Mother's Day Mixed Bouqs

Focal flowers like alstroemeria, roses, and lilies are matched with fresh accents to create picture-perfect designs Mom will love.

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colorful alstroemeria, purple aster, yellow solidago and succulent bouquet

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Three bouquets with one sunflower bouquet, one white roses and one mixed flowers

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Magnificent Mixed Mother’s Day Bouquets

If your mom doesn’t have a favorite flower type, then floral arrangements with a mix of different blooms are the perfect choice for Mother’s Day. Our artisan-crafted flower arrangements will delight any mom or mom-to-be. With a multitude of colors and flower varieties to choose from, you can find the perfect bouquet for anyone. Whether your mother prefers pristine white, pastel, or bold colors, you can find it at The Bouqs Co.

Why Choose Mother’s Day Flower Delivery?

Did you know flower delivery has several benefits for the recipient? Beyond simply looking beautiful, flowers:

  • Freshen the air. Skip the chemicals and turn to the natural air freshening effect of scented flowers.

  • Increase productivity. A study showed that spending time in a room with flowers and plants increased productivity by as much as 15% compared to spending time in a room with abstract sculptures or no decoration at all.

  • Boost your mood. One study found that flowers lift your mood by giving an immediate happiness boost when you receive them, reducing feelings of depression and anxiety over time, and increasing intimacy between people in a space where flowers are displayed.

Mother’s Day Is Perfect for Unexpected Kindness

At The Bouqs Co., we’re big fans of showing people unexpected kindness, and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for that. This year, surprise more than just your mom and spouse. Think outside the box to thank all the motherly figures in your life (or your child’s life).

Some people you might consider sending Mother’s Day flowers to include:

  • Your mother-in-law

  • Your kid’s stepmother

  • Your grandmother

  • Aunties

  • A coworker who always offers you motherly advice

A mom is more than just somebody who gives birth. Get creative and celebrate everyone who takes a motherly role with you or your child.

Select Sustainably Grown Flowers

The old way of flower delivery resulted in as many as half the flowers dying before they could ever be enjoyed by somebody, so The Bouqs Co. set out to find a better way. Our method of farm-fresh flower delivery results in less than 7% stem loss, so you can send flowers without worrying about the waste.

Additionally, The Bouqs Co. works with local and international farmers who use responsible farming practices such as recycling water and reducing waste as much as possible. We want you to feel as good about the flowers you send as your loved one feels when they receive them.

Keep Blooming With Mother’s Day Mixed Bouqs

Nurture all your motherly relationships and keep love blooming with mixed flower arrangements from The Bouqs Co. For beautiful flowers that arrive so fresh they may still be in bud form, you can’t beat the blooms from The Bouqs Co., on Mother’s Day and every day!