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Quick Tips: Taking Care of Office Plants

Office Plant Care

More and more people are starting to see the benefits of having plants around the office. Not only will you find yourselves breathing easier with the lack of pollutants and toxins in the air, you just might start feeling more relaxed and productive!

We love the idea that employees are quickly beautifying their workspaces with indoor plants, but there’s always the concern of how one can take care of their new potted friends – especially in a place where a few resources can be limited. We want to make sure that no office gets left behind, which is why we’ve compiled a list of quick tips to caring for your lovely office plants!


When it comes down to it, water is definitely the key to keeping any plant happy and thriving. However, without proper research of the plant itself, it’s so easy for people to want to dump a cup of cold water in their pots and just call it a day.

Before you head over to the communal sink, remember to use lukewarm water for your plants. We know it can be tempting to douse your greens with ice cold water when the soil is looking especially dry, but it can actually do more harm than you think! After all, warm roots are important when it comes to growth. Lukewarm water should also help mimic humid temperatures since most plants thrive in humidity anyways.

You can also prevent overwatering by not watering your potted friends if you see that the soil is still moist from before.


Lighting is also one of those things that can make or break your plant’s natural growth. But of course, keeping your potted friends in an office can be tricky, especially if your workplace doesn’t seem to get much sunlight.

Luckily, this doesn’t always mean you should make the switch to caring for low-light plants. You can always invest in an artificial sunlight lamp to keep your office plants as happy as ever! Because no potted friend should have to miss out on soaking in some sunny rays.


You’d never guess that the pots housing your indoor plants can have an affect on their health and growth, but they definitely do. Size, especially, matters. Pots that are too big for the plant can actually make its roots rot, while pots that are too small can cause the soil to dry out too quickly, stunting the plant’s growth – yikes!

The material of the pot can also have a say on your plant’s overall health. Plastic pots actually retain more moisture, which means you can water less frequently. Terra-cotta pots are more porous, which means you should water the plant more frequently, but they work well for plants that thrive in dry soil – like succulents and orchids!

If you’re afraid of leakage, “double potting” will help with proper drainage by catching any extra water. Double potting is when you put your potted plant into another, larger pot. You might do this because the plastic pot has draining holes but the nice decorative pot you select doesn’t. So you can enjoy the decorative pot and benefit from the drainage holes. Yu can also change the outer pot based on the season or holiday. However, be careful you aren’t leaving the soil in standing water all the time or you might have issues with root rot or fungi.


Every plant needs the occasional haircut, but this doesn’t always mean you have to whip out the garden clippers. Simply take off some of the dead leaves of your plant, but remember not to go overboard – you should only be trimming off about 25% of the foliage!


As more and more office spaces are becoming dog-friendly, it’s important to know which plants can potentially harm your furry friends. There are some measures you can take to keep pets away from poisonous plants, but if you feel like it might be a bit risky, you can also look into pet-friendly greens (like orchids)! After all, it’s better safe than sorry.

Beautifying your workspace with office plants isn’t as hard as you might make it out to be. With proper care and some helpful information, you’ll be on your way to becoming a certified plant whisperer and the talk of the office!

The Bouqs Co. always wants to make sure that every space is left fresh and decorated. Whether you’re in your home or office, you deserve to feel comfy and situated. Help spread some #BouqLove by arranging for flowers and plants for your office family – 100% happiness guarantee!

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