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The Barbiecore Aesthetic and Flowers

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Barbie turns 64 this year, and she’s never been more popular! The iconic fashion doll transcends the ranks of the childhood toy, serving over the decades as a role model and influencer. A recent image revamp made Barbie more relatable and renewed our love affair with her. Now with her own full length feature movie, Barbie makes a brilliant career move. The brand is undeniable. Barbiecore is all the rage!

What is Barbiecore? Barbie was never just a doll. She embodies more than a story and some accessories, she showcases a lifestyle. Whatever career or best life she’s living, the Barbie vibe is pink, maximalist, and all about girl power. The Barbiecore aesthetic brings that lifestyle from Barbie’s world into your own. Start by thinking pink, and consider some of the ideas we’ve collected. Explore your inner Barbie, and get inspired!

The timing couldn’t be better for the flurry of passion around Barbiecore. It’s all about pink, and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For devoted Barbiecore fans of all ages, and anyone who finds this pink infused aesthetic as fun as we do here at The Bouqs Co., a bouquet of Barbie-inspired Valentine’s Day flowers is a Barbiecore must! You can also brush up on your Valentine’s Day history.

Where did Barbiecore Come From?


If this is the first time you’re hearing about Barbiecore, get ready for your “aha” moment. Barbiecore aesthetic has probably been around nearly as long as Barbie herself has. Did you or any of your friends have a love for Barbie’s Dreamhouse and all her glamorous goodies which spilled over into your own room, clothing, and accessories? That’s Barbiecore.

As for the official origin, some accounts place it around 1990, some in the 2000s. But a look through pop culture history with Barbiecore in mind will show that pinpointing a single origin for the aesthetic would be tricky. A standout example you may have seen is Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon’s pink-loving law student in the Legally Blonde films that first debuted in 2001.

The name Barbiecore has a 21st-century ring to it, so let’s look at the current generations. During the pandemic, Barbie aesthetic and the Gen Z and Millennial movement, Hot Girl Summer 2.0, converged in a celebration of feminist diversity, with icons like Lil Nas X flipping the script on the stereotypes surrounding traditional femininity. Thus Barbiecore burst into the narrative. The new message: femininity is smart, strong, bold, and powerful, and Barbie pink is its signature color.

A few recent big events in Barbie’s life have contributed to her newly elevated super-icon status. In 2016, she emerged with a fresh look that better reflected the diversity of her fan base. This collaborative effort showed a welcome attention to current and future generations, and the promise of Barbie power for everyone. A few years later, Greta Gerwig signed on to co-write and direct Barbie, the feature-length film starring Margot Robbie, which hits theaters in early 2023. The hype is real, and it’s building. Expect to see more and more Barbiecore!

So the Barbie aesthetic has been in fashion all along. But we’re in a new millennium now. The Barbiecore aesthetic embodies the forward evolution of feminine power into the 21st century and beyond. It’s diverse and bold, with a “more is more” vibe. Barbiecore fans everywhere are saying, “I want to be Barbie, that girl has everything!”

Barbiecore Essentials

If you could live in Barbie’s Dreamhouse, would you? Barbiecore is an explosion of pink, with an emphasis on bright bubble gum and hot pink shades. Try infusing Barbiecore into your home or office decor. The key is to determine just how much pink you want to live in. Are you the Elle Woods, pink power type? If there’s no such thing to you as too much pink, there’s never been a better time. If you’re not keen on the monotone look, a smart combination of pink essentials will give you big Barbie energy.

Try starting with a combination of different-sized pieces that can be evenly spaced out. There are endless choices, which means you can put your unique signature on Barbiecore aesthetic. Here are a few ideas we really love:

  • A pink sofa – this is for true Barbiecore devotees. It’s definitely bold, and the ultimate pink power statement.
  • Pink walls – you don’t need to paint all the walls to get the Barbiecore effect. One bright pink wall and three white ones make a crisp Barbie look.
  • Paint a dresser, table, or chair – if you have a furniture piece with a paintable surface, this is a great way to freshen up a piece you already have with a Barbie-inspired hue.
  • Accessories – a great way to test the water on how pink you want to go is to start with some accessories. Candles, vases, figurines, and blooming plants can be grouped together in arrangements. Of course, a pink bouquet in a pink vase is classic Barbie!
  • Vintage Barbie – go back in your memory, or on Google, and curate some true Barbie classics from the Dreamhouse. A bright bedspread in shades of pink and orange, details like hangers, a blow dryer and brush. For some Barbie kitsch, a pink princess phone strikes the perfect chord of nostalgia.

Barbiecore and Flowers

Barbie embodies the feminist idea of having everything, and we all know that everything definitely includes beautiful fresh flowers! If your partner is a Barbie fan, surprise them this Valentine’s Day with a Barbiecore-worthy bouquet. Maybe this year is about treating yourself, and you deserve the best, so treat yourself to your dream bouquet. Stick with pink, or mix it up by adding another color, like orange, another Barbie favorite. Or personalize flowers with a favorite color in the mix. As bouquets begin to wilt, remember to dry the flowers and repurpose them back into your decor.

A live plant that blooms, whether in pink or another color, fits right into Barbiecore aesthetic. While pink is Barbie’s signature color, take another look into the Dreamhouse. You’ll see pastels in the kitchen, a purple couch, and other bits of color in the details, so use your creative eye when you think about flowers. They’re a great way to add eye-catching but not overwhelming accent colors.

Barbiecore Meets Galentine’s Day

Can you think of a better time to go all out on Galentine’s Day? A dinner party or appetizer and dessert potluck provide a cozy setting for a Barbiecore party – with pink drinks, desserts and candies, and plenty of pink decorations and flowers! Consider a fun theme, like a Barbiecore swap, with each guest bringing a Barbiecore-related item to give, and choosing one to take home for their collection.

This Galentine’s Day screams movie night. Plan A Legally Blonde marathon punctuated with Barbie movie teasers and trailers – and don’t forget to play “Barbie Girl” a few times! This is the perfect year to gather your fierce feminist circle for a celebration of the 21st-century feminine ideal, Barbiecore style!

Valentine’s Day Flowers from The Bouqs

While you were reading up on Barbiecore, maybe you started to imagine your own Barbiecore look. As you’re rearranging your pink decor into Barbie magic, take a look at all the Barbie-inspired bouquets at The Bouqs Co. We believe everyone who wants to be Barbie really should have everything, especially long-lasting pink blooms this Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day!


Flamingo Float

An irresistible bouquet featuring both dried and fresh blooms to add a touch of Barbiecore to any space.

 Stunning arrangement featuring fresh pink roses and dried pampas grass.


Cotton Candy

Sugar-spun perfection. As sweet as candy, this bouquet would look fantastic in any Barbiecore-inspired setting.

Pink roses bouquet with pink Asiatic lily.



Peach carnations complement white spray roses for a bouquet that’s sure to be the icing on the cupcake.

peach carnations and limonium with white spray roses

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