lovers rave about how easy it is to care for the Chinese evergreen. These low-maintenance plants are famous for their hardiness and tolerance to low water. Plus, they can hold down the fort in office environments with less-than-ideal lighting. As with succulents, it’s best to let the soil dry out before watering to avoid root rot.

That said, the Chinese evergreen’s optimal environment is on the warm, humid side, so keep that in mind if you want this easy plant looking its best during your morning meetings.

“Janet Craig” Dracaena

The “Janet Craig” is one of the best low-maintenance plants for the office, as it’s sensitive to outdoor cold and thus fairs better indoors. As with most other plants on this list, the Janet Craig plant can tolerate a little neglect and rarely suffers disease or pest problems.

Just let the soil dry out between waterings, give it plenty of bright but indirect sunlight, and feel free to trim your plant to manage its height every once in a while.

Peace Lily

Described by some as “the perfect houseplant,” the peace lily also makes a great candidate for perfect office plant. Preferring bright, indirect sunlight, peace lilies grow large and thus do well as floor plants. If leaves or flowers begin to droop, you’ll know it needs water or a larger pot.

Put one in a bright reception or front room to send a welcoming message to visitors! Just make sure it’s not a pet-friendly office, as the peace lily is poisonous to dogs.

Golden Pothos

Another beloved houseplant, the golden pothos (and other pothos varieties) make great low-maintenance office plants that won’t upset your allergies. As with many of the other foliage plants on this list, let soil dry between waterings, but watch for droopy leaves (a sign of underwatering). Keep them in acidic, well-draining soil, and feel free to cut overgrowth to maintain the desired shape.

Tips for Allergy-Reducing Plant Care

  • Did you know that plants – especially ones with big, leafy foliage – collect dust? Yep… and this can exacerbate allergy problems even for low-pollen plants. Check regularly for dust and gently wipe down leaves or flowers when necessary.
  • Take care to prevent mold growth by carefully managing soil moisture and re-potting plants about once a year.
  • Give back to your hypoallergenic plants by feeding/fertilizing them every month or two.

No matter what you do for a living, brightening up your workspace with a low-maintenance office plant is always a good idea. The Bouqs Co. can supply your office or business with plants and flowers perfect for your desk, shelf, conference table, or even the wall. Get one for every room in the office!

And if you need some more recommendations, check out our picks for romantic plants to give your loved one.

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