Mother's Day

The Ultimate Guide to a Virtual Mother’s Day

  • You and Mom are apart. Virtual Mother’s Day celebration to the rescue! Bridge the gap and show her how much you care.
  • Set a special scene with thoughtfully selected flowers, music, and video platforms.
  • Create a memorable day with tasteful gifts and a fun activity.

Now more than ever, we want to show our mothers how much we care about them. Even if you can’t wrap her in a hug or cook her breakfast in bed, you can still show some love through a virtual Mother’s Day celebration.

Moms love their children massive amounts, and appreciate even the simplest gesture. However, when you think a bit outside the box and tailor your celebration to your mom’s interests, you’ll end up with a super special day you’ll both cherish.

Send Flowers and Gifts

Flowers and gifts give your mom something to remind her how much you care! Whether you set the scene with blooms, or decide to send some once your virtual celebration is over, fresh flowers will def keep her smiling.

Showing Love at a Distance

Just because you can’t be together in person doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate!

These days, when we want to see our loved ones, we’re used to turning to our screens versus walking out the door. So, it’s important to make this video call a little more special than the rest.


Send a Mother’s Day bouquet she’ll love, put on her favorite music, and try an activity together you’ll both enjoy.

Which Video Conference Platform is Best?

With office meetings via Zoom and virtual happy hours on Skype, you’re no stranger to video conferencing platforms. But which platform is right for Mother’s Day?

Before choosing a platform, consider how tech-savvy your mom is, and what technology she currently has access to.

Also, consider others who may be joining the celebration. If your siblings will be calling in, you’ll need a platform everyone can access.

These four platforms are free, easy to use, and accessible to most:

1. Zoom

Zoom is perfect for planning a large virtual gathering with your extended family. Fitting all 11 of your siblings on the same screen? Easy.

Zoom perk: virtual backgrounds. Even if you’re sitting on your couch for the fourth week in a row, you can pretend you’re sitting on a park bench or hanging with Tiger King.

Even better: you can record the call for your mom to look back on! (Aww)

2. Facebook Messenger

Is your mom often informing the world about her breakfast on Facebook? Does she love sharing the latest gems she’s found on YouTube?

If so, she’s probably well-versed in using Messenger and all its fun effects.

However, this one may not be best for large groups. Starting this year, users must have a Facebook account to use Messenger.

3. Google Hangouts

For the Google devotee, Hangouts provides a way to video chat. Even with a super busy schedule, Mom can sync the chat date in her Google calendar. She’ll even get a reminder to tune in.

4. Skype

If you’re unsure whether others will be using a Mac, PC, or phone, Skype is a great option. It’s available on any device and simple to use.

Set the Scene with Decorations

Even though you’re apart, don’t forgo decorating your (and her) space.

Whether you’re aiming for your time together to feel like an upbeat party or a tranquil spa, you can set the scene! Pick one of these themes, or use your mom as inspiration for thoughtful decorations and a custom color scheme.

Made with Love

For the lady who likes heartfelt sentiments, stay simple and cozy.

Play with palettes that center around grounding colors like lilac and mint green with interspersed pops of bright orange and yellow.

When it comes to music, The Bouqs family has you covered. We’ve put together a Spotify playlist that brings together some of the best songs sung by moms (and for moms). Because who knows moms better than moms?

To make your space even more special, hang up artwork from children or grandchildren. No matter your age, Mom will still appreciate your art — even a stick figure portrait of you together.

A Relaxing Retreat

While taking her to the spa probably isn’t happening, you can still create a serene atmosphere.

Stick with a neutral color scheme plus a few additions of pastel pinks and greens. Add some natural elements like white lilies, calming eucalyptus, or succulents. Throw in some flickering candles? Good to go.

For music, stick to a playlist that centers around classical music or nature sounds.

Time to Celebrate

After being stuck inside for an extended period, your mom may be ready to liven things up!

Get the party started by incorporating bright hues onto your screen, and send some color her way.

When it comes to flowers, think vibrant sunflowers, vivid tropical arrangements, or multicolor blooms that spark visions of confetti.

When it’s time to celebrate Mom, put on her favorite party jams. (Beyoncé? The Bee Gees? The Spice Girls?) You know her tastes best, so trust yourself.


If you don’t send any flowers, is it really even Mother’s Day?

