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5 Romantic Plants to Gift on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Plant Gifts

Sending roses on Valentine’s Day has always been a tradition when it comes to letting a special someone know just how much they matter. But what if your recipient just isn’t the biggest fan of flowers? After all, they could be allergic or they’re just not about the maintenance when you send a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s.

Luckily, there’s always an alternative for those who aren’t too fond of flowers – plants! Not only are they great for making your space a bit brighter, houseplants just bring in that much-needed freshness into our lives. Needless to say, plant gifts are the way to go, and here are 5 of our picks for romantic houseplants that are sure to sweep your recipient off their feet:


You may know this plant mainly for its charming purple flowers and its delightful fragrance (and not to mention, it makes some of the best floral teas), but who knew that they could make such a romantic gift as well? If your recipient is anticipating the transition from winter to spring, a pot of lavender is the perfect welcome for the upcoming colorful months.

Plus, caring for lavender is actually quite simple. Just watering them once or twice a month and placing them in a spot with a good amount of light will have them freshening up your loved one’s home for months and months to come!


Have your loved ones relive their favorite island getaway with this tropical flowering plant that is sure to have them reminisce about some of their best moments in life! Anthuriums are a unique, bright houseplant with waxy, colorful blooms. You can probably find them in shades of red, white, or even pink, making them nothing short of romantic – they’re even shaped like a heart!

Since anthuriums are tropical plants, they definitely need to be raised in a warm, humid environment. Placing them in the bathroom is probably your recipient’s best bet if they live in a drier climate. Also, be sure to water them twice a week for best growth results!


Jasmine plants have been in the spotlight for their sweet-smelling flowers, but they’re also known for being a symbol of love in countries such as Thailand and the Philippines! Their white, waxy, star-shaped flowers never fail to convey that sweet message you’ve been meaning to get across to your special someone.

With proper care, your recipient can have their jasmine plant gracing their home all year round. They just need to place their new potted friend in a spot with plenty of sunlight during the spring and summer seasons; this is because those months are peak bloom season for jasmine flowers. Indoor temperatures should also be kept warm and slightly humid since these greens are actually tropical plants too – the more you know!

Sweetheart Cactus

If you really want to impress your significant other and let them know how you feel about them all in one go, then this sweetheart cactus is probably the cutest way to do so! With its nickname as the Valentine plant, it’s almost as though this waxy, heart-shaped succulent was made for all this holiday.

Is your partner all about things that are quirky and cute? Then there’s no question that they’ll absolutely love a sweetheart cactus in their very own home!


No plant lover’s day is complete without a potted orchid on display! With their elegant, soft-colored petals, it’s almost too hard to resist this plant’s charm. They’re also just perfect for any love-filled holiday because of the orchid’s symbolic value – depending on the color of their blooms, you will most likely be sending along with some sweet and romantic messages!

Luckily for all of us, orchids are pretty simple to care for! Your recipient just needs to make sure their new potted friend is placed in a well-lit corner and watered enough to thrive. Because these greens are categorized as tropical plants, they do require a bit more humidity. But actually, a daily misting of your blooms should help mimic a nice, humid environment for any indoor orchid plant!


If you’re confident that your significant other would love to transform their space into a green-filled oasis, we want to help make their dreams come true! On Valentine’s Day, give your special someone the gift of everyday freshness and send a house plant for Valentine’s Day. You can also read up on our tips for bathroom plants or how to take care of plants when on vacation.

Whether you want to convey your sincere feelings to your romantic partner or you know they’ve been meaning to spruce up their living space, you might want to consider gifting them a brand new member of the #PlantsFam – because who said flowers had to be the norm for Valentine’s Day? Share your favorite Valentine’s Day plants at #LoveFirst.

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