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25 Best First Date Ideas

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Let’s face it, coming up with ideas for dates can be hard, especially first dates. Do you play it safe and grab a coffee? Or take a risk and opt for something more adventurous? Well, the truth is the best first date depends on who you’re taking on a date and how well you know them.

Other than dressing to impress, you might want to look into what your date might be interested in doing. Are they adventurous? Then taking a dance class or exploring a new trail may be a great option. Did they mention they love art? Consider heading to a museum or pottery class. If you’re not sure what they like, don’t be afraid to shoot them a text and ask! Sometimes, they might appreciate that more than an unwarranted surprise.

Still wondering, “What are good first date ideas?” Then think of this list of first date ideas as a helpful guide from your guardian wingperson.

The Best First Date Ideas

Whether you’re looking for good first date ideas for someone you’ve known for years or first date ideas to help break the ice, we’ve put together a great list for you.

Take a Dance Class

Have two left feet? No problem! A dance class lets you show your vulnerability and embrace your fun side

Head to a Drive-In Movie

A movie is a bit of a cliche first date idea, but heading to the drive-in makes the night more fun (and memorable).

Cheer on the Home Team

Have you bonded with your date over the football team’s latest win or the new recruit the baseball team just picked up?

Notice Your Local Architecture

If your date knows the difference between mid-century and art nouveau, they may enjoy a gentle stroll around your city. Pick a route within a historical neighborhood and get ready to hear them geek out on columns and molding.

Dessert Tour

Grab desserts at multiple bakeries and ice cream shops in your city (this one definitely belongs on the list of great Valentine’s Day date ideas).

Cook Something New

Grab a recipe and ingredients to cook up something new together. If you don’t want to cook in your home, look for a class at a local culinary school.

Go Bowling

If you’re looking for fun first date ideas, put bowling on your list. Don’t worry if you hit the gutter; this is about having fun!

Attend a Comedy Show

Lighten the mood by attending a stand-up performance or open mic night at a comedy club.

Team Up for Trivia

Compete with each other, rather than against each other, at a local trivia night. If you want to make the evening a little more casual, invite some friends and tell your date to do the same.

Go for a Hike

If you’re both into the outdoors, put on your boots and head out on a local trail. You’ll earn bonus points for filling a backpack with snacks and extra water for that mid-hike stop.

Stroll Through a Garden

If your first date is in the warmer months, head to a local arboretum or botanical garden. And if you want to give your date flowers to remember your day together, shop our flower bouquets.

Take Out and Board Games

While inviting your date over to your house on the first date isn’t always the best option, it works if you already know each other. Order some takeout and spend the day playing a board game together.

Coffee and a Bookstore

Talking over coffee can sometimes lead to your first date feeling like an interview. So pick up coffee, then head to a bookstore to share about your favorite genres and authors.

Play at an Arcade

Fun first date ideas help you embrace your inner child and bond over a playful experience. Whether you like skeeball, pinball, or foosball, arcades offer for everyone.

Pick up a Picnic for the Park

A picnic in a park is a classic first date idea. But shopping with your date will provide more opportunities for conversation and insight about them.

Meet Up at a Food Truck Park

Dinner on a first date can feel a little awkward and stuffy, so head to a food truck park instead. You’ll have opportunities to walk around and see what type of food your date gravitates to.

Break Out of an Escape Room

Finding your way out of an escape room will help bring out teamwork and strategy, and let you see how your date responds under a bit of pressure.

Go Rock Climbing

If you know your date isn’t afraid of some adventure, hit the wall at a climbing gym.

Ice Skate

Winter is the perfect time for ice skating and hot chocolate, but you also hit indoor rinks during other times of the year.

Visit an Aquarium or Zoo

Spend the afternoon looking at animals and talking about what animal you’d like to be and any pets you’ve had in your life.

Go Thrifting

Head to a thrift store or two and help each other pick out new outfits.

Walk a Dog from the Animal Shelter

Some animal shelters have programs where you can check out a dog for a few hours. Not only will this let your date see your compassionate side, but it’s also plain fun.

Hit the Farmers’ Market

Spend some time tasting samples, sipping coffee, and enjoying a baked good together.

Go Kayaking

If you live by a lake or river, there’s probably a kayak rental facility near you. As long as you’re both up for some adventure, this is a fun first date idea.

Watch a Play

Check for professional and community theaters, and head to a production together.

Some More Good First Date Ideas

After being cooped up at home, just about any night on the town sounds like fun. If none of these ideas sounds like perfect date material to you, here are a few more.

  • Community centers are hidden treasures. See what yours has to offer. Take a cooking class. Have fun painting at a paint-and-sip night. Pick up a new skill. You can find plenty of cute date ideas, and they usually don’t cost a fortune.
  • Indulge your passion for vinyl at a record store. Check out a poetry reading at your local coffee shop. Browse a nearby antique store. Stroll through an art gallery.
  • If you’re feeling creative, design your own scavenger hunt. Stage a silly photoshoot with goofy hats and props. In your remaining time, have a spontaneous dinner date and enjoy a delicious meal.
  • If you’re an animal lover, you can volunteer at a local animal shelter. Plenty of organizations all over the country could use a helping hand or two, so pick a date idea that lets you give back in a variety of ways while you get to know each other.

Additional First Date Tips to Remember

Now that you’ve planned out your upcoming date, you’ll probably start preparing yourself for a fun-filled night ahead of you. But before you head out, we want to sneak in some last-minute tips to help you sweep your date off their feet!

  • Eye contact is key! Not only is it a sign of respect for the person, but you’re also letting them know that you care about the conversation. This could help your date open up to you more and grow comfortable around you.
  • Be confident, but make sure to include your date into the conversation. It’s great to talk about yourself, and it can get easy to ramble when you’re nervous or unsure of what else to say. Just be sure to leave room for your date to chime in and talk about their feelings and experiences. Who knows? You might find out that you have even more things in common!
  • Save the flowers for the end! As much as we know you want to impress your date straight off the bat, no one wants to carry around a bouquet throughout the night. Make sure your romantic flower arrangement is well-hydrated before safely storing it in the trunk of your car. Then find the right opportunity to gift your date the freshest flowers towards the end of your date – talk about a grand finale! If you need some tips, check out our tips on the best flowers for love and romance.

A First Date to Remember

Now that you know some good first date ideas, pick one that suits you! Whether your date features a hockey game, improv night, or take-out in front of the TV, the important thing is that you share stories, get to know the other person, and enjoy each other’s company. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, because if things go right, you’ll be spending lots more time with the other person in the future. And if that’s the case, check out the best flowers for dates.

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