Orange Mother's Day Flowers

Give Mom something to brag to her friends about besides you. Our peachy and sunset-inspired gradient bouquets are the perfect centerpiece for any home.

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Why Choose Orange Mother’s Day Flowers?

Orange Mother’s Day flowers may seem like an unusual idea to some, but they are the perfect choice for some moms. What are some reasons you might choose orange flowers for Mother’s Day?

  • Orange is your mother’s favorite color

  • Your mom has a bright, bold personality

  • The mother is a new mother or has recently become an empty-nester

Since orange flowers represent feelings of enthusiasm and excitement, they make an ideal option for somebody who is excited to have recently had or who will soon be expecting a baby. They could also be a great choice for a mom who’s excited about her children growing up and leaving the nest to fly on their own.

Mother’s Day Is Perfect for Showing Unexpected Kindness

Mother’s Day isn’t about just celebrating YOUR mom - you should use it as a day to thank every mother in your life. Whether it’s the mother of your child, your mother-in-law, or even your child’s stepmother, show all the mother figures around you some unexpected kindness by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers from The Bouqs Co.

What Are the Benefits of Flower Delivery?

Have you ever thought about why flower delivery is such a popular Mother’s Day gift? It turns out that having fresh flowers in your home has many benefits, including:

  • Flowers improve your mood by increasing intimacy between people who share a space with flowers, providing an immediate happiness boost when somebody receives a flower delivery, and reducing feelings of anxiety and depression over time.

  • Flowers freshen the air. Beyond brightening any room with their beauty, flowers are natural air fresheners, releasing scents that many people find soothing.

  • Flowers increase productivity by as much as 15%. One study found that flowers improved productivity more in people who spent time in a room with flowers compared to those who spent time in a room with abstract sculptures or an empty room.

Who Grows Our Farm-Fresh Flowers?

Our flowers are grown by farmers here and around the world who use eco-friendly farming practices like minimizing waste and recycling water. We don’t get our flowers from a random person at a flower market - we know every farmer we work with, and we’re supporting their farms so they can keep working in their communities.

At The Bouqs Co., community is one of our top values, so we encourage you to support your community as we support communities here and elsewhere.

Keep Love Blooming This Mother’s Day With The Bouqs Co.

Gift the mothers around you with amazing orange floral arrangements this May for a Mother’s Day they won’t forget. The bright blooms will lift their spirits and the scent will fill their senses like no other Mother’s Day gift can. Flower arrangements from The Bouqs Co. are the perfect way to keep love blooming every day of the year.