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The Best Office Plants & Flowers for Your Work BFF

Best Office Plants

Work BFFs often don’t get the appreciation they deserve. After all, they keep you entertained during those never-ending work days; they make you smile when you’re having a tough day, and they make the fun days even more lively. For all that effort, what do they get? Usually…a big fat nothing.

You probably remember to send your college roommate a birthday surprise and your BFF since first grade a ‘just because’ gift every now and then. So why does your work bestie get left out in the cold? She’s loyal, kind, hilarious, and you spend an awful lot of time together. Imagine her look of surprise if you were to have some flowers or a perky plant delivered to spruce up her desk.

On top of that, having plants in the office has been shown to increase creativity, productivity, and engagement. It’s win/win because giving your work bestie an office plant will invigorate her, which will, in turn, make her even more available to you. So, if you have a work BFF who’s been there for you through thick and thin and you want to return the love, here are a few office flowers and plants to consider.


For those who want to make a big impact in a relatively small office plant, the orchid is a wonderful choice. Orchids are exotic and dramatic looking and they definitely add some visual interest to a drab office space. They come in a range of striking colors and make a stunning gift.

As long as you know basic orchid needs, this type of plant is fairly easy to care for, which works well for office flowers. An orchid likes to be in shallow soil with good drainage and to be kept moist. It also prefers to be placed somewhere with bright indirect light, so just keep in mind that this probably isn’t the right plant for a windowless office.

Peace Lily

If you’re sensing some tension in the workplace, you could break the ice with a lovely peace lily. The peace lily is so named because of its white flowers that represent the white flag globally recognized as a symbol of a cease-fire. Even if your workspace is harmonious, a peace lily makes a great gift. It was even recently found by NASA to be better at cleaning the air than the average house plant.

Caring for a peace lily is quite simple. These make some of the best office plants as they prefer to be out of the direct sun and just need regular misting with lukewarm water.

Snake Plant

The snake plant is incredibly low maintenance, which makes it one of the best office plants. It’s also visually impressive with its tall, twisting leaves that reach toward the sky. Also, if your office bestie is lacking a green thumb, this may be the ideal plant to surprise her with.

The snake plant needs very little water, little to no light, and loves to be at room temperature. It’s also great at filtering the air and gives off oxygen, even at night.


Those with a clumsy office BFF may want to consider gifting an aloe plant. The soothing gel of the aloe plant can help in many touchy situations including treating scrapes and cuts, moisturizing dry skin, and easing the pain of sunburns and itching from bug bites. It’s also antibacterial.

Aloe plants make some of the best office plants because they only need watering about every three weeks. You just have to be sure that they have good drainage as the roots will rot if the soil stays too wet.

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisies are bright, cheerful, liven up any space, and lift any mood—the perfect choice for office flowers. This plant is not only beautiful but also amazing at cleaning the air. A gerbera daisy plant needs a bit of light each day, but not a lot. It also needs to be watered whenever the potting mix feels dry to the touch. Talk about easy office flowers!

This is just a small sampling of the best office plants and flowers for your work BFF. Look to your work buddy for clues about her personal likes and dislikes and choose something that you feel would truly brighten her day. Also important: remember the etiquette of sending flowers at the office.

Whether you choose flowers or plants, contact The Bouqs Co. for all your business’ floral needs. We are all about our happiness guarantee. We offer stunning handmade Bouqs that are sure to let your office bestie know that she’s part of your outside-of-the-office inner circle.

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