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Going Green: Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Environmentally Friendly Products

It’s almost a given that everyone should be more environmentally-conscious. The earth has always been doing its best to provide all the wonderful, natural resources we need to carry on with our lives. In fact, our oceans, forests, and wildlife all lend a helping hand in making sure this planet goes round! Now it’s our turn.

Believe it or not, every small step can amount to big results. This could mean swapping out those plastic bendy straws that we love for metal ones instead or investing in reusable grocery bags and water tumblers. Energy is also something we should be preserving, so even using different light bulbs can make a difference.

We’re all about this movement of going green and encouraging others to come on board, which is why we want to let you in on some sweet gifts that will help anyone make that switch!

Tree Gifts

Billions of greeting cards are made each year, costing our planet lots of trees. So we love this tree gifting idea from ForestNation as an eco-friendly alternative. Their tree pouches are made from recyclable and biodegradable stuff. And the best thing is, they plant 10 more trees for every tree you grow, supporting sustainable reforestation projects in Tanzania and Haiti.


As the beauty industry grows year-over-year, it’s harder to keep track of whether or not any makeup product is actually “safe” for the environment. And there’s no question that a lot of waste and pollution originates from the factories that manufactures and distributes these products. So what can we do for the ones who want to be more earth-conscious but also love cosmetics?

Luckily, more and more brands are becoming eco-friendly and cruelty-free – go them! Gift any beauty guru in your life some makeup that’s safer for the environment. 100% Pure, for example, doesn’t test on animals and provides organic, fruit-dyed makeup products. The brand itself emphasizes the importance of transparency when it comes to their ingredients, so you won’t be inviting strange chemicals into your skin!

Desk Supplies

Stationary is essential when you’re working in the office or heading off to school. The main tools? Notebooks, lots of them. Bright Books offers sustainable journals with a minimalistic touch, and best of all, every purchase helps provide durable, portable, solar lights in Africa!

If you have someone in your family that’s venturing off to grade school, you also might want to consider gifting them a backpack from SoYoung; all of their products are ethically made, and they promote eco-friendly living for both parents and their young children!

Everyday Gadgets

Some of the things we used in our everyday life can be quite taxing on the environment when it comes to energy consumption. Batteries, power outlets, and cords can just be a hassle overall. But not with solar power and Bluetooth technology! Jazz up any backyard party with solar powered speakers and save the trouble of charging your gadget before the shin-dig or finding an outdoor power outlet. If there’s anything that uses lithium batteries or electrical outlets, consider swapping it out for anything run by the biggest power source there is – the sun!


Let’s face it – the fast fashion world isn’t the most environmentally-friendly business. In fact, it helps create more landfill waste and air pollution (yikes)! Fortunately, many of the newer brands out there are promoting earth-conscious fashion, like Allbirds! Allbirds also hopped onto the green movement by giving us “the world’s most comfortable shoe” and they aren’t kidding. Their shoes are made from wool that comes from merino sheep (raised ethically, of course). Best of all, the process it takes to make their shoes uses 60% less energy than synthetic shoe brands. Oh, and we can’t fail to mention that their packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard.

If you want to gift your stylish loved one some apparel, Alternative Apparel uses oxo-biodegradable mailer bags and utilizes a vendor recycling program. Plus they ensure that their employees experience fair and safe workplace conditions. Time for you and your loved one to say goodbye to fast fashion and hello to sustainable style!

Responsible Flowers

The Bouqs is fully supportive of helping anyone turn a new leaf by going green. That’s why we make sure we provide only the freshest flowers around in the greenest way possible! Our supply chain eliminates up to 90% of waste, so you won’t be seeing any of our leftovers in the landfills. We also reduced our refrigeration needs by up to 70% to conserve energy; this keeps our blooms fresh and ready to ship right to your doorstep. And lastly, our farm partners abide by eco-friendly, sustainable farming practices (out with the pesticides and fuming machines)!

Freshen up a loved one’s home today with the gift of sustainability – and colorful petals, of course! Our arrangements are sure to brighten up their space as they begin their eco-friendly journey.

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