Mother’s Day Roses

Don’t forget to stop and call your mother. Then let her stop and smell the pink roses, red roses, yellow roses…


Light Pink Rose Floral Arrangement

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Send Roses for Mother's Day

Mother's Day roses are a classic gift that any woman would love to receive. In 2022, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th. Celebrate mom with roses and say thanks to any woman who positively impacts you, your children, or the entire family. Send Mom happy Mother's Day wishes with a rose bouquet. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular rose colors for Mother’s Day.

What Does the Color of Roses Mean for Mother's Day?

  • Red Roses - Red rose bouquets are a classic Mother's Day gift for a reason. They can signify romance when you give them to your romantic partner, but they also represent love and respect when you give them to your mother. It’s hard to imagine anybody turning up their nose at a red rose bouquet!

  • Pink Roses - Pink roses are an elegant way to honor any motherly figure in your life. Pink is feminine and represents the rebirth of spring, so they make great gifts for women like aunts, sisters, friends, or even your grandmother. If red roses feel too romantic, pink roses are the ideal choice. You may opt for hot pink roses or pink roses mixed with coral or peach roses for an elegant bouquet.

  • Purple Roses - Purple is historically the color of royalty, so a purple rose bouquet will make the mother in your life feel like a queen. Purple roses are vibrant and full of life, so they’re perfect for the mom on the go. They’re also a somewhat less traditional color, so they’ll appeal to moms who like to go against the grain.

  • White Roses - White roses make excellent additions when mixed in with other colors. While white roses may look bridal in certain arrangements, you can combine white roses with vibrant blooms for Mother’s Day.

Roses Delivered for Mother’s Day

At The Bouqs Co., expert florists design all our Bouqs. We offer everything from traditional classic bouquets to chic, modern arrangements that take hints from the Pantone color of the year or seasonal trends in fashion and beauty. Add a signature vase or one of our popular mason jars, so your mom can enjoy flowers without having to dig around for an old vase. We've innovated roses delivery. We ship our blooms from the farm to your recipient. This eliminates up to 14 days spent wilting with middlemen. We deliver fresh, long-lasting roses for Mother's day in classic or stylish contemporary designs.

When to Buy Red Roses for Mother’s Day

Red rose bouquets are perfect for your wife and the mother of your children. Other rose colors from pink to peach to coral are ideal for your mother, your grandmother, or other motherly figures in your life. Motherly love comes in many forms. We want to help you honor all of them with Mother's Day roses.



Rose bouquets make ideal Mother’s Day gifts. No matter how far apart you are, a delivery of roses shows that you’re thinking of someone. They add a pop of color and a beautiful scent into any space. They're perfect for an indoor location such as the kitchen or living room or outdoors on a patio.

Mother’s Day rose delivery brings spring inside the home. Beyond being a representation of your love, a rose bouquet reminds us that the harsh winter lies behind us and summer lies ahead. Send mom a rose bouquet that encompasses love and life and rebirth. Moms love flowers. Mom’s always right.


Different rose colors have different meanings, so the best rose color for Mother’s Day will vary depending on who the delivery is for.

  • Romantic partner - If you’re thinking about Mother’s Day gifts for your wife or girlfriend, a red rose bouquet delivery should top your list. Whether you choose a traditional arrangement or a popular modern design with vibrant colors and other blooms mixed in with your roses, red roses make an iconic choice for your partner.

  • Stepmother, mother-in-law, or grandmother - Cheerful yellow rose bouquets are perfect for the mothers in your life who didn’t give birth to you. The yellow rose represents kindness and affection.

  • Sister, friend, or mentor - A pink rose bouquet delivery is ideal for the other strong women in your life. Pink roses are feminine without the romantic connotations of red roses.

  • Mom - You know your mom will appreciate any flower delivery that says happy Mother's Day. She’ll understand it comes from a place of love. Any rose color works well for Mom, but pink or peach may be the most popular options.


It’s up to you! A simple dozen roses for Mom or grand Bouqs for every mother in your life - The Bouqs Co. can handle all your flower delivery gifts this Mother’s Day. We even have gift bundles, and plants for Mother’s Day if you want to try something different.