Mother’s Day Plants

Mother’s Day is for plant moms, too! For a long-lasting reminder of your love, send an orchid, monstera, succulent, or another indoor plant for Mother's Day this year.


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Farmer's Choice Orchid


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Send Plants for Mother’s Day 2024

This Mother’s Day, give Mom the gift that keeps on giving: a luscious indoor plant! Even if she doesn’t have a green thumb, we offer plenty of plants that are easy to care for. So, when it’s a gift from your heart, we have no doubt she will love tending to her new plant for years to come. For those who are unable to visit for the holiday on Sunday, May 12, 2024, we offer online Mother’s Day plant delivery. Order your mom a great indoor plant today.

Long-Lasting Greenery Perfect for Any Mom

With our selection of Mother’s Day plants, you can choose from a wide array to find the perfect present that shows your appreciation for her. Nothing expresses your appreciation like a potted plant that will go on to live for years to come. Your mom helped breathe life into you, and now you can return the favor! In addition to brightening up her home or office, live plants can actually create oxygen and some indoor houseplants can help remove common air pollutants. What better gift can you give to a mother in your life than a beautiful plant that may improve the air she breathes on a daily basis? We can’t think of any!

Order Today for Delivery this Mother’s Day

Whether your mother prefers a floral arrangement, plants, or gift baskets, The Bouqs Co. has what you need to show her how much you care. Don’t hesitate! You want to make sure the gift you order makes it in time for the big day. No matter what plant you order, we’re sure Mom will love and appreciate the gesture. Many people look at their plants like a pet, a Tamagotchi, or even a family member. Some may even name their plants, so don’t be surprised when you have a new green sibling the next time you stop by!