Purple Mother's Day Flowers

Online flower delivery with purple perfection! Send Mother's Day flowers in pretty shades of lavender, lilac, violet, and purple.


colorful alstroemeria, purple aster, yellow solidago and succulent bouquet

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Pick Purple Flowers for Mother’s Day

The color of royalty, purple flower bouquets are perfect for Mother’s Day! After all, every mother deserves to be treated like a queen. From pale lavender to deep violet, purple flowers work well as accent blooms or the main feature. The Bouqs Co. has a fantastic selection of purple bouquets for all the moms in your life.

Beautiful Benefits of Flower Delivery

Beyond simply looking beautiful, flowers actually have a number of tangible benefits, including these three.

Flowers Increase Productivity

One 8-month-long study showed that people who performed problem-solving tasks in an office filled with flowers and plants showed more idea generation and innovative thinking than they did when working in either an empty office or one filled with abstract sculptures.

Flowers Improve Mood

One study showed that flowers boost your mood in 3 interesting and unique ways. First, they provide happiness when somebody first receives them. Then, the flowers decrease levels of depression and anxiety over time. Finally, flowers can increase intimacy between people who are in a room with them.

Flowers Freshen the Air

Who needs commercial air fresheners filled with chemicals you can’t pronounce when you can improve the scent in a room simply by bringing in fresh flowers?

Surprise a Mother With Unexpected Kindness

How many moms do you give gifts to on Mother’s Day? If the answer is only one or two, you may be missing out on opportunities to surprise other mothers in your life.

Flowers for the mother of your children are always a good idea, even if you aren’t together. If your child has a stepmother, it’s nice to include her, too, as a way to thank her for helping to raise your child.

Your grandmother or an aunt may have had a hand in helping to raise you. You may have a coworker who provides motherly advice. When you really think about it, you may have quite a few people in your life who deserve the unexpected kindness of Mother’s Day flowers.

Why Are Bouqs So Fresh?

Many flowers make at least one stop between the field and the place they get delivered. With farm-fresh delivery from The Bouqs Co., our fabulous floral arrangements skip the middlemen, arriving faster and fresher than other delivery methods.

Not only are our flower arrangements as fresh as can be, but the farmers we work with are dedicated to using responsible farming practices like minimizing waste and recycling water.

Keep Love Blooming Mother’s Day and Every Day

Purple Mother’s Day flowers are an excellent way to keep love blooming. Like flowers in a field, every relationship requires tending to grow strong and beautiful, so remember to take the time to let all your loved ones know just how much you care about them - on Mother’s Day and beyond.