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5 Reasons Farm Direct Flowers Are Better

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When you order flowers online from other websites there’s virtually no way to know where they actually came from. Some sites may say that flowers are grown, sourced and distributed by local florists, but that isn’t exactly the case.

Most of the time when you send flowers online they are coming from random farms in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean or South America. What you don’t know is that the flowers that arrive are often over a week old already. They go from the farm to the local distributor to the international distributor to the wholesaler to the retailer – either a website or florist.

In the process they are refrigerated or sometimes even frozen to prevent them from wilting. What arrives at your door typically will last a week at best, because it isn’t fresh. Anytime you can buy farm direct flowers you add days (weeks even) to the lifespan of your bouquet.  An average 1 in 3 flowers dies in the process, wasting millions of dollars in shipping and growing costs, which is ultimately passed on to the consumers in higher flower prices.

If we haven’t sold you yet, here are 5 reasons to buy farm direct flowers:

  1. Fresher – Ideally you don’t want flowers that waste time sitting in freezing warehouses or on un-insulated shipping containers. That way the flowers that arrive are still strong and fresh blooms. This way the flowers are more beautiful and more fragrant.
  2. Less expensive – No added middlemen costs are passed on to customers. No wasted or lost product, and simpler shipping operations give consumers a better deal than they’d get elsewhere. A little known fact in the flower industry is that on average 1 of every 3 flowers is lost in the shipping and distribution chain. Buying direct saves time, money, energy and reduces industry waste, passing those savings to customers. For wedding flowers or Mother’s Day flowers this is a perfect way to save a buck AND get better quality.
  3. Longer lasting – The younger the blooms are upon arrival the longer they will last. Though it somewhat depends on the care the flowers receive upon arrival, farm direct flowers are a few days old upon, instead of weeks old if purchased from distributors and most local shops. This means they can last up to 2-3 weeks.
  4. Support the community – Buying farm direct flowers gives the farmers better margins than the traditional flower industry provides. This allows them to provide better working conditions and product quality for their employees and communities. It also allows them some flexibility in growing options. It makes eco-friendly and sustainable growing practices easier to adhere to, which would not be possible with a traditional sourcing route. It’s better for the environment to buy direct and it’s better for the people on the receiving end of the flowers.
  5. Known supply-chain – A farm knows exactly what they have in stock and what they do not. Middlemen wholesalers often times are unaware of what is regionally or locally available. Many times when you order flowers online from other websites that distribute via local florists, certain flowers are out of stock or unavailable and the florist is forced to replace them with something else. Often times you don’t know until the bouquet arrives at your door and is NOT what you ordered.

Buying farm direct flowers allows you to know exactly what you are getting, enjoy the flowers longer, and support better business practices (eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical) all around.

TheBouqs is proud to provide farm direct flowers that are grown on sustainable and eco-friendly farms that make ordering flowers online a better experience, all around.

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