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The Ultimate Guide to a Virtual Mother’s Day

Mom celebrating mother's day virtually with flowers and laptop

Every mom knows that motherhood doesn’t exist in cookie-cutter form. One moment you’re laughing, the next you’re crying, and before long the day is over and it’s time to prepare for the next one. And this year, that’s been true more than ever.

To help celebrate all the moments that moms make possible, host your mom a virtual Mother’s Day celebration where she can let loose and be herself. It’s time to show #MomsUnfiltered are the most beautiful moms of them all.

Start Celebrating Mother’s Day Early

Even if you and Mom can’t be together to celebrate, you can still send her some farm-fresh blooms. Since Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 9, we don’t offer flower delivery on Mother’s Day. But that’s just a reason to order flowers so they arrive a day or two ahead of time!

When Mom is trying to make sure the kids are fed before school on Friday or she’s seeking a moment to relax on Saturday, she’ll be delighted to receive flowers that let her know you care. With a wide variety of Bouqs to choose from, you’ll be able to find something she’ll love. If you need help deciding what to order, we’ve put together some tips for picking Mother’s Day flowers.

And if you’re planning on sending roses, don’t just pick the first ones you see! Instead, explore all the meanings behind the color of roses for Mother’s Day and then choose the perfect message.

Set a Time That Works for Her

This day is all about Mom. So let her pick when she wants to celebrate!

Maybe she’s into the idea of a virtual breakfast or brunch…or that might just sound like a way to ruin an extra hour of sleep. Perhaps she wants to get together later in the day after she’s had some time to herself.

Talk to her before the big day arrives to see what time works best for her.

Choose a Mother’s Day Activity

Once you’ve found a time that works for Mom, it’s time to get thinking about activities. After a year of video chats and phone calls, she’ll appreciate something a little different. When you’re planning an activity, take a cue from how your mom is feeling and how she’s been acting.

If she’s tired of being pent up in her house, a virtual exercise class or upbeat celebration could make her day. And if virtual schooling and working from home has got her drained, a relaxing spa day might be more her style.

Take a look at the following activity ideas then choose one that your mom will love.

Spend a Day in the Tropics

While spring is here, mom could still use a getaway. Let her spend a day at an exotic resort all from the comfort of her own home.

First, order some unique flowers for Mother’s Day. Better yet, send her one of our tropical arrangements filled with exotic ginger blooms and stunning palm leaves to make her feel like she’s far away from home.

Next, work with her to whip up some blended drinks (send the necessary ingredients to her home ahead of time). Encourage her to head to a comfortable seat and sip her worries away.

To keep the relaxing feeling with her after the day is over, send her a good beach read to unwind with after the end of a long day.

Enjoy an Unrushed Meal

Moms don’t always get the chance to sit down for a nice meal. So give her the opportunity to do so!

Order her takeout from her favorite restaurant so there’s no need for her to cook or clean up. Add in a bottle of her favorite wine, beer, or other beverage, and you’re good to go!

While you’re dining, ask her about how this year has been for her. Listen without judgment and let her know she’s done a great job. And don’t be afraid to be honest with your own feelings.

Get Up and Dance

When Mom is tired of quiet days cooped up at home, give her the party she’s looking for. Create a playlist with her favorite dance tunes and let her know to wear something she can sweat in.

Once you’re connected via video chat, you can put on the music and get moving. Don’t be afraid to boost out your moves and encourage Mom to dance like nobody’s watching.

Host a Virtual Tea Party

While she might not show it, Mom has probably been missing her friends during quarantine. But scheduling time with other ladies can be hard!

Take the pressure off of her by coordinating a virtual tea party for your mother and all of her friends. Send out invitations ahead of time, order snacks and tea to each woman’s house, and organize the details behind the virtual call.

If you think you’ll miss out on spending the day with mom, think again. After a much-needed day with her friends, she’ll be waiting to tell you all about it.

Spend Time in the Garden

If Mom has been itching to toss away winter and welcome in spring, spend a day together in the garden. It doesn’t matter if her garden is a few pots on the patio or a big veggie patch out in the backyard — she’ll appreciate any time spent outside with you.

To get things started, send her some new plants or seeds. We offer some low-maintenance houseplants that she can enjoy without stressing about. Plus, we even deliver them to her door!

If she’s looking to grow some veggies, early May is the perfect time to get started. It’s a great month to plant seeds like radishes and beets or transplant crops like tomatoes and zucchini.

Celebrating Mom

No matter what flowers and type of virtual Mothers’ Day celebration you choose, the most important thing is you let Mom know you appreciate her. Being a mom isn’t always easy but it can always be rewarding. Here’s to #MomsUnfiltered.

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