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Business Flower Etiquette: Sending Flowers

Business Flower Etiquette

When a big event occurs in a person’s life, the first instinct for many people is to send flowers in recognition. While sending flowers is always a thoughtful gesture, when it comes to delivering business gifts to a co-worker or colleague, the situation can get a little tricky.

When you work alongside someone day after day, you establish a bond. Even in today’s digital age when sometimes you never meet a co-worker face-to-face, connections and friendships are established. With that in mind, when a colleague has a big life occurrence, is it appropriate to send flowers like you would for a non-work acquaintance?

Here, we explore some of the rules and considerations surrounding flower-giving etiquette between co-workers.


There are plenty of events to celebrate in life—engagements, babies, promotions, new home, etc. If it was a good friend or family member doing the celebrating, you wouldn’t think twice about sending flowers. In the workplace, though, there are some extra factors to consider.

  • Consider Making it a Group Gift – When you don’t know a coworker well, but want to send congratulations flowers, it’s a good idea to talk to some others in the office. Setting up a flower delivery from the group can seem less awkward and still lets the co-worker know that others wish her/him well.
  • Know the Office Rules – Every office is different. Some have absolutely no rules about gift-giving and others have very strict standards. If you want to give flowers at work, you not only need to know the flower-giving etiquette, but also the office gift-giving policy (written or unwritten.)
  • Gifts Flow Down – As a rule of thumb, in office environments, gifts typically flow down, not up. It’s generally accepted that bosses can give employees gifts and co-workers of the same level can exchange gifts, but employees shouldn’t give the boss something. Again, every office is different and if you want to give the boss a congratulatory flower delivery, consider making it a gift from the whole team.


  • What to Send – When a co-worker has a death in the family it’s natural to want to do something to cheer him/her up. If you are close to your co-worker and feel comfortable with sending an arrangement on your own, go ahead. Usually living plants and floral baskets are a good choice. You can send flowers online and have them delivered to the office, the co-worker’s home, or to the funeral home. A flower delivery from the whole office is another option. Talk to the boss and other co-workers about what would be most appropriate.
  • Be Sensitive to Culture and Religion – Before any flower delivery is sent, it’s important to consider the colleague’s religion and culture. The last thing you want to do is offend someone with your selection. In some cultures, flowers of a certain color may be inappropriate for bereavement. Occasionally flowers may not be welcomed at all due to certain beliefs. Here’s more on that. If in doubt, contact the funeral home to find out what would be alright to send.

Get Well

  • Keep the Message Cheery – Get well soon flowers are generally quite appreciated. If someone in your office is sick or recovering from surgery, sending a bouquet or plant along with upbeat messages from co-workers is a lovely gesture. This can be done by an individual, a small group, or the whole office.
  • Carefully Consider Your Options When you send flowers online to your sick colleague, be sure to consider the level of care your gift requires. If you’re sending a plant, make sure that caring for it is something that’s manageable for the recipient. Also, if you’re thinking about sending flowers to a hospital, check into the hospital flower policy before sending.

Sending flowers to co-workers is a thoughtful gesture, but you need to be aware of flower-giving etiquette before making any moves. Taking the time to ask a few questions before you send flowers online can save awkward office interactions. If you’re looking for flowers that are sure to impress, be sure to browse Bouqs.com. We don’t cut any flowers until you place your order, so the blooms always arrive as fresh and stunning as possible.

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