This year, rather than grabbing some weeks-old stems at the grocery store, order a responsibly sourced bouquet that will last for weeks. Choose a look and color palette to match your mom’s style.

Classic: a bouquet full of roses or peonies

Modern and Bright: a lively mix of sunflowers, roses, and spider mums

Zen: a textured mix of foliage and various white blooms

Fresh Produce

Even if your mom has stocked up on the staples like beans and grains, keeping produce fresh for more than a week is tough.

To help keep things fresh, send a box of produce to Mom’s doorstep. Services like Imperfect Foods, Misfits Market, and Hungry Harvest offer one-time or recurring deliveries.

Alternatively, you can enroll her in a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program at a local farm. As a member, she’ll receive a share of the farm’s harvest for a set number of weeks.


It’s no surprise that puzzle sales have exploded in the last month. Who doesn’t love zoning out while creating a masterpiece?

To help her escape quarantine city, try a puzzle that transports her to a colorful desert, the streets of Paris, or a mountain lake.

Since puzzles have become so popular, try to place your order a few weeks in advance.

Relaxation Package

Supporting everyone around you can be draining. Add a global pandemic, the additional stress of an uncertain future, and worries about loved ones, and it becomes no question that Mama could benefit from some relaxation.

Send her the calming scent of lavender with a spa box filled with a soy candle, pillow spray, and more. Add in a handcrafted ceramic mug to enjoy some tea or coffee. Top it off with a sweet note, and she’ll be ready to spend her day unwinding.

When You Can’t Cook or Go Out, Try Delivery

Since you likely won’t be able to cook for your mom or take her out to her favorite restaurant this year, try delivery.

Food delivery is a safe option to provide a special meal, and many locally owned restaurants are offering delivery via platforms like Grubhub and UberEats. Some are offering discounts. Make Mama proud.

The best part: you can order all Mom’s favorites, even if that means she loves the arancini from the Italian kitchen down the street, the baked chicken from across town, and the chocolate chip ice cream from the local sweets shop.

Don’t Just Chit-Chat – Get Creative

Don’t let the screen be a barrier to creativity! A video chat can go far beyond just catching up.

Plan a Netflix Party

Solo TV watching is one thing. Watching a show or movie with Mom — completely different.

Cue up one of your favorite old movies or try a new series you’ve both been meaning to check out. Microwave some popcorn, grab a box of milk duds, and get ready to share your reactions and gossip about your favorite couple.

If you’re both gripped by the first episode in a series, you can make these watch parties a regular occurrence…as long as you don’t binge-watch without the other.

Whip Up a Special Dinner

Have you always wanted to learn that secret family recipe? Well, chances are your mom has always wanted to share it with you.

No special family dish? No worries. 

Pick a recipe. Gather your ingredients. Deliver ingredients to Mom with a little help from Instacart. Get cooking!

Once your creation is finished, you can sit down to a nice meal “together.” Don’t forget to have her drink of choice delivered!

Put on Some Music and Dance

After sitting in the house most of the day, there’s nothing that gets your energy flowing like a good dance party.

Create a playlist with your mom’s favorite tunes ahead of time so you’ll be ready to break it down together.

Play a Board Game

Time to revisit family game night. This time, you can swap soda and juice boxes for rosé and IPAs.

Pull up classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Catan on your phone. Or try something new like the drawing/guessing game Skribbl.

Get Your Bodies Moving

Is your mom missing her time at the gym or spin studio? Then pull up an exercise class and get your sweat on. 

If she’s into no-nonsense exercise, check out strength training or HIIT workouts from Kelli and Daniel at Fitness Blender. Or if she’s a yogi, complete a flow with Yoga with Adriene.

Along with these always-available free classes, tons of fitness centers and gyms are live-streaming workouts. Time to put on some leggings and get to work.

Throw it Back to the Past

Remember when you had to create Mother’s Day poems, cards, and coupon books in elementary school? You’re never too old to revisit these.

Take the word “mother” and use each letter to spell out what you appreciate about her.

Corny? Maybe. Appreciated? Absolutely.

Get Ready to Celebrate Mom

In these uncertain times, one thing remains clear: your mom is a super special woman.

By planning an unforgettable virtual Mother’s Day celebration, you’ll show her just how much you love and care about her.

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