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The First Date: Ideas & Some Last-Minute Tips

First Date Tips

You did it. You’re about to go on a first date. Maybe you met them when they happened to sit next to you in the lecture hall, when you spotted them in that one coffee shop by work, or when your friends happened to invite them to one of your outings. Regardless of where you were swept off your feet, you managed to ask out that one cutie you’ve had your eye on!

We know there’s a lot to prepare when it comes to a first date. Other than dressing to impress, you might want to look into what your date might be interested in doing. Are they adventurous? Are they more reserved? If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to shoot them a text and ask! Sometimes, they might appreciate that more than an unwarranted surprise.

Now that you have that figured out, it’s time to dive straight into some ideas for your upcoming date that are sure to land you a second one (along with a quick run-through of any first date tips, of course)!


Dinner and a Movie: Revamped

We hear you: grabbing dinner and heading out to a movie after isn’t anything new. But it goes without saying that the best way to get to know someone is over a shared meal, and dinner dates have been proven to spur some of the best power couples out there. We get it, though. You want to go above and beyond the typical “dinner and movie” route, so we’re here to help you revamp a classic take on date night!

If it isn’t too chilly where you are, try opting for a sunset picnic at a local park. You and your date can buy sandwiches and a bottle of wine from a nearby grocery store, or if you’re feeling up for the challenge, you can prepare a home-cooked meal to share between the two of you!

As for the movie, skip out on the theater and look into some drive-in spots where you and your date can enjoy the big feature in an open space. Not only is this a fun twist of the classic movie date, it’s also perfect for those who love that old vintage aesthetic!

Adrenaline Rush

Your date is the adventurous type – we dig it. Theme parks are perfect for any daring spirit, which is why we think bringing your date on some thrilling rides would make a great first date! You can sneak some conversation in the long lines to casually get to know each other before you board the roller coaster. And best of all, there’s usually plenty of sweet dessert options to satisfy any cravings – bring on the giant funnel cakes!

If you and your date don’t mind getting a little competitive, we recommend hopping onto the axe-throwing trend. It may sound a bit dangerous for some, but many of these establishments go through all the safety precautions and even coach you through hitting a bullseye before letting you and your date hack away! Not only is this a unique date spot, it’ll bring out both of your lovable quirks and leave quite a memorable impression.

An Intense Game Night

If you want to impress your date with some brain power, take on an Escape Room! They’re all the rage lately because who doesn’t love a good mystery? And no worries for those who aren’t into the whole fear factor that comes from these challenges; there are ones that aren’t so creepy so you and your date can just focus on cracking down unsolved mysteries.

Not only is an Escape Room the perfect way to show off your problem-solving skills, you and your date will be able to build some great teamwork which could be a deciding factor on whether or not you’ll be getting a second date!

Last-Minute Tips from The Bouqs

Now that you’ve planned out your upcoming date, you’ll probably start preparing yourself for a fun-filled night ahead of you. But before you head out, we want to sneak in some last-minute tips to help you sweep your date off their feet!

  • Eye contact is key! Not only is it a sign of respect for the person, you’re also letting them know that you care about the conversation. This could help your date open up to you more and grow comfortable around you.
  • Be confident, but make sure to include your date into the conversation. It’s great to talk about yourself, and it can get easy to ramble when you’re nervous or unsure of what else to say. Just be sure to leave room for your date to chime in and talk about their feelings and experiences. Who knows? You might find out that you have even more things in common!
  • Save the flowers for the end! As much as we know you want to impress your date straight off the bat, no one wants to carry around a bouquet throughout the night. Make sure the arrangement is well-hydrated before safely storing it in the trunk of your car. Then find the right opportunity to gift your date the freshest flowers towards the end of your date – talk about a grand finale!


We hope these first date ideas and tips helped ease any lingering nerves, and we’re sure you’ll do great!

